TGD09: Rush Limbaugh Dies & Texas Freezes

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Host: Alan Jacoby

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Hello everybody. Welcome back. Got a few things to talk about today. I know as you’re all aware, we lost a legend in a conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh. He succumbed to his long battle with lung cancer at the age of 70. Love him, hate him. We know he was very controversial. He was disliked by most of the Left, but the Left, they did not disappoint.

Of course they’re very predictable hate-fueled attacks on a man that died, who did not agree with their views, who was right-wing conservative. Once they announced his passing, they had trending in no time, #RestinPiss. There were statements by media personalities, Hollywood Elitists scumbags, saying they hope he rots in hell and feels bad for the current residents in hell that have to put up with him.

We all know Rush Limbaugh was more than controversial. He said some things that offended, people, offended groups of people. Some things he said, he regretted and he apologized. Offended or not the man died let his family mourn without having to turn on the television or the computer and seeing a group of assholes, just completely shred the man and attack his humanity.

Again, the left. What happened to the tolerant left? Again, where is all the unity? What happened to the healing that the left was supposed to be preaching the healing from all of the so-called division that they blame the right for? This happens constantly. I don’t know if you remember when Donald Trump’s brother Robert Trump passed away. I think it was back in August that there were people saying the wrong Trump died.

Donald Trump was the sitting President and people were publicly saying, and not just Joe Blow on the street. I’m talking about prominent media personalities and idiots in Hollywood saying that the wrong Trump died. What is wrong with these people? They just spew hate. And then that hate is fueled by the left-leaning mainstream media. And it never stops whether it’s a tragedy or a crisis, they monopolize it with their disgusting rhetoric.

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the trailblazer Supreme court justice, who was left-wing, she was a Democratic appointed judge by Bill Clinton. When she passed everyone right, left the President preached on how amazing this woman was, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No one was out saying that Ruth Bader Ginsburg should rotten hell or that she should rest-in-piss. Granted, she’s not a controversial individual, but my point is they died. Have a little humility. Have a little respect for the family.

You don’t have to use every excuse for someone who you don’t agree with, or who offends you because you’re a cupcake. You don’t have to use that to just completely attack them, or somebody offends you and they die. I can’t take it. I can’t take the bullshit of these people.

Rush Limbaugh passed away. He was a legend in conservative talk radio. He was a legend in the GOP and a huge influencer of American presidents of politics. The man would talk for three hours without ever taking a call or having a guest and entertain you. The talent was amazing. Not too many people. I don’t think anybody can do that. No one will ever be able to replace him. The man died, Rush rest in peace. He’ll always be remembered by the people that respected you and to hell with those that wanted to talk bad.

Although if you truly know the type of person Rush Limbaugh was, he would respect the opinion of all of those haters. But show a little respect, the man passed away. Anyway, get over yourselves the wrong Trump died. Rush Limbaugh’s so unifying people, so unifying.

Let’s talk about this cluster in Texas, this crisis. Two winter storms that hit causing the entire power grid to fail. Leaving, I think the whole State in the dark. First of all, I never would’ve thought Texas would have winter storms like this. Millions with no power, no heat, no gas, no electric food shortages. I think it was 30-plus people died. Homes destroyed because, they couldn’t maintain heat in the homes and pipes were breaking and it was a nightmare.

It was a nightmare for millions. And it’s going to be a nightmare in the foreseeable future, while they all recover. But of course, both Republicans and Democrats had to play the blame game. And both sides are completely wrong and they just decided, hey, let’s politicize this and attack each other. Immediately the Democrats want to blame the Republicans for not being on the federal power grid, not having enough green, renewable energy.

The Republicans want to blame the Democrats for, hey, how’s that new green deal working for you and your renewable energy. And they’re both wrong. Both sides were wrong because it wasn’t a total failure of just renewable energy. From what I understand and what I was reading that 25% of Texas power comes from wind turbines and they froze, they froze and they failed. The privately run electrical company, the power company of Texas, ERCOT, I believe it’s called E-R-C-O-T. They, failed to winterize and to maintain properly.

The governor of Texas Greg Abbott, he says it was a total failure of this power company and that his office, told them to prepare for this storm ahead of time. Everybody’s playing the blame game. Who knows, if you’re not familiar with how Texas, runs as far as power there. The only State in the country that’s self-sufficient on power.

Like I said, 25% of their power comes from wind, the turbines, but the majority of it is coal and natural gas. And they had their failures, too. Everything failed. There was no power, but because they’re independent and the reason they’re independent is they don’t want to have to be federally regulated or have that federal oversight. So, they pride themselves in being their own electrical, utility efficient, power efficient State.

The problem with that is when something like this happens, they can’t connect to any other power grid. They can’t connect to the federal power grid. So, that’s a problem. I don’t know if that’s something that needs to be rectified where maybe they need to be able to neighboring state. I don’t know because, they really screwed themselves and AOC is the new green deal.

Her comment, no AOC, the new green deal wouldn’t have worked in this situation. You need fossil fuels. The argument is ridiculous. You’re not powering the world with wind and solar enough already with the nonsense, but on the other side, the Republicans got to stop their whining. The Democrats got to stop their whining, just fix it, figure out what happened, fix it, make sure it doesn’t happen again, help Texas. They’re busy blaming each other.

Ted Cruz decides to take his family to Cancún, Mexico to go sit on the beach. He got caught out there. I like Ted Cruz. He got caught out there. He backtracked said he was bringing his daughters down there because it was cold and he wanted to be a good dad. They were off from school that excuse didn’t help him. It made him look bad to constituents.

It did and of course his Democrat opponents, completely capitalize on that and attack them and destroyed them. They were picketing in the airports, following them. He came back right away, but he also tried to say, well, I was just bringing my kids and I was coming back. Records are records. They swore, he was planning on staying there through the weekend. I can’t blame the guy.

He’s a Senator. He’s not, the governor, he has nothing to do with FEMA or White House response. What was he going to do? He was going to stand there in the cold with constituents taking photo ops, saying, “Hey, look at me. I’m a Senator freezing with my constituents.” That’s playing politics. Should he have done it? Maybe.

Poor taste on going at that time, maybe, but it’s not like he turned around and advocated for everyone to stay in their homes on a lockdown to be safe from the storm and then say, “Hey, kids, let’s go to Mexico. Screw all the rest of the Texans I’m out of here.” No. So, the Democrats right away. Oh, the hypocrisy, there’s a crisis. And he goes off to sunny Cancún, Mexico. It’s not hypocrisy.

It would have been hypocrisy. If he would have said, everybody stay home, don’t leave your house. It’s important. And then he decides to get on a plane and go. That would be hypocrisy. Again, Democrats see a crisis. They can’t let it go to waste. They have to capitalize on it. Political theater to attack Republicans.

Ted Cruz did give him the ammo. He did. We can’t deny that. But again, he has no real use in this natural disaster situation. Not at all. And by the way, all politicians lie. Ted Cruz got caught in a little lie. AOC got caught in a bigger lie. They all lie. Whether you like them or not, whether you vote for them or not. At some point in their career, they’re going to lie. At some point in a week, they’re going to lie. Its what politics do.

Again, Ted Cruz situation is not hypocrisy. He didn’t advocate for the people to stay and then decide to go. What is hypocrisy? And this is not just picking on this woman. One, I don’t like her, because she’s a Democrat, this isn’t me picking on her. But the wicked witch, Nancy Pelosi, when she advocates lockdowns and the city she lives in is on lockdown and not supposed to leave and businesses are not supposed to open.

And then she goes and gets her hair done at the local salon or the governor of California, that flake Newsom goes to a dinner party when everything’s on a lockdown. And these people are telling everyone in their home states and cities to stay home because of COVID, you can’t go out, everything’s closed and they’re out and about. That is hypocrisy. And that’s the difference you’re advocating whether it’s a law or a mandate to stay in your home because of the pandemic. And then you don’t, and you’re caught out there. That’s hypocrisy in my opinion.

Anyway, what Ted Cruz did, that’s really not hypocrisy. Anybody could have left, not for nothing, but if you knew these two winter storms were coming to Texas, and you knew that this was going to be bad. Maybe you should have gotten in your car and driven 100 or 200 or 300 miles to a warmer climate to ride it out. I don’t know, anybody could have done that enough already. Just stop politicizing the crisis, get to work, find out what happened to the grid. Fix it. Make sure it never happens again. Ted Cruz, Senator Cruz, take it on the chin and move on. It is what it is. That’s it?

The being a good dad explanation didn’t really help you. Didn’t help him just move on. But what really is interesting is that this little lie that Ted Cruz got caught in and all of the coverage of Ted Cruz and Cancún and all that nonsense that received four times more media coverage, then the Cuomo nursing home murder scandal.

So, my question is what are all these big prominent names on the left saying about governor Cuomo? Everybody wants to talk about the COVID pandemic in one sense or another. Everyone wants to hear themselves talk, see themselves on TV, every Democrat, Republican politician out there. Where is the left’s outrage on Cuomo and his blatant lies on covering up nursing home death numbers to the federal government, Nancy Pelosi? She’s not saying anything. She’s busy, still hiding in her closet, rocking back and forth saying, “Oh, the orange boogeyman, the orange boogeyman.”

She’s not saying anything. AOC finally just said, she’s calling demanding for an investigation. She, jumped on the bandwagon. Good job AOC, but what’s going on his brother, Chris Cuomo didn’t say anything on his show. As a matter of fact, CNN now put back the ban of him covering his brother because a week went by and he mentioned nothing on his show about this scandal. But Ted Cruz’s little lie, got four times more the media coverage.

You go on and you Google both of them this past week. And it’s amazing how much stuff comes up about Ted Cruz, walking through an airport with a Texas flag mask over his face, getting hounded by reporters. But Governor Cuomo is still giving COVID briefings, defending lie after lie, after lie and telling everybody that it’s due to a political, toxic environment.

And now he’s threatening New York Assemblymen telling them that he’s going to destroy them if they question him and don’t change their statements on what they feel is going on with the scandal. Obviously it’s ruffled some feathers because a U.S. attorney out of Brooklyn, I believe, and the FBI have launched an investigation. Whether that’s going to do anything who knows, we all know how the FBI likes to investigate. Usually the truth dies with them. If it’s something that isn’t that important or what they feel, isn’t that important.

But remember Andrew Cuomo, Governor Cuomo, he got that Emmy. He got that Emmy for his masterful performances of these COVID briefings how he lied to everybody. Where all the Hollywood Elitists pigs, that praise Cuomo for his Emmy. What are they saying now? They were all quiet. Where’s Robert DeNiro who praised him for being the leader that Donald Trump should have been? Where is Billy Crystal? Who said he was the epitome or the real meaning of New York or whatever he babbled about.

Rosie Perez and her whiny voice how Andrew Cuomo’s the man and Ben Stiller, where are they now? They’re all hiding. Why isn’t the mainstream media questioning asking all of them for interview saying, “Hey, you praise this guy for his Emmy and you call them America’s governor and all this other nonsense. What do you have to say now?” How come the media is not asking them?

They’re busy given softball questions to Joe Biden and his White House, press secretary. What’s going on? That has to be a whole other episode, just the media coverage. As of right now, Joe, Biden the first month of his presidency has passed and still the media and Democrats, all they want to do is talk about Donald Trump. And nobody really wants to talk about what the hell is going on in the White House.

So, while Cuomo’s going to work hard to defend his lies and who knows what the FBI is going to find out, they’re working on, supposedly they want to impeach him. The New York Assembly was talking about possible impeachment. They have a committee put together supposed to be bipartisan where they’re going to decide if impeachment is relevant. If someone asks me, I’d say, god damn right, impeachment is relevant. He lied and he keeps lying and he keeps blaming.

This guy loves to hear himself talk about how he’s working for New York and that the political toxic environment is to blame and that he didn’t get information out fast enough. No, it’s not that you didn’t get information out fast enough, Andy. You committed Cuomocide by shoving those people in nursing homes that were infected, killing thousands, and then you lie about it. You lied about it by 50%. So, that’s a huge problem.

So, we go from Cuomo and his nonsense to now we have Biden’s first month as the President of the United States. And the lack of transparency is amazing. He has a press secretary, Jen Psaki, that can’t answer a question directly for anything, has to circle back. Doesn’t have an answer. Doesn’t have a readout. Doesn’t know, um, um, um, um, circle back, um, um, um, it’s complete and utter insanity on how these press briefings are going.

The questions, are they getting a little more difficult? I don’t know. It’s like a nursing home in the White House press briefing room. Meanwhile, back in the Trump administration, it was like rabid dogs going after a pork chop. It’s just complete, 360 on what’s going on.

He had his first town hall in Wisconsin, it was hard to watch with Anderson Cooper. The misinformation, there was disagreements with his White House press secretary information about opening schools and that failure, they don’t have a plan to open schools. He goes on and tells an African-American pastor who was a Trump supporter telling him that drug offenders should not be prosecuted and convicted and do jail time that they should be rehabilitated, which I agree with. I do agree with that.

Was it 1989 and 1991? With the Bush war on drugs while he was trying to attack Bush and work on his crime bill, he said, not only should drug dealers and drug users be convicted, but they should do hard time. After a certain amount of time, they should get the death penalty and the federal government should take their home bank accounts and everything that they own.

So, it’s amazing how the flip-flop of opinions are so drastically over the period of time. Well, it’s a new Democratic Party, I guess. And, and instead of throwing all the African-Americans in prison, they want to bail them all out in the hopes that they can exploit them for votes every election cycle. We know that’s what it is. And the socialists are in an uproar because he specifically said at his town hall, when asked about student loan debt, a woman asked, “Well, we need at least 50,000 minimum.” And Joe Biden, which I have to give him credit for. He turned around and said, “Well, I’m not going to let that happen.”

He’s not going to give a $50,000 student loan debt, credit or whatever you want to call it. He’s not doing it. Chuck Schumer is not happy. I know AOC isn’t happy. There are a lot of Democrats that are not happy because I believe that was one of the things he spoke about, about student loan debt, canceling it, or giving some sort of credits for it. So, the Democrat socialists are not too happy with their president, there. Our president.

Immigration, complete failure right now. He’s got the eight years to citizenship for 11 million people. He wants to do amnesty for illegal immigrants. Amnesty for illegal immigrants. So, my question is, what about the immigrants that are here doing it legally that are waiting in line? What happens to them? And I’m not talking about just south of the border. I’m not talking about Mexico or Central America. I’m not talking about just them because there were a lot of illegal immigrants that stay over their visas from Europe, from Canada, all over the world. This isn’t just about the Hispanic illegal immigration issue.

So, before some leftist says, oh, well, you’re a racist xenophobe and all that. Just spare me. Give me a fucking break. Let’s call it what it is. Illegal immigrants. They’re illegal aliens. If they come here illegally, they don’t belong here. So again, amnesty for illegal immigrants, what are we doing about the immigrants that are doing it legally? You want to give them a pathway to citizenship. There is a pathway to citizenship. It’s called the pathway to citizenship. There’s a way to do it.

So, he wants this eight-year plan, for citizenship for 11 million people. 11 million illegals that are here or want to come here. They’re letting like 25,000 in, I believe. To me what this is because the Democrats are famous for this. This is just one of the largest Democratic Party registration recruitment drives that we’ve ever seen. Maybe we’ve seen bigger ones, but this one seems the biggest one that I’ve ever seen. And that’s what I’m calling it, because they’re all going to get these people, their pathway to citizenship.

And of course, they’re all going to become registered voters and wave their little American flags. And they’re going to be 11 million Democrats because the Democrats let them all just skip the line and gave them their pathway to citizenship. And you have to remember this because if you get into this immigration conversation, people are going to ask you, they’re going to say, what about the dreamers?

And every time there’s an immigration conversation, it gets heated. It gets emotional. It always ends up based on emotion and immigration should not be an emotional argument because it’s policy, it’s immigration policy and you can’t get emotional over policy. The policy is the policy and that’s what the courts are for. And they’re based on policy, not emotion.

We already have a path to citizenship. It has to be utilized the legal way. No one should just come in and say, okay, you’re a citizen, you’re a citizen, you’re a citizen. And what’s going to happen when we have this influx of 11 million people or more, and they’re flooding the school systems, they’re flooding the job place. What about us? The people that are here, what about our homeless? There’s our people in poverty, our citizens in poverty. And we want to give and give and give and give.

I heard a rumor or I saw something. I don’t remember where I saw it. I hope it’s not true. I got to look into it. I just saw it, someone brought up, oh, we should give illegals when they come in for this stimulus checks. So, we’re just going to give them free everything. I understand this is the land of opportunity, but the land of opportunity went away when it was actually the land of opportunity. When people came here and worked, worked for everything. When your grandparents or great-grandparents, and my great-grandparents came here with, $14 in their pocket. And they worked for what they have. That to me is the land of opportunity and the American dream.

But now it’s come on over. Here’s a $1,000. Here’s your little American flag. Here’s your voter registration card. And we’ll get you a job making $15 an hour. Even though that guy should have gotten the job over you, we’re going to give it to you. Because we need more Democrats. And again, my opinion, you have a different opinion, please let me know. But that’s how I look at it.

Again, immigration, it should not be an emotional argument. And then yeah, you have the dreamers, the people that were brought here very, very young and don’t know anywhere else. And they’ve been here this whole time. Should they be deported to a country that they’ve never known, that they may have been there only the first few years of their life. And now they’re in their twenties, thirties, and forties. And they work very hard here. No, I don’t believe that.

I believe that they should follow the path to citizenship. Just like everybody else. There’s a way to do it. If I’m trying to get my citizenship here the right way, and don’t come here illegally. Why does the person who comes here illegally gets this special pathway to citizenship when I’m trying to work my off to actually work for my citizenship? I came here legally on a visa or whatever else.

So, this all comes down to, what’s good for one, it’s good for the other. What the Democrats want to feel that they’re doing the right thing. And again, immigration is always politicized, always. Even the Republicans do it. But look at that. Look at the Southern border. It’s completely open now. People are coming in in droves. I think there are mayors of cities on the border that are writing letters to the President to please reconsider this border emergency, whatever you want to call it. But the border, the security has been breached.

People are coming in. They’re not getting tested. Forget about COVID. There’s a lot of other diseases that they’re coming from. People are coming into the border and into these farm lands. And they have these big, vats, these big water tanks that farmers have for their animals, for all their cattle, drinking water. These people are coming in, they’re coming over the border and they’re bathing in it. And they’re dirty. They haven’t bathed in who knows how long they just made this huge trek over the border and whatever bacteria and diseases they have.

And then they’re transferring that to the animals who are drinking the water that these people just bathed in and animals are dying, or they’re getting sick. And that’s food supply. People don’t think about a lot of this. There’s a lot of variables. We just can’t say, oh, we’re just going to let everybody in. Having a border wall at the Southern border is not racist people. It’s not xenophobic people.

I believe a few weeks ago and it wasn’t really reported extensively, 11 Iranians came over the Southern border. It’s just not Hispanics coming over the Southern border, but it’s the easiest place to come illegally. So, if 11 Iranians come over the border, I don’t know if they were caught or if they were all caught. What’s 11 Iranians coming into the country through the Southern border illegally for? I would imagine they’re not coming here to bring flowers and cake to a party.

We have our own issues with Iran, which probably going to get worse our President is going to pander to them because Iran is very manipulative and they want to wipe Israel off the planet. So, one thing to me, I don’t understand the problem with having secure borders. This is the United States of America. Anyone can come here.

Anyone who supports the border wall is not against people coming here. We want people to come here, legally, not climb over a fence, and then say, oh, okay, you’re here. Here’s your voter registration card. And be on your way. We’ll find you a job and give you health benefits. And then you and I have to pay for that. There’s a difference.

COVID relief, that’s another failure. I think the IRS mentioned that everybody who made below 75,000. All the $600 checks are out. And if people didn’t get them to contact the IRS, it was supposed to be $2,000. There were still people struggling. There was still economy shutdown. The president has no plan on opening the schools. His press secretary says, “Oh, well, we want to have schools open at least one day a week.” One day a week. Okay. How about open the god damn schools?

Kids, their minds are becoming destroyed. The suicide rates among children that are not really being reported are on the rise. They’re not seeing their friends. They’re not playing school sports. The school clubs are non-existent or what are we going to go another school year and have another senior year and not have a prom? Enough already open the schools fully. I like what Florida’s got going on. It doesn’t seem to be hurting anybody or killing anybody. There doesn’t seem to be any crazy rise in COVID numbers there.

Again, COVID relief, just a failure. The White House press office, failure. Jen Psaki failure. There’s no transparency. She could barely answer a question. They want reporters to give questions ahead of time. What is that about? So, what is it going to be a Broadway rehearse show in the briefing room? No, that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

Again, a lot of this stuff, if it’s in the mainstream media, it’s touched on here. It’s touched on there. Everyone who hates Trump loves Biden in the media. Biden’s doing such a great job. I don’t see him doing a great job. All I see the first week in his presidency, he stops the Keystone Pipeline. It puts people out of jobs. There’s a lot more negatives than positives.

If I’m missing something, please, if I’m missing something on the positives, you need to point it out to me. Maybe I’m an idiot. Maybe I have blinders on, but I feel like this entire four weeks, have them working very hard to undo everything the past administration has done that we saw progress on to. I got gas yesterday and regular gas in New York, where you’ll guess it was just regular, was $2.92, a gallon. It’s almost $3 a gallon. It went up significantly. I don’t know what it has to do with, but we didn’t see a rise in prices like that in the last four years that I can remember. Again, maybe I’m wrong. Let me know.

Again, if you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email,, or you could find me on social media, “The Great Divide Podcast.” Leave me a message, a review. Give me some feedback. I’ll be happy to address any opinions, agree, disagree. That’s what this is all about. It’s just discussion. I can’t talk like this on social media. They ban me. They give me 30-day jail sentences.

People I know their profiles are just disappearing. Again, we can talk about social media censorship all day long, is it going to go away? Probably not. Big tech, social media they’re protected now. So, who knows what’s going to happen with that, but this speak the media, like Donald Trump and the media he is still haunting Democrats. Every day, he’s haunting the left.

At this point, it’s comical. Donald Trump is out of office. He’s irrelevant. He is not a political figure. Well, he’s a political figure. He is not in political office. He is out. He’s hanging out on the golf course down in Florida. Is he going to come back and run for president? I don’t know, to be honest, what I’d like to see Donald Trump do is not run for president and put all of his power and influence to find and groom young Republican candidates strong values.

One who defend the constitution and defend the values of conservatism, the Republican Party, and run them for office. Start a pack. We know he could raise a lot of money. The man is a money raiser. He can do that. He has a lot of influence. He has family members that are very influential. I think the Trump family is here to stay as far as politics go. He made that very clear. He told Kevin McCarthy, he’s going to help and flip the house in 2022.

And so, hopefully some Senate seats that are up then. I hate to say the guy’s name, but just as a comparison, I’d like to see Donald Trump as the George Soros of the GOP of the Republican Party, but not evil. I want to see him with the money raising and the influence that he has. He could do a lot of work behind the scenes to build the GOP. He can do a lot with his influence to primary out a lot of these rhinos. Mitch McConnell, time to go, buddy, you getting up there. Time to retire. Someone needs to step up and get the Republican spot to replace Mitch McConnell that needs to happen.

I’d love to see someone run and beat by a large margin, Mitt Romney, but Democrats, the orange boogeyman is gone and Congress and the Democrats, they’re still consuming themselves with him. The orange boogeyman has been gone a month and you guys are still kicking, and screaming that he was acquitted at impeachment.

Let’s talk about real stuff Congress, what are you doing? What’s going on? Why the fence is still up around the Capitol a month since Joe Biden has been President? Why the fence is up? Why the National Guard still walking around the Capitol with rifles. They’re living in a gated community and they love it, but there’s so much animosity in the Capitol. The division in the Capitol is unbelievable. The Republicans and the Democrats, I don’t even think they’re talking to each other unless they have to.

They’re all calling for fancy Nancy to take down the fences. I believe there are some Democrats that are too, or the Democrats are worried that Republicans are going to kill them. It’s complete lunacy there. And the Capitol is not open to the people. You can’t take a ride to the Capitol and have a tour or attempt to see your representative in Washington. It’s off limits. It’s surrounded by fences and barbed wire.

On top of that, get this. This is something I don’t know if you heard about this one. I got to take a breath for this one. So, there’s a house resolution. And, in the house right now, that was proposed by this woman, a California Democrat representative, Linda Sanchez, California, Congresswoman. The bill is called “No Glory for Hate Act H.R. 484.

And in a nutshell, what this is. This is a bill to deny and prevent Donald Trump from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Yes, this is a bill in the house. This is a bill in the house that they wrote up wanting to bar the former President of the United States, the 45th President, of his, benefit and an honor to be buried at the Arlington National Cemetery when the time comes that he’s no longer with us. They want to stop that.

On top of that they want to, in this toilet paper of a bill, “No Glory for Hate Act.” They want a federal funding restriction on commemorating certain former presidents, because they can’t specifically name somebody in a bill, to go against that person. I believe there’s something in the constitution that says that. So, certain, former presidents who happened to be twice impeached.

Well, people, we all know that only one president in the history of this country has been impeached twice, acquitted twice too. And that is Donald J. Trump, the 45th President United States. So, the left is on their unity kick again. They’re on their unity kick going after Ted Cruz. They’re still on their unity kick on what can they do to beat Donald Trump?

They need some sort of victory, I think in order to stop, I don’t know what that victory is going to be, but they will not stop. He’s gone a month. Nancy Pelosi, you’re 80 years old. 80. You have grandchildren. This is how she wants to spend her golden years, like 80 years old Speaker of the House. You had a long political career. You are the first woman to ever be a Speaker of the House. I think you’re the first and only as of right now.

Again, she was elected twice, give it up retire, fancy Nancy, hang it up, go and ride out your time with your grandkids. I’m sure they love you. Who doesn’t love their grandma? There’s got to be a kid out there. A grandchild, who loves Nancy Pelosi. Loving Nancy Pelosi is hard to say in the same sentence. It really is. It made me a little nauseous.

Woof. We’re going to take a deep breath. Woof, but Nancy she’s 80, 80 years old. Go enjoy your family. It’s stressful enough to be a politician. House rep, Senator and Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. She’s the top dog. She’s the third in line to be the leader of the free world. If something would have happened to the President and Vice President, she’s it.

That’s stress on somebody, especially in the political climate today. As I talk has to take a toll, you see when a president gets elected and then after his four years, his first term, you could see noticeably, wow, this guy aged. And then when he’s at the end of his second term in eight years, eight years go by and he looks 20 years older. It can’t be much of a difference being, say, Speaker of the House. Yeah. Congressmen, senators. that’s stressful. You have to deal with a lot of people, but you’re not the leader of the free world, but you’re 80 years old. You’re not 50. You’re not 60. Give it up Nancy.

Oh man. Anyway. So, we got Joe Biden. He’s in a month. He’s rejoined the Paris Accord for climate change. He’s got his climates; oh my God climates are John Kerry. So, after this Texas thing, of course he had to come out and give his, “We only have nine years left until a major climate catastrophe.” Like, “The Day After Tomorrow” or whatever that movie was. The world’s going to end in nine years, he’s flying around in his jet. Now he’s talking about the world’s going to end in nine years from some giant climate catastrophe.

John Kerry, this guy is a clown. There is no disputing it. He has no relevance. I don’t understand his position in the administration, useless. I don’t understand. This guy’s a multimillionaire, two private jets. And someone’s giving him a platform to tell us that in nine years. It’s over people, it’s over nine years. Do what you have to do for the next nine years because the giant climate catastrophe is going to come and take us out.

He made the Iran nuclear deal. He’s going to go back into talks with Iran, which is just complete stupidity. Iran will do anything to manipulate whoever they can in order for them to build and get a nuclear warhead. And what I don’t understand is maybe nobody told them or he didn’t read it right. Iran in their parliament, brought up and voted on completely annihilating Israel by I think 2040 that’s what? 19 years away, 20 years away. Give or take.

So, we’re going to go ahead and get into those talks so they can do what they need to do the Iran nuclear deal because they want a nuke so bad. They’re going to build one regardless. We should not be doing any type of negotiating, any type of deals. There should be nothing exchanging hands.

And if they go ahead and get their hands on a nuclear warhead, they better be careful because there’s a lot of other people who have nuclear warheads. Make no mistake, we are going to in the next, I’d say 15 years, 20 years Biden will be long gone. But because of this Iran and Israel conflict, we are going to get sucked in to another major, major war.

Are we going to call it World War III? I don’t know. Is it going to turn into World War III? I’d imagine if Iran and Israel, go at it at the scale that Iran has planned. Then yeah, we’ll have another, World War III. I hope not. I sure hope not.

Then he makes some comment at some conference I think it was one of these G-Summits, Biden went to just the other day. Maybe it was even yesterday, couple days ago. And he said America is back. He’s here to say that America is back and diplomacy is back. Well, let me tell you something President Biden, American never left. America’s always been here and diplomacy has always been here.

America first was here recently when we had a president that put America first. When he cared about America and what was good for us and did not want other countries to take advantage of Americans and our country. Yeah. America never left. As a matter of fact, it was always here and it was great. And in my opinion, it was getting greater until Joe moved in. Until Joe moved in the White House. And now all I see is a steady decline.

And I’m not saying that because Joe Biden is a Democrat and I’m a Republican, I’m saying it because I see like everybody else, the facts are in front of us. Nothing seems to be positive. We’re giving money to the World Health Order. I think it was like $200 million. We just joined back into it and we’re giving them all this money. We’re funding the people who were funded by China.

Joe Biden at his town hall in Wisconsin, the other night, the two things that stuck out where someone asked him about vaccinations and COVID. Joe Biden has a problem in his 47 years of always saying something that is racially unacceptable. It’s just, off-key, he always goes to race and I don’t care what you say, again, it’s my opinion. I do care what you say, but you’re not going to change my mind on this. Joe Biden is a racist.

His Vice President while they were running against each other, pretty much called him a racist with the busing movement back when Kamala Harris was in school, that she really attacked Joe Biden on. Joe Biden came into politics. It was in 1970, I don’t know, 47 years ago, whatever it was, became a Senator. He was groomed and shown the ropes by segregationists, by Democrats, old time Democrats who were still in that segregation of minorities and the busing.

Let’s face it, the same Democrats that put a Planned Parenthood in every minority neighborhood that they could, that is still there to this day. Joe Biden co-authored a crime bill that destroyed the lives of African-Americans for years destroyed. And, he then goes ahead and says, “Well, basically African-Americans and Hispanics don’t know how to use the internet to book their vaccine.” I’ll play you the little clip right now.

“There’s a lot of people don’t know how to register. Not everybody in the community and the Hispanic and the African-American community, particularly in rural areas that are distant and, or inner city districts know how to get online, to determine how to get in line.”

Yeah. He said that. He said that Hispanics, and African-Americans, they’re basically not smart enough to use the internet to get on and book a vaccine to go down to the local pharmacy to get it. To me seems a little racist. And I have asked black friends of mine when that happened. Just out of curiosity, I asked three of them and I said, “Is what Joe Biden said to you racist?” I said from a scale of 1 to 10. Two of them right off the bat said 10 that’s racist. And they’re both Democrats, one’s a Democrat. One’s an independent who voted for Biden. That’s 100% racist one of them said, I don’t know where he would get off saying that.

And the third one, I think he was like a six or a seven. And he said, it can come off racist, but he spun it to me as maybe he thought of African-Americans and Hispanics and inner city communities who didn’t have access to the internet. And I said, alright, I can ride this wave. I could see that. Maybe because he’s 186 years old and, you know, senile that maybe that’s what he meant.

And he just said that they were incapable of getting on the internet or didn’t know how and understand how to get on the internet. It’s possible. In any case, he said it, I don’t agree with it. Apparently a lot of people don’t agree with it, but also in that town hall, he made a comment. I don’t have this audio, but you can go back on and watch the whole town hall. It’s hard to watch.

Anderson Cooper was asking him the questions. And there were times where Anderson Cooper was standing there and he had to be thinking in his head is this guy, kidding me? Is he really saying these things? Because if Donald Trump was on that stage and he was answering those questions in the same context, or even saying the same thing as president Biden, Anderson Cooper would be jumping down Donald Trump’s throat, headfirst and ripping apart his glance.

It’s just amazing how they treat this guy. They treat him as the feeble old man. “Oh. He just fumbled his words. He didn’t mean that.” That’s what the media said on a few of these things he said, but anyway, I will say again about the drug deal about the drugs and the crime.

And again, Joe Biden said, “I don’t think drug offenses should have jail time.” Well, again, that’s not what you said. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, you wrote a bill to ruin their lives, Joe. He sat there in the Senate in ’91. It’s either ’91 or ’86. He pulled out a quarter out of his pocket and said, “You’re going to go to jail for a minimum of five years if you have a crack rock, the size of a quarter.” Pulled out a quarter and that’s what he said.

And he held it up. Five years, minimum the judges don’t have a say it’s a mandatory sentence, five years, that’s it. And he changed his tune because it was acceptable for him back then to be an outright racist. He, ran in the same circles as members of the KKK. Made comments when one of them died, forget his name. It’s not even worth mentioning, that he was a decent man and all this other nonsense, but he’s being controlled by the alt-left. And now he has to say things a certain way.

And I think his fumbles are because one, he’s senile. Two, is because he doesn’t really feel the way that he’s being told to feel and talk. And it’s slipping out a little bit on how he really feels. Again, my observation, my opinion. And again, with this whole China thing, because we know Joe Biden has this big marriage with China, the whole Hunter Biden. And again, that whole story just went by the wayside. Nobody’s talking about Hunter. Where’s Hunter Joe? Where’s Hunter? Where’s the laptop? Hunter, I think he’s in California in some multimillion dollar house with a million-dollar book deal. And he’s doing great. Daddy’s president now. All in the world is good.

So, Joe Biden starts rambling at this town hall about China and talking to the head communist over there, Xi Jinping, whatever his name is about human rights. And basically said this at the town hall. Yeah, basically it’ll give him a pass for cultural differences. I’m not going to stand up to them and say we’re the United States we’re going to voice our opposition against genocide. And the killing and sterilizing people and putting them in re-education camps that he’s doing to the Uyghurs over there. I have this sound clip. This is what he said about what’s going on in China, basically saying he’s okay with it.

“Chinese leaders, if you know anything about Chinese history, the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home. So, the central vastly overstated. The central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united tightly controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that. I point out to him no American president can be sustained as a president if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States. And so I’m not going to speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong. What he’s doing with the Uyghurs in Western Mountains of China and Taiwan, trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful. He gets it culturally, there are different norms at each country and their leaders are expected to follow.”

Yeah. So, you make your own interpretation. To me, it’s like, I’ll look the other way, but he said it, that’s how I interpret it. Maybe I’m interpreting it wrong. Maybe you can interpret it different, but hey, everybody’s got their cultural ways. China’s got to do what they have to do. They’re rounding these people up. They’re sterilizing them, killing some of them, putting them in on trains. It’s like Nazi Germany and bringing them to re-education camps to forward that communist regime in China.

China is not our friend as a country. They are in competition with us. They will screw us any chance they get. Another failure in the Biden administration gives them access to our power grid, which President Trump put a stop on that. So, now the power grid again, is at risk from who knows any type of hacking from the Chinese government.

The Russians are no better obviously, but we’re just giving them an open door. And Joe Biden’s not going to pressure anybody. I’m sorry, nobody’s getting pressured by Joe Biden. Not North Korea. Not China, not Russia. Nobody. We have a weak lame duck president. I don’t believe he’s really in charge. I have a feeling that some things are going to happen.

They eventually going to invoke the 25th amendment. Is Kamala Harris, the fox in the hen house? I don’t know. Is Susan Rice, the ghost president, the other liar, are they going to take over? Who knows, remains to be seen, it’s going to be an interesting ride. Definitely this administration’s going to give us a lot to talk about. I want to address one of the thing that if you’ve been listening to my episodes, I did a whole episode on it.

The attack of our Second Amendment Right. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial here or that I’m lecturing, but if you’re listening to me or if you know me personally, or you know of me, you know that I’m a big supporter of the Second Amendment as you probably are as well. And I think people are getting tired of me saying, even my friends, on messenger groups that I’m on, text messages.

I’m telling everybody, email your Congressman, email your Senator every day. Have a formatted email ready to go and just send it every day or time it, if you can send it every day, that that’s what I’ve been doing. H.R. 127, Sheila Jackson, Lee in Texas, they want our guns. Joe Biden, he’s looking for a way to use an executive order to do something.

I just spoke about it. In his 94 crime bill, there was the gun ban provision in there. The 10-year ban on assault weapons, and high-capacity magazines that expired in 2004. Federally states still have those restrictions. That’s another story. My State, New York sucks for gun control. The big thing they’re coming after they want to come after the AR-15. And they’re so uneducated about it.

They’re politicizing this weapon as a weapon of war. It’s not, it’s a semi-automatic rifle, same semi-automatic as many other rifles, even a handgun. It can’t do rapid fire any more rapid than a handgun, which they don’t want to ban. As fast as you pull the trigger is as fast as a bullet will come out of that weapon. Okay. So enough, their play on words is to scare Americans about firearms who don’t know any better.

And it’s the job of people like me. And if you own firearms or support it to make your voices be heard, I can’t say it enough. You have to make your voices be heard about this and urge your displeasure of the H.R. 127 bill. Again, they want you to have insurance which is $800 a year to the federal government. They want you to have a special license, even to have an antique weapon displayed in your house.

They want to have a psychological evaluation from a psychologist who’s certified by the State Attorney General’s office, to give it to you, to ask you who knows what they want access to your family to ask questions to your ex-spouses. It’s endless, it’s endless this H.R. 127.

Joe Biden wants to either have a mandatory gun buyback for these AR-15s or a mandatory tax of $200, a weapon and $200 a magazine. How do you enforce it? And there are more AR-15s out there than there are people. Millions and millions of them. I should say there are more firearms out there than there are people, but there are millions and millions and millions of AR-15s.

Since Joe Biden’s been president this month from what I’m hearing from gun retailers that I know. Gun sales are unbelievably through the roof. Again, Joe Biden has become the best gun salesman in the country right now. When COVID hit people, people were out buying, when they had the black lives matter, and the Antifa riots on in the cities, people were buying like crazy buying, buying, buying, but now all the threats on firearms, people are out there buying weapons and ammo.

They want you to have a license ammo, and the penalties, the H.R. 127 to give you an idea. And I know I’ve said before, but if this goes through and you possess, any type of gun, because they want you to be federally licensed for long guns, which most places except New York city. You can go and buy with a license and they want you to be licensed for ammo. Yes, ammo to buy bullets.

And they only want you to be able to buy certain amount of bullets either per month, I believe, but you have to be licensed to buy ammo. And if you’re caught possessing guns or ammo without a license, you can get 15 to 25 years’ prison. 15 to 25 years in prison, 75 to $150,000 in fines or both.

I could run my neighbor over on purpose, and I’m probably not going to do 15 years in jail and pay a $75,000 fine. And in New York where I am, and I know other places, the Democrat, supported bail reform, I can punch a kid and in the face, set my neighbor’s house on fire and choke my neighbor in the street. And I can get arrested and I can be out back home by dinner because of bail reform.

The list. If you want to see how crazy it is, if you’re from New York, you know if you’re not. Look up New York Bail Reform. New York cashless bail crimes, and it’ll give you a list. And you can download a million images of kitty porn and get arrested and be out in time for dinner, just to show you the lunacy. So, yeah, possessing guns, or ammo without a license, 15 to 25 years in prison, $75,000 to $150,000 in fines, or both.

If you train for a firearm or ammo to an unlicensed person, when these licenses, if they, God forbid go into effect just for the transfer, the sale, you could do 10 to 15 years in prison, $50,000 to $75,000 in fines or both. People sell illegal weapons to other people all the time. You can go to the gun store and do the transfer, and it’s fine. Well, now, if you do it without a license, you can go to jail for a minimum of 10 years and pay a minimum of $50,000. If you give guns or ammo to an unlicensed person, I guess if you just give it to him without taking any money or doing a transfer, 5 to 10 years in prison, $30,000 to $50,000 fine, or both.

If I loan somebody, a gun to go hunting with who doesn’t have one of these ridiculous licenses, they want you to have. After you take the ridiculous psychological test, they want you to take, after they ask your ex-wife, if you should have a gun. Imagine your ex-wife or even ex-husband and they go to them and say, “Hey, should we give him this license to have this weapon? We know you were divorced from him or from her.” You think your ex is going to be okay with you having a gun. Come on. There’s a reason you got divorced. Don’t give me the shit, oh we’re still friends. You’re not getting you guns. They’re making it next to impossible to have a gun. And Joe Biden wants it next to impossible for gun manufacturers to sell you a gun because you need these licenses.

And then he wants to bankrupt gun manufacturers, because he wants to eliminate the immunity they have in civil suits. Just look it up. H.R. 127, go to, and look it up. It’s amazing on what this bill says. And let me tell you if you’re, you’re a gun owner and you’re like, just have the attitude. It’s not going to pass, and you’re not going to do anything about it, to have your voice being heard. If you think it really is not that big of a deal you’re an idiot. It’ll be people like you that make it possible for these idiots to pass this law.

Remember the Senate is 50/50. With the Vice-President Kamala Harris Democrat, who hates us, if we’re a Republican and own a gun, she’s the tie breaker. I’m hoping that there are moderate Democrats. Middle leaning Democrats that see this as ridiculous, and don’t want to take our guns. God could only hope. Because I believe that there might be, I hope not, but I don’t trust some Republicans on this. And the house, I have a feeling, if this does move, that it would pass the House and it would have to be stopped in the Senate.

I also believe that they will take this bill or Joe Biden’s gun plan, and they will hide it as a provision in a larger fancier bill, just like they did to the assault weapon ban back in ’94. It wasn’t the assault weapon ban that they were voting on. It was a whole crime bill that looked good to people because they were given money for more police, community policing, hiring police. Women, who suffered from violence, all those programs. And then, we’ll put this in here the 10-year ban on assault weapons, which they’re not even assault weapons and high capacity magazines, AR-15s are not assault weapons.

So, also you own a firearm, specifically an AR-15. And you know, someone who might be a good friend who has a negative view on firearms, because that’s all they’ve been taught by the left. Try to have a conversation with them and maybe educate them respectfully, like listen, all guns aren’t bad. This is the difference. Encourage them to get a little educated on firearms. So, maybe then they’ll know what common sense is because this common sense gun reform, that Joe Biden speaks of is misspoken. It’s bullshit.

Common sense gun reform is going after illegal guns and the criminals will get them in the areas where they are. And unfortunately, mostly inner cities, high crime areas. These people, you’re not going to stop them from getting guns until you stop them. Until you reinstate like in New York city, stop and frisk. And you put anti-crime back on the street and you have gun task-force and let the police do the policing and get these illegal guns off the street.

When you see in the news or on social media of the local police department, making a gun arrest. It’s a big deal. We should be seeing more of that, but illegal guns by criminals who were using them in criminal activity. Because again, those criminals are not walking into Joe Shit, the rag man firearms, and doing a background check, which everyone has to do no matter what gun you buy, FBI, federal background check next check. They’re not taking that weapon that they just did a background check on and going to rob Martha down the street or kick in grandma’s door in the middle of the night. They’re not, that’s not what they’re doing.

They’re buying their guns off the street. They’re meeting some shady prick in a park and giving them money. And you get in, a paper bag with a weapon in it, or he’s opening the trunk of his car and he’s selling you an Uzi or an AK 47. That’s illegal. And most of the time, the rifles that they’re selling is so illegal that they actually have the function of full automatic.

Legal guns, we cannot as citizens own in most places, fully automatic weapons. I believe there are states that you can, most I’m pretty sure you can’t, maybe you can own them. I’m not sure what everybody’s gun laws are. In New York you could barely own a gun. It has to have so many modifications on it. It’s disgusting.

In any case. I’ve rambled on now over an hour. I think this is the longest show I’ve had. There was a lot to talk about. I have a lot more; I want to talk about. Plan on at least one or two episodes a week. I want to keep it fresh. I want to talk about what’s going on in the country, the political issues, there’s so much division and I’m trying not to come off like a bashed the left, bashed the left.

Although I am sounding that way because it always seems that the division is starting from the left, but there is plenty of division that comes from the right. And again, let’s have a discussion with somebody without turn it into, fuck you and fuck you. And then the rage, people are having family members turn their backs on one another because of political views, like come on.

So, we have different view on something, and you’re not going to talk to me anymore. If you told me that you loved “Star Wars.” And I told you, I completely hate that and despise that movie, which I don’t by the way. You’re going to stop talking to me because I hate your favorite movie?

To me, it’s the same thing with family or we’re really good friends, and you’re going to stop talking to me because I think Democrats are disgusting because they want to legalize abortion until, the kid’s a senior in high school, and you’re going to stop talking to me because of my views on abortion. And why does that happen? Because of where we’re getting our information and just what our beliefs are or whose is brain washing us and who knows?

I’m a Republican. Maybe I’m brainwashed. You might be a Democrat. Maybe you’re brainwashed. I tell everybody Republican or Democrat, just read what’s out there. Don’t just watch the one-sided news media. Just quick, I’ll give you an example. I breezed through them all. I’ll watch NBC, CBS, ABC, Newsmax. Every once in a while I watch CNN and I laugh at them all. To me, it’s like all entertaining, but I take something from all of them to try to get a perspective and then want to talk about, or have, depending on how it makes me feel.

And I read a lot online. And yeah, do I tend to gravitate more towards right conservative media? I do, because I don’t like how the left flip-flops and they’re okay with our government flip-flopping in opinions. Like this, Dr. Fauci, the highest paid government employee in the country makes, I think, I don’t know, $20,000 more than the President of the United States.

And in one breath, he’ll say we don’t need a mask. In the next breath, he’ll say, oh, we should have one mask you could wear. And then he’ll say, oh, no, you should wear that mask. And then it’s, you know what, maybe you should wear two masks. Oh, you should definitely wear two masks.

Don’t sit there and say that I’m trying to pick on the guy. And he’s a medical professional and an expert because medical professionals and experts can be wrong also. Just because they went to school and took a test, doesn’t mean they know everything. And when somebody is so uncertain that they flip back and forth, depending on how the political climate is going, that’s a problem.

Who are we supposed to believe? And if you don’t believe me, then you go ahead and you get on the Google machine or YouTube. And you put in Dr. Fauci and all of his interviews, and you could probably even write his advice changes and directives, whatever you want to search, but it’ll all come up and you can see it all. One day, no mask, you don’t need it. It’s not going to help you. The next day, you need one. The next day, you need two. How many masks are we going to need? What’s going on?

The President can’t even answer when we’re going to open the country fully again. Kids are suffering. People are suffering, businesses and jobs are suffering. Corporate America doesn’t seem to be suffering. Big tech doesn’t seem to be suffering, but it’s the middle class. The middle class working American is suffering. And I feel like the suffering is going to get worse, not just because of the stupid pandemic, but because of the policy that’s being put in place by this current administration.

And I really hope, and I pray that this administration, really tightens it up and realizes that the helping of the American people really has to outweigh the political games on attacking each other as Democrats and Republicans.

And again, forget about the President for a minute. He can do his executive orders. It all comes in cycles because when he’s gone, all those executive orders are most likely going to be wiped away. The swamp, trolls, and Congress, those are the ones. My fellow Republicans. I want to see a strong Republican Party. The country needs one. As a matter of fact, Nancy Pelosi made that statement. Was it a few months back?

I don’t remember when, but you can look that up too. She said, this country needs a strong GOP and it does. Get involved, get involved, hope that we can primary some of these rhinos out hope that we can build a better party with values that we all believe in as Republicans and conservatives. And let’s hope that we could all start working together again. That’s where it needs to start.

We need to start talking and conversing and I don’t see it happening right now. Fences up around the Capitol. Everything’s closed, nobody’s talking, everybody’s fighting, and it’s sad. I’m going to leave it at that. Remember H.R. 127, gun control could protect your Second Amendment Right. Call your Congressman, call your Senator. Just do it. Pick up the phone, shoot an email.

God knows. We spend more times on our devices. It’s not hard to look up who your local Congressman and Senator and their email and shooting them an email right there from your phone. Do it. Get in the fight. Up. We can’t say that. We can’t say fight. We can’t say fight like hell anymore. That’s inciting violence from what I’m told. Fuck them. Fight like hell and protect our Second Amendment Right.

Again, God bless our troops, our military, our law enforcement. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other. And God bless America.

You can reach out to me with opinions and ideas for other episodes at You can also find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.” And please be sure to leave a review for this podcast. So, the show can be shared to other listeners.

Thank you. And God bless America.

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