The HazMat Guys

TGD081 Morgan Lerette, Military Veteran, Former Blackwater Mercenary & Author


Morgan Lerette joins me to talk about his amazing book “Welcome To Blackwater Mercenaries, Money And Mayhem In Iraq.” Morgan takes us inside the craziness of being a 23 year old Blackwater Mercenary in the warzone of Iraq in 2004 – 2005 when there was no supervision and most days were like the wild west. Morgan gets into some of the day to day shenanigans and operations of his team in this crazy world he lived and operated in for 18 months. Before Morgan was a Blackwater Mercenary he spent time in the Air Force and after his 18 months of craziness, Morgan decided to enlist in the United States Army where he finished his service as a Captain. I would give my right arm to walk around in Morgan’s head for a day! You have to get his book Welcome To Blackwater! I read it in 2 day and felt like I was there while reading it