TGD010: Trump, Schools, Coca-Cola, Muppets & For The People Act

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Host: Alan Jacoby

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby. And welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Welcome back. Hope you’re all having a good week and staying safe out there. It looks like the former president; Donald Trump is still living rent free in Democrats heads. The United States Supreme Court has allowed for President Trump’s tax returns to be released to the Manhattan District Attorneys, in the hopes that they can find some criminality in his tax returns, in his previous business dealings.

I hope that the former president was truthful when he said he prepaid millions of dollars in taxes. I think he is truthful. I hope so. I would imagine that his tax records are probably a disaster without worrying about any, criminality being found. The tax records of a billionaire are probably quite lengthy and a disaster. I wonder how far back they’re going to go. He’s been in business a long time.

Is this part of a political witch-hunt from Democrats? New York is Donald Trump’s home state. I know he lives in Florida now and New York is where he’s from born raised business. He just moved to Florida recently, during his presidency.

The Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance. He’s been the DA in Manhattan since 2010. He’s a Democrat. He absolutely hates Donald Trump. New York is a blue State, our State Governor, Mario, Mario Cuomo, that’s his father, another idiot. Andrew Cuomo, the murderer, Andrew Cuomo. He’s a Democrat, hates Donald Trump. Bill de Blasius, the mayor, Democrat hates Trump.

Even the Letitia James, the attorney general, who is a Democrat hates Donald Trump hates the NRA. I think she hates Cuomo and wants his spot. They all hate Trump. And I think the Democrats are just going to keep throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. Hopefully nothing sticks. Hopefully everything is on the up and up.

I guess we’re all going to see what comes of the investigation. I’m sure it’s going to take some time. I would imagine take a very long time. Maybe years. I don’t know how many people they plan on having to look at those tax returns. I know I wouldn’t want to be one of them. So yeah, Donald Trump is still dominating media, still dominating the thoughts of Democrats, federally, state, local. They can’t get him out of their head.

He is again, their orange boogeyman. Some exciting news though that the former president is going to be, publicly speaking for the first time in Orlando, Florida, this coming weekend at the CPAC Convention, that’s the Conservative Political Action Conference. It’s all, conservatives up and coming, GOP candidates, fundraisers, all kinds of exciting stuff goes on at that thing.

So, he’s going to be there. And the speculation is that he may announce that he’s going to be starting his campaign for a run at the Republican nomination for 2024. That’s going to be interesting to hear I’m sure we’re not going to hear the whole speech on mainstream media. You’ll have to look for it online. I’m sure, but I would imagine it’s going to stir up a media frenzy, just him opening his mouth in public the first time.

Sure he’s going to have some fond things to say about some and not so fun things to say about others. It’s going to be interesting to see and watch. Hopefully they stream it live. Actually, CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference has an app. You can download on your phone. I just downloaded it and you can get the live streams and everything or whatever device. So, I’m going to try to watch it live and probably talk about that in a future episode right after. So yeah, that’s going on.

We also got this whole issue on opening our schools with this COVID pandemic. It seems that the Biden administration, our current president, he’s at odds with his own CDC, the Director of the CDC. This Dr. Rochelle Walensky has said numerous times in briefings and news conferences that schools are safe to open fully. Safe for in-person classes without teachers being vaccinated because of the low transmission rate of the virus in schools and amongst children.

Unfortunately, there are teachers’ unions in this country, San Francisco, I think Chicago is another one. A few of them that are using this pandemic as an excuse. I think just stay home, get paid, teach through a computer screen, not have to be in school. I don’t think it has anything to do with safety. I think most of them are full of shit.

I can understand some level of concern, but it’s obvious that the Biden administration is not following the science when they said they were going to be the administration that embraces the science and the data. Well, the CDC Director specifically says it is not necessary for teachers to be vaccinated, to get back in the classroom, to do in-person teaching.

So, if the Director of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control says that, that should hold water for everybody, including the President of the United States and his administration. But it’s not because the Vice-President has been on the air. She was doing a report with MSNBC. And she was being asked if the Biden administration agrees with the CDC on their position, that teachers do not have to be vaccinated to get back in the classroom, to open up our schools. And Vice-President Harris sat there and said, “We want to prioritize teachers to get vaccinated.” But that wasn’t the question.

And she was reminded by the reporter asking, that wasn’t the question, it’s a yes or no answer. And they kept dancing around it and dancing saying, well, we want to prioritize teachers to get the vaccine. But the CDC says we don’t need the vaccine for teachers to open up the schools and to get our kids back in schools.

The Vice-President’s spokeswoman, this woman, Symone Sanders, John Berman from CNN was pressuring her and pressuring her even reminded her, Vice President Harris’s spokeswoman that it wasn’t a trick question. It was a yes or no. Does the Biden administration agree with the CDC that teachers do not have to be vaccinated to get back into schools? And it was the same scripted answer, ‘Well teachers need to be prioritized.” And that’s all well and good prioritize them like frontline workers, if you want, whichever state decides, or if it’s federal, fine, but we need to open the schools.

Let’s stop the bullshit, the schools aren’t closed everywhere. There are some schools that are doing hybrid, some in class, some at home through the computer. And there are some schools that are completely shut down and only virtual. Those kids, they are mentally, mentally strained. The anxiety, not being exposed to kids their age, and I’m talking kindergarten to eighth grade that K through eight, they need exposure to kids, their classmates, their friends, to be able to go to the playground recess at school and to be in the school learning.

Nobody’s talking and reporting about the suicides among children or the depression among children, because nobody gives a shit because it’s more politicizing. And these damn teachers’ unions. Hey, teachers, get off your ass, get back in the school and teach our kids like you supposed to, like you getting paid to. Not getting paid, to eat Bon Bons, sitting on your ass, doing three, 10 minute virtual classes a day. It’s not helping anybody. And if it’s about money, it’s about power and bullshit.

And the teachers’ unions they’re owning the Biden administration because if they weren’t, our schools would be open. They would be fully open for in person learning. He wasn’t even agreeing with his own press secretary. She’s on there saying, “Well, the President’s goal is to have all schools open at least one day a week by his 100th day in office.” One day a week in person, who are you kidding? Open them five days a week. These kids are suffering. If you have kids, young kids, you know, they are suffering. They’re in their room. They’re at the kitchen table. They’re doing virtual work. Parents still have to work their jobs. It’s a lot.

That school board, where was it? I think in San Francisco, they all got caught on video saying “Oh, the parents just want their babysitters back.” Babysitters. You’re the god damn teachers. You’re supposed to be educating our kids. Don’t even get me started about what they’re educating them on and the shit that’s going on in the curriculums in this country. Because that’s a whole other story I could talk about that for hours.

Get your asses back to school. That whole school board, they were forced to resign because they were just mocking parents, everybody is struggling. And I think it’s unnecessary, struggling. Get the schools open, get the kids back in class, take these stupid devices that they’re learning on. That they’re really not learning on and throw them in the fucking river because it’s not helping our kids. We’re going through what? Keep schools virtually or closed or hybrid.

We’re going to be educating some really stupid kids because they’re not fully learning. If your child’s sitting home. I know you agree with this if you’re hearing me say it. If your child is sitting at home, they’re not fully learning when they’re in their house. They’re distracted by everything. There needs to be structure. They need to be in school. And you know what President Biden, listen to your CDC Director,

Dr. Willinsky said it, get the teachers back in school. Everyone needs to force these teachers back in school enough with the unions enough with the bullshit. They don’t want to go back to work. And there’s definitely evidence of that and it’s disgusting. Speaking of disgusting, I’m sure you’ve seen this by now, but Coca-Cola or what they’re calling it now is Woke Cola. They’re spending a lot of money on how to train their employees to be. Get this, less white.

Yes. A whistleblower from Coke, an employee leaked out some training slides that they were forced to sit through, to teach their employees, yeah to be less white. And I’m not just saying that, that was actually in the slides. I’m going to get into that. So, white people have to be less white now. And I don’t know if that means that black people have to be less black.

I don’t know. I don’t know what it means, but if you’re telling white people to be less white, what about black people? What about Hispanics? What about the Jews? It’s just more, more, more bullshit. So, they pay this woman a lot of money, to come in and do this slide show. Her name is Robin DiAngelo. She’s white and she comes in and every Coca-Cola employee had to had to sit through this.

And the first slide, when it comes up, it says, I’m going to read it. It says, “confronting racism, understanding what it means to be white, challenging what it means to be racist.” Okay. So, well, I’m white. I know what it means to be white. There really isn’t much to it. I’m just a person.

There’s no difference between me and African-American friends that I have, or the Hispanic guy standing across the street from me or the Asian standing behind me. I don’t see a difference. You’re a human, you’re a person, I’m respectful. You’re respectful. It’s humanity. So, then it goes on to say in the US and other Western nations.

White people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white. Jesus. Wow. This annoys me because now, this is such bullshit. Major corporations and even some universities, they’re training employees by telling people of other races, how terrible they are and how awful their race is. Your race sucks. You’re a terrible person for being a certain race, white to be white.

We don’t see corporations training employees to eliminate Hispanics, Asians or abolish blackness or Asian-ness. But you consistently, see the calls for eliminating whiteness for being too white. It’s evident right here, major multi-billion dollar companies are training their employees to be less white. You probably, if you didn’t hear it, you hear me say this a lot, this guy’s racist. He keeps saying to be less white.

Oh, well, let’s get into the third training slide that simply says, “Only try to be less white.” Yes. It’s part of the training program. It’s a slide. So, what does that mean? How do you try to be less white? I don’t know how to be any different than I am. I don’t hate anybody. I’m a 42-year-old American male. I happen to be white. I don’t know how to be less than what I am.

So, today’s society right now in the current climate we’re in, it’s white is bad and everything is blamed on by the Left. Everything is blamed on white supremacy. It all has to do a white supremacy. Everything the left wants to blame something on us, it’s white supremacy, it’s white supremacy. It’s all because of white supremacy. It’s bullshit. But wait, there’s more.

Yes. There’s more, another slide that was leaked out and these slides were leaked out by this Coke employee. It says, “to be less white is to be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant, be more humble. Listen, believe, break with apathy, break with white solidarity.” Wow! In other words, being white is really, really, really bad according to this training program. It’s really bad being white.

Again, in my opinion, everything here is my opinion. You may have a different one and I always love to hear it. This is the Left’s way, to attempt more control of the narrative that whites are bad. Maybe you happened to be a Republican and white, then you’re in real trouble, you’re a white supremacist. They say be less certain, be less certain. Be less certain of what?

I believe it’s be less certain of your views. This is the Left saying you’re white. You should be less certain of your views. And only believe, listen and believe their views. I’m sorry, but this isn’t a black and white thing. It’s not, this is a Left- Wing, Right-Wing thing. And this is again, the left is going to exploit race to further their agenda and their narrative. And cause that divide and using any excuse to make white people responsible as a whole, for everything that goes wrong in this country. And that is a shame. This whole training video and ideology and I use the word training very loosely. It’s extremely racist against whites. Yes. It’s possible to be racist against whites.

It’s possible to be racist against everybody. And in my opinion and my world, there’s no room for racism. It’s disgusting. And that works either way. Again, the Left is working so hard to put people into identity groups dare I say segregate. Dare I say that. And I’ll say it. I always get some abuse when I say it. The Democratic Party is the party of segregation and slavery.

They started it, they started the clan, they started Planned Parenthood. And then I get somebody that jumps in there and brings up something irrelevant. Now, this is where it started. Just remember the Northern Democrats broke away from the Southern Democrats and became the Republican Party to fight against the spread of slavery. Do a little history research, use the Google machine. You’ll find all you need to know about it, the civil war and everything else. There’s a lot in there that you could learn that isn’t really taught in schools. So open up a book or throw your fingers on the keyboard and look it up.

Again, the left talks about unity but all I see them doing is that they want to put people into different identity groups., Again, segregation, rather than working on uniting and unifying. Everyone in this country, Americans is one group. And when I say one group, I just mean humans. Everybody’s equal. Every man, woman, child, no matter race, creed, anything., sexuality. Whether you’re a transgender or not, everybody’s an American. Everybody here is an American, is a human and should be treated with dignity, the same dignity and humanity across the board.

And it’s not that way because the way they’re trying to sway the narrative is, “We’ll put the blacks over here. The whites over there, the Asians there, Hispanics here, transgenders over there, homosexuals over there. Oh, and we’ll put those piece of crap Republicans over there and the Democrats we’re going to stay over there.” Enough already, enough. Again. Stop politicizing race and sexuality. It’s racist. This training course, Coca-Cola. It’s racist. It’s teaching racism.

This isn’t battling racism. Is racism a real thing? Absolutely. There are hateful people out there, but they’re hateful people. The same white person that hates black people hates everybody that isn’t himself. But the same goes for the racist African-American, who hates everybody white and everybody, that’s not an African-American.

The racism is here. It is real, but this is not the way to deal with it. To go and tell people to be less white. Can you imagine, can you just stop and imagine if a corporation took this exact training program, telling people how to be less black, could you imagine. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be parachuting in with their podiums strapped to them to give a speech. Look at the white devil racism.

Again, just enough with the politicizing. White people, can’t be less white, black people can’t be less black and they shouldn’t. Nobody should be less than what they are as a human, a person, a gender, sex, whatever it is you be who you are. We’re all individuals, but we’re all humans. We’re all people. And it’s really hard. It’s really hard to stomach something like this. Be less white. Enough with the racism people and the people on the left stop throwing racism everywhere and politicizing it. It’s not aging well. And, well to be frank. It’s bullshit. So, enough.

Anyway, next, this is very important stuff. Very important. Stop what you’re doing and listen, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppet riff-raff. They’ve all been deemed offensive. Yes, they are offensive. Kermit the Frog, his whole crew. They are unacceptable and offensive Disney+, they decided to slap a warning label on The Muppet show.

I grew up watching The Muppet Show. The Muppets, who doesn’t like the Muppets. The Muppet Show, Christmas. Everything Muppet is great. Even as an adult who doesn’t like the Muppets. Apparently Disney has an issue with the Muppets and they put this warning label on, that it contains offensive content. Yes. The Muppets are offensive.

As if things couldn’t get any worse in this world, Kermit the Frog. They never even showed them banging Miss Piggy. And I know everybody thought about it. Everybody thought about it in their later years, what it might’ve looked like, or maybe what the room smelled like. Alright, I’m going to stop there.

But as if things couldn’t get any worse. So, on Disney+ they have, I think the five seasons of The Muppet Show. And before the episode of The Muppet Show a display, the disclaimer that it may offend certain audiences. I’m not going to read the disclaimer, Google it. It’s just ridiculous and disgusting. But yeah, it may offend certain audiences, the material in The Muppet Show.

This is what the world’s coming to people. The fucking Muppets are offensive. Have you seen some of the shows out there that make society laugh? If you don’t watch South Park and laugh or you don’t watch Family Guy and laugh or American Dad or Robot Chicken. It’s comedy and you know what? Some comedy is a little, I don’t know, dark racey. It’s comedy.

And if you’re the Muppets and not offensive, I’m sorry. I’m not equating The Muppet Show with South Park and Family Guy. My point is stop getting so fucking offended. Okay. Put your big boy pants on and your big girl pants on tie your god damn shoes. Enough already. Enough with the offense. It offends me. Offensive material. You’re an idiot.

Maybe Disney should worry about its ties with China and the CCP before they worry about offensive content with the Muppets, the Chinese Communist Party. You could do your own research on that. It’s pretty interesting. Well, all I could say is, Kermit the Frog, it really isn’t easy being green. I’m not sure, is that racist now to say that it isn’t easy being green? That was Kermit go-to slogan. Yeah. Muppets are offensive. So, it’s really important. Wanted you all to know that more bullshit in this world.

So, now serious. Let me put my serious face on here for a minute. So, the House Democrats, they unanimously signed on to a new bill. It’s a bill that’s been talked about here and there. The H.R. 1 Bill, this is called “For the People Act,” it should say for, “The Democratic Ultimate Control of the Country Act” because to me, that’s what it is and I’m going to get into it.

And then the Republicans, of course, they’re saying that it undermines election integrity, which I tend to agree with because there’s a lot of shit in this bill that is shady, shady. One, they want to take the election systems away from the states and make it federally controlled so they can control everything.

So, no more of the state regulation and each state having control of their own elections, they want it federally controlled. Nightmare. Mail-in voting, nightmare. We see what that does. No ID needed, no voting ID. Now, there are states that have voting ID laws, and there are states that don’t have voting ID laws. I’m in New York, they don’t have voting ID laws. I think it’s the stupidest thing ever. You have to show your ID for everything. If I go into CVS, I have to show my ID to buy cold medicine because they might think I’m going to go home and cook meth in my kitchen with it.

But I don’t have to show ID to vote for anything. “Oh, you don’t have to show ID. We don’t care who you are. Just sign here.” Oh, okay. Okay. So, no ID needed. That’s a nightmare. So, those states with those voter ID laws, they would be null and void if they pass this bill and gave control of the electoral process to the federal government and didn’t keep it in the state’s hands, bad idea. Obviously there’d be no accountability.

It’s just, stay in the states we know that. They want paper ballots. So, of course control the paper ballots, I wonder why they want all that control. So, they want centralized ballot boxes. None of it sounds right. It just, sounds like when you give someone just too much control and they can manipulate that control to their own benefit and twist things around and then, “Oh, but we did it because to protect you.” That’s how I feel as an American right now.

Take that I’m a Republican out of it because if the Republicans did this, I’d be against it too. Let me make that perfectly clear. The states need to run the elections. Maybe each state needs to clean up their act on how they run the election. But again, the Democrats want big, big government and big, big control. They want more oversight on campaign funds.

So, they want to put this bill together. That’s already together. They want it voted and signed into law. It’s a voting bill about elections. So, they make it seem, but then they put other things in there about oversight on campaign funds and all of this campaign, finances. They want all of this oversight to avoid the dark money and the corruption.

I’m not disagreeing with that. I think it should be a separate bill because if you want all that oversight on campaign funds and campaign donations and everything else, why not have voter ID? Why not have to show your ID to go to a polling place and vote in an election? You’re worried about oversight and ethics with campaign funds and donations, but you’re not worried about integrity of elections as far as identifying the voter, who’s going in the voting booth and voting for that candidate.

Yeah. To me, that’s fucking shady. Sorry. I don’t understand why that’s in the same bill. It shouldn’t be. Does all of this undermined our electoral process? I say, yes, I think it does. Because again, the power is going to be taken away from the states and given to the feds to ultimately control the national elections. Non-citizens will get automatically registered to vote.

So now we have non-citizens that can vote. If you were convicted of a felon and you did your time and you’re out, it’s your responsibility to go back and re-register to vote, to make sure you qualify. With this bill, no matter who the felon is, and no matter who they are, they automatically get registered to vote when their time is up. I don’t know how that works.

If you’re automatically registered to vote, do they pick a party for you? It’s like, if you’re automatically registering me to vote, are you sending me something in the mail and having me pick like, okay, I got this in the mail, I have to register. I’m not registered. I get to pick a party. Because the word automatically registered to vote kind of scares me. As far as how you’re registering, I don’t know.

Again, they’ve taken it away from the states. The states won’t be able to determine qualifications for voters, or even ensure any accuracy of voter registration roles. That’s gone. But it’s going to open up the voting system. It’s going to be subject to ballot, harvesting, false voter, registries and registrations. Who’s to say that they can’t register, a thousand people here, a thousand people there that might even not exist or be dead, or who knows where’s the oversight, the duplication of voting and ineligible voting.

It just seems like a magnet for all of that. So, that’s the voting in the election for H.R. 1, but then there’s a whole other side to it about with finance and money. And this is where it gets really shady. And I can’t stomach this, this, I feel changes so much of how our electoral system works.

And if this passes, I think our country is in for some real trouble because we should not be having this much big government control. And it’s really concerning, but with this H.R. 1, they can use taxpayers’ money, your money and my money to create what’s called a 6:1 match on political contributions up to $200.

So, basically, it would force you and me, everybody in the country, all that money, those campaign donations they’re basically lumped in together. And it would force us to spend millions to fund campaigns, to candidates that we don’t even support.

So, I would be making a certain campaign donation, but not to a specific candidate and all the money kind of gets pooled together. So, that’s what they make it seem. And they’re matching it. So, I make a donation and they’re matching the donation up to $200 and it could go to candidates that we don’t support, which again, I don’t know fully how that works, but again, sounds shady as fuck. Yes, it does.

But again, there’s more. This is the one that really gets me. I feel like it just kicks every American in the balls. So, senators and house reps, what do they make? I think they make $174,000 a year. They do very well for themselves. For hanging out in the swamp all day and not doing much for us, this actually gives them a raise.

So, they have a salary already, but this H.R. 1 now, will allow politicians to take a second salary from their political campaign funds. And guess what? Their political campaign funds are funded by us because of the donations that they’re matching and we’re giving to the, 6:1 match. It’s all like throwing a blindfold on us.

We are going to be paying money to allow these politicians to draw a second salary from their political campaign funds. How is that even ethical and legal? We would be paying these piece of shit swamp pigs, two salaries, the $174,000, they already get that we pay, and then we’re going to be paying them a second salary. But nobody’s really talking about that too much, but it’s in there.

You have to look this bill up, H.R. 1, go to You can look up anything there. You’ve heard me talk about before, especially on gun control bills, H.R. 127, which again, I sound like a broken record. If you’re a supporter of the Second Amendment, call your Congressman, call your Senator, your Congresswoman and voice your opinion about H.R. 127, but also voice your opinion on this HR one.

The house Democrats, unanimously they signed onto the bill. I think they’re going to have a hearing on it. I don’t think they voted on it yet, but they’re going to vote. They’re going to pass it and it’s going to go to the Senate. So, you have to work on your senators because if this goes 50/50, and they have to bring sweet mouth Kamala Harris in, of course, she’s going to be the tie breaker. Then this is done.

Biden will sign this thing into law as fast as Bill Clinton signed that 1994 Crime Bill. The same day, he’ll probably show up with his stamp and stamp it. And then this government will be one party controlled because there will be election fraud. There will be election irregularities. There won’t be oversight.

Forget about hating a two party system we’re now going to go to a one party system in a sense, if this goes through, and if you think I’m wrong, please explain to me why I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not looking at this right. But I’m pretty sure I’m interpreting this how I’m reading it. It sabotages the state voter ID laws too, because again, like I just mentioned, if one state has voter ID laws and this passes, those voter ID laws don’t matter anymore, because now it is a federally run electoral system. And you won’t need voter ID, but the politicians can draw two salaries. We’re going to pay him a second salary with our money. The state voter ID kills me.

I think every state should implement that. I hate the fact that my home state New York does not have it. You live in a state that has it, great. I would imagine it works. You want to explain to me how it wouldn’t work or it doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure showing an ID will work. Again, you could show an ID for doing anything. There’s a lot more to this H.R. 1. I just touched on a few things that I thought really stood out to me and how I would hate to see this bill become law.

So again, look it up H.R 1. “For the People Act,” the, “For the Democratic Party to Take Over the Country Act.” If you’re a Democrat, you don’t like me saying it, tough shit. Maybe you don’t think that way. And don’t take offense when I say Democrat, because it’s the Democrat lawmakers that are pushing this, maybe you’re a Democrat that’s against it. Great.

You know what? We’re on the same team. We’re Americans. We just don’t agree. I think this sucks. You might not think it sucks and that’s fine. We can both be entitled to our own opinion, this wonderful place, America, this freedom of speech and free thinking. But again, H.R. 1, look it up.

So, one last thing, this is just something I was looking up the other day. I got the idea, because I’m going to be doing, an interview on somebody else’s podcast later in the week. What I’m talking about there, just had me looking up other things.

Every election cycle, the Congress changes, we have the 117th, Congress in session right now, with the House and the Senate. And from my research, and again, I’m going to give this information. And if you fact check me and you think I’m wrong, or you tell me I’m wrong, shoot me an email, or get me on social media.

Again, my email is, but 117th Congress, House Reps and Senate combined. It’s the most ethnically diverse Congress in US history, meaning it has the most non-whites, in this 117th Congress than any other Congress in US history, it has 59 African-Americans. So, this is combined House Reps and Senate, it’s 59 African-Americans between the House and Senate. 46 Hispanics between the House and Senate, 17 Asian- Americans, 6 native Americans. This is actually a 97% increase of non-whites in this Congress since 2001, which in 2001 was the 107th Congress.

So the reason why I’m bringing this up again, we talked about Coca-Cola and all this stuff about racism and white supremacy and everything else. And then you hear these people talk about systemic racism. In my opinion, again, my opinion, this systemic racism, I think is bullshit. Because apparently it’s given us the most diverse Congress in us history.

I hear this country is run by rich white men, and I’m not going to disagree that that’s how this country was, but we’ve come a long way. And again, I don’t care who the temporary government employee is in the White House. I’m more concerned again, what these swamp trolls are doing in Congress. And right now we have the most diverse Congress. 97% increase from 2001 from 10 years ago.

Not to mention this Congress, there are 24 women in the Senate. So, that means 24% of the women because it’s a hundred of them are women in the Senate. 24 voting women in the Senate and in the house, there’re 119 women in the House of Representatives. Congresswomen, 119 Congresswomen, 24 female senators. And that just about doubled from the 107th Congress.

So my point to that is again, is there racism? Yes. I don’t think this country suffers from systemic racism. I really don’t. Right now I hear people that I know going, “Oh, bullshit. It does too.” That’s fine. Again, it’s my opinion. But what I will say, and I’m going to end with this, is that us as Americans, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, whatever it is we all need to treat each other. As you want to be treated.

You have to treat people how you want to be treated. If someone’s going to treat you badly, that doesn’t mean, hey, punch him in the face. Maybe ignore that person because there are bad people in this world. There are bad people in this country. We saw that on January 6th, not all Republicans are white supremacists and terrorists, but the Left politicized that to lump every Republican in the same group.

Again, an identity group that we are, and we’re not. Me as a white, Republican, disgusted and embarrassed that that happened on January 6th. It should have never happened. Okay. And political opinions aside and beliefs and all that. It should’ve never happened. And everyone that took part in that needs to be prosecuted and to the full extent of the law and it hurts me every day to see the type of people that were involved in that, that was going through their head.

But all white Republicans are not white supremacists. So, if you still think that, oh, that is your opinion again. But you need to treat each other as you want to be treated and any type of racism, any type it needs to be condemned. Whites against blacks, blacks against whites. Blacks, whites, Jews, Asians, just everybody, we’re all Americans in this country. We’re all Americans.

What I mean Americans. And I’ll say it. I mean the citizens; I’m not talking about the people here illegally. If you’re here illegally, I think you should be deported right back where you came from, whether it’s south of the border, a European country, Canada, wherever the hell you’re from. You’re here illegally, and you’ve taken a job from an American, I think you should be deported. You didn’t come here the right way.

If you’re here on a visa and you’re becoming a citizen more power to you because we have a pathway to citizenship, and I don’t believe anyone should get special treatment, who came here illegally to get a pathway to citizenship, just because they’re here or any other special preference that the Biden administration feels fit to set. You want to be something, just be a decent human, be a decent person, just an American Republican, Democrat.

Again, American the systemic racism. I’m sorry. I don’t believe in it. I think there’s racism regionally and it’s isolated between either groups or people, but to call whites racists or even call all blacks racist against whites, it’s not right. Because all blacks aren’t racist against whites and all whites, aren’t racist against blacks, but there are isolated people that are racist. And unfortunately, they’re just disgusting human beings. What we need is systemic unionism, systemic Americanism in his country.

And again, we need to get together and start having discussions and look at what these people, these swamp trolls in our government are doing to our country. They want complete control. They want big government. It’s not going to benefit us. This is the land of the free, the land of opportunity and the opportunities are there for anybody to make what they make of it.

So, please be good to each other, support each other. God bless our military. God bless all law enforcement. I will talk to you all soon. Just be well, God bless America.

You Can reach out to me with opinions and ideas for other episodes at You can also find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.” And please be sure to leave a review for this podcast. So, the show can be shared to other listeners.

Thank you. And God bless America.

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