The Great Divide Episode 13 New York Cuomosexuals & Radical Legislation in Congress

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Andrew Cuomo has hit the three strikes you’re out rule with three women coming forward accusing the New York Predator Governor of sexual harassment. Will an independent investigation result in an impeachment?

What will all the Cuomosexuals do now that their Love Gov. Crush is getting crushed in the media?

The swamp trolls in congress are getting more radical by the day with bills like the “For The People Act”, “Equality Act” & The Unconstitutional Gun Grab Bill HR127. The Left wants complete totalitarian power and will stop at nothing to get it.

Cuomosexual Song YouTube Link: THIS GUY SUCKS!!!
ANDY! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody – YouTube

Trevor Noah & Ellen Degeneres are Cuomosexuals PUKE!!!
Trevor Noah Is a ‘Cuomosexual’ – YouTube

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