The HazMat Guys


TGD069 Scott Presler, Conservative Activist

Scott Presler is a conservative activist who travels the country teaching people how to run for office and get involved, registering thousands of people as Republicans and has been very successful flipping registered Democrats to registered Republicans.

TGD068 Politics & Pizza with Roger Stone

My friend, the infamous Roger Stone joins me again to talk about Afghanistan, the moronic Biden administration, vaccine mandates, media censorship, tyrannical government overreach and PIZZA!

TGD067 Afghanistan Has Fallen

Joe Biden has abruptly pulled military forces out of Afghanistan leaving Afghani civilians, stranded allies and American Citizens stranded and surrounded by terrorist Taliban forces who have take over control of the entire region.

TGD066 Shawn Farash, Founder Long Island Loud Majority

Shawn Farash, Founder of The Long Island Loud Majority joins me to talk about Emperor Cuomo’s downfall as NY’s Governor, double standards, mask mandate flip flops, proof of vaccination, critical race theory, the importance of getting involved to take back our country and more leftist lunacy.

TGD064 The Boys from Two Doomed Men Podcast

Scagz & The Captain from The Two Doomed Men Podcast join me to talk about Emperor Cuomo of NY, the eviction moratorium from the CDC, government overreaching and more leftist lunacy!

TGD062 “Us” and “Them” Divided By Our Government

The federal and state governments have successfully divided Americans into “Us” and “Them” by politicizing everything and using psychological warfare against Americans in order to reinforce attitudes and behaviors that align with the left’s narrative. Where does it stop and who do we listen to?

TGD061 Ryan Hartwig, Facebook Whistleblower

Ryan Hartwig was a content moderator for Facebook and filmed with a hidden camera and uncovered documents that show Facebook censoring conservatives and influencing elections on a global scale with the help of Project Veritas.

TGD060 Joe Biden’s Public Indoctrination System

Joe Biden wants to add 4 years of public education to start the progressive left’s plan to publicly fund the indoctrination of your children in preschool and completely eradicate conservatism as we know it.

TGD058 Ben Baker, Host of The Ben Baker Show

Ben Baker is a Navy Veteran who loves America, freedom, supports the constitution and the host of The Ben Baker Show where he launches truth bombs about freedom and exposes the hypocrisy of the WOKE progressives.

TGD057 Cuba Demands Freedom with Brian Luis

Brian Luis a Cuban-American Citizen living in Miami who fled communist Cuba with his family when he was 14 years old talks to me about the uprising against the Cuban Dictatorship, the struggles and danger living under communist control, the danger of socialism and the false spin that American mainstream media and the Biden Administration are trying to sell to the American people about the protests.

TGD040 Drag Queens in Schools & The Commission Opposition

Lil Miss Hot Mess the Drag Queen and “Author” is reading his picture book called The Hips On The Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish to your 3 to 7 year olds in school while coaching them to wiggle along. Very disturbing!

TGD038 Joe’s MASKuerade & America The Depressed

CDC has new mask “guidance”, Joe thinks vaccinations are patriotic, Americans are getting paid NOT to work & Israel’s irrelevance to the Biden administration while civilians are being attacked by the terrorists of Hamas.

TGD035 Searches, Speeches & The Disconnected Republican Party

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Guliani’s home & office gets raided by the dare we say, politicized DOJ & FBI in search of all electronic devices except Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden made his weak and bleak address to a vaccinated, masked & socially distanced limited joint session of congress and the Republican party leadership is disconnected from it’s party and needs change before they sink the ship and allow the WOKE left to dominate.

TGD034 Karyn Turk, Mrs. Florida 2016 & Conservative Activist Fights Back

Karyn Turk joins me and talks about her experience with the fake news and cancel culture targeting and vilifying her because of politics and her willingness to stand up and fight which landed her in a maximum security federal prison based on falsehoods and manipulation of facts.

TGD027 – Media Madness

Let’s talk about some headlines that didn’t fit the media or left’s narrative and expose some more hypocrisy.

TGD026 – Georgia on My Mind

Georgia passes election reform requiring voter ID, the woke infected left loses their minds and pressures major league baseball to boycott a black city and move their event with its $100 million in revenue to a white city all in the name of racial injustice. The hypocrisy continues!

TGD024 Wokeness is The Sickness

Senators who hate white people, Men who dress up as women and want to tell you your children don’t need your permission to take physically altering drugs and mutilate their bodies, Institutional racism against whites, more border shenanigans and media black out & Satan shoes you can buy with your stimulus money!

TGD023 The Depressed Conference

Finally after 65 days in office Sleepy Joe holds his first public snooze conference. It was definitely hard to watch.

Leave the AR15 Alone!

Democrats yet again politicizing mass shootings to further their gun grab extravaganza.

TGD08: Witches, Narcissists & Sleepy Joe Dreams of Gun Bans

The Wicked Witch of the Capitol is out for Republican Blood while New York’s Narcissistic Governor defends his lies and Sleepy Joe dreams of a world with no guns by the fireplace in the Oval Office. All of this UNITY and a Truth Commission to boot!!!

TGD04: Cuomocide He Lied, They Died

New York State Governor Emperor Andrew Cuomo intentionally undercounts nursing home COVID deaths by 50% and gets thrown under the bus by his top aide.

TGD01: The Divided

What divides us as Americans? Politics and the lunacy surrounding them!