TGD08: Witches, Narcissists & Sleepy Joe Dreams of Gun Bans

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Host: Alan Jacoby

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Hey everyone. Welcome back. We’re going to talk about a few things. Got the wicked witch of the Capitol, Nancy Pelosi. She’s out for blood. We got Governor Cuomo, he’s defending his lying and hiding of the nursing home COVID death stats. And we’re going to touch on President Biden’s big move his first big move on trying to screw with our Second Amendment Right. And gun confiscation.

So, this Nancy Pelosi, she’s really off her rocker, wicked witch of the Capitol she’s calling for a special 9/11 type commission. An outside independent commission to investigate the facts and the causes, in regards to the siege of the Capitol. So, she’s putting together this big commission outside independent, mind you, how much is that going to cost us? It’s going to cost us millions. I bet.

She’s out for blood. She’s looking at just silence the Right, and she’s taken this opportunity, which she’s already going crazy doing is labeling the Right as a domestic terrorist. We’re all domestic terrorists. If you’re a Republican, you’re a domestic terrorist. If you’re a member of the NRA, especially you’re a domestic terrorist. What are we doing?

I understand the Capitol that the siege was horrible. Trump was acquitted. People were getting arrested. Justice is going to be served for those, the actors, the bad actors in the riot that caused destruction and death and all that. But Congress needs to get their heads out of their ass and move on, start working for us.

I think she’s opening Pandora’s box with this independent commission, because they’re going to call everybody. If it’s an outside independent commission they’re going to call former chiefs of the Capitol police, intelligence advisors. Nancy Pelosi herself might be called in front of the commission because there’re some questions. There’s a lot of questions out there.

Apparently there’s a report that, fancy Nancy. She denied a request for national guard support on January 4th from the Chief of the Capitol police at the time, this guy, Steve Sund, he apparently requested some national guard support at the time, the Congress, Sergeant at arms this guy Paul Irving, and supposedly it was denied.

Pelosi’s office says that her office didn’t get any request for national guard support, before January 6th. And then ultimately, I think it was the next day, the 7th after all the dust settled, Pelosi, pressured Sund the Chief of the Capitol police and Irving, the Congress Sergeant at arms to resign just heavy pressure and they resigned. I say, bring them all in front of the commission and figure out what’s going on.

What kind of intel did Pelosi have, being in charge of the House and Speaker of the House? She ultimately controls the Capitol. What Intel did she have about possible violence on January 6th. If she had intel and did nothing about it. And this is true about this chief of police, Capitol police requested national guard support on January 4th. Wells, somebody’s got to answer for that. I doubt we’ll get any truth from them.

So, who knows, speaking of truth, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this. This is unbelievable. The truth commission, there’s this freshman Democrat representative, Sarah Jacobs, she’s out of California. She was on CNN the other day. Maybe even yesterday, Monday, or I don’t know, but she’s on there talking about she wants a truth commission established. A truth commission.

She went to South Africa apparently and studied all this stuff about truth commissions. Honestly, I couldn’t make sense of it and I’m watching it. I didn’t realize like, is this real? Is this America, is this an American politician? She wants a truth commission. So, we can establish a common narrative for January 6th and other things to keep truth. Whose truth?

This is what I don’t understand. Whose truth are we talking about, are we talking about the Democrats truth? What is this truth commission? Are we going to have a truth police? It’s bad enough we have these fact checkers on social media and every time you look CNN’s, fact-checking something or the New York times and half the time they’re getting their facts wrong. This is unbelievable.

This is what we’re putting in congress people. The left is putting them in Congress, the truth commission, the truth police. The Republicans out there, you need to get it together and you need to find some people that truly, truly believe in the value of America and our constitution to start running against these people.

And the Republican rhinos, we need to start finding people to primary them out that are going to defend the constitution and our rights. Because these people, the truth commissions, the Democrats, all they want is power. They want special, independent commissions to further their agenda on lumping us all together as domestic terrorists and horrible people. And it’s just so un-American, it is un-believable.

So, yeah, Sarah Jacobs, she’s apparently one of the youngest Congress woman. I don’t know, pronouns. I don’t want to get it wrong again, to be all these bad names, but whatever. Sarah Jacobs she’s thick as thieves with the AOC. AOC mentioned something about reigning in the media a few months back. And she’s all about this truth commission. And I think you’re going to see them come up with some sort of, idea legislation.

They could write a bill about anything and propose, they could propose a bill about, let’s make it illegal for everybody to paint their house pink. It’s such bullshit what they do, but let’s get it together people. If you’re not getting involved in calling your Senator, calling your Congressman or Congresswoman local and voicing your concerns about things you got to pay attention. You should be going to and looking up some of these bills that they’re putting together.

You heard me talk about the gun bill H.R. 127, which I’m going to get into again, there’re some follow-ups to that I’m going to talk about. You got to pay attention to what they’re doing, because they’re not helping us. They’re not helping us. They’re, self-serving furthering their agendas and it’s ridiculous.

Speaking about self-serving and narcissistic and all that other crazy nonsense. Governor Cuomo did a whole episode on Cuomocide and his hiding of the COVID-19 nursing home death stats by like 50%. His own Attorney General, Letitia James is probably in his seat, put out a report. Secretary blatantly lied was recorded on a phone call, “Yeah, we hid the numbers because we didn’t want to get caught up in a federal investigation.” If that’s not an obstruction of justice or hindering an investigation, I don’t know what is. These people are unbelievable. Again, Democrats.

So, he backtracked. On Monday, he did a whole COVID briefing, acted like nothing happened, the whole fancy, I’m going to stand here and let you listen to me talk, because I’m Governor Cuomo. This guy turned around on Monday, and other masterful COVID press briefing. He won Emmy’s for this. Remember won Emmy’s.

He turned around and he kept saying misinformation, this large void that his office caused was filled in by misinformation. But he was blaming it on now get this a toxic political environment, because he was being targeted by the federal government. What he means is the prior administration and Donald Trump, his loathing for Donald Trump and he’s blaming the feds again. He’s just defending how we lied. How he just sat there with a straight face and defended why he lied. And he blamed it on a toxic political environment. He blamed it on Trump. This guy is unbelievable.

Then he goes on to say how everyone in his office was overwhelmed and himself managing this pandemic because they were so busy. They were working 24 hours a day. Everyone was tired. Slip ups may have happened and everyone was overwhelmed. Are you kidding me? He wrote a fucking book. He wrote a book that came out in October. The pandemic started in what? Like March. So March, April, May, June, July, August, September.

So, halfway through the pandemic, six months. Halfway through the pandemic he wrote and published and released a book about his handling of the pandemic. So, someone may have been busy handling the pandemic, but it sure wasn’t him. If he’s sitting there writing a book. I’m not a book writer. Maybe you are, maybe you know somebody. How long does it take to write a book? You have six months experience of this pandemic and you’re writing a book on how great you are at it.

Narcissistic, egotistical scumbag and he turns around and tells the public, he’s defending his lies saying, “Oh, well, our office was really busy. We were overwhelmed.” Come on. It’s hard to watch. It really is hard to watch without throwing up in your mouth a little bit. It really is. And then he goes on and says oh, get this. There’s nothing to investigate. What? He said at the press conference there’s nothing to investigate.

So, people are crying out. Lawmakers, Republicans, and Democrats are saying, we need an investigation. Your Attorney General has an investigation going and you turn around to defend yourself. It’s a toxic political environment. And then you say, there’s nothing to investigate. You know what that says to me? That says, when someone says, there’s nothing to investigate, you know what that means. It’s time to investigate. You fucked up. You didn’t handle a pandemic correctly. You put people who were infected. Old people back in nursing homes with other old people who got infected and died.

You said, who cares? You fudge the numbers. It’s time to fess up. Your political career is over. And by the way, he’s going to run for re-election next year. And, I’m a new Yorker and these asshole New York Democrats, what are they going to do? If he doesn’t get impeached, which they’re still calling for, are locked up prosecuted and locked up, this guy’s going to run. And he’s probably going to win. Unless this Letitia James, she’s got some tricks up her sleeve, another Democrat, Attorney General, she’s going to ruin his political career. She’s going to shine. And she’s going to slip right into that seat.

Cuomo was Attorney General before he was Governor. So, it only makes sense. She’s eyeing that spot, it’s unbelievable what these New York Democrats do. Nothing to investigate, but I wrote a book, won an Emmy, got a great book, deal won an Emmy was praised by people all over the country. He was praised as America’s governor. Come on. You want to know what a governor is? That guy DeSantis in Florida. I don’t like Florida as a State, but I’ll tell you what, that guy is doing it right. And he’s not taking shit from the media. He’s given it right back at them.

They’re open. They’re not having any issues. Keep an eye on him. I have a feeling he might be on the short trip to the White House. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens, but he’s definitely someone to watch, DeSantis out of Florida. He’s got Cuomo, Pelosi, just unbelievable what these people are doing. I don’t know. You guys tell me what you think.

Remember you can always email me, I’m actually getting some great emails lately. I’m going to respond to some, probably in an upcoming episode, got so much stuff I want to talk about. And between this presidency and everything that’s going on, I’m definitely not short of material to rant about and give you my perspective on things. And again, every Democrat is not a moron, not an idiot. I’m not here to bash every single American Democrat. Because look at Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell’s career is over. He’s a Republican, a former speaker, majority leader rather. And he’s done.

He’s a rhino, all the stuff he said about Trump, I don’t even care about that. He’s in Tennessee. Tennessee, Kentucky, Kentucky, I forget where the guy’s from. It’s all the same to me, Kentucky. He’s got some of the poorest cities in the country that he represents. Does nothing for them. And this guy’s, he’s another one, career politician. He’s worth $30 million, $40 million. How did Mitch get rich? That’s another one to look at, get rid of him.

So, the big thing, the big important thing, I want to talk about is, on Sunday Valentine’s Day, happy Valentine’s Day from the President of the United States. He’s making his first big move to come after our Second Amendment Right. Right to bear arms. He’s made a statement. He’s making the move. He wrote a letter to Congress. Jen Psaki, his press secretary said something, on it today. Today’s Tuesday, about it. This past Sunday, this is another thing.

So, third anniversary of the Parkland shooting was this past Sunday on Valentine’s Day. And that’s the day, he decided, oh well, we’re going to exploit this mass shooting, this tragedy, let’s exploit this. He thought it was appropriate. We’ll exploit this tragedy to announce that he’s going to call on Congress to enact, ready, common sense gun law reforms, common sense, gun law reforms. Nothing you’re talking about President Biden is common sense about gun laws. Nothing. You make no sense.

You talk and you give these interviews about gun laws and shotguns and clips and everything else. And between you and Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, you don’t know a god damn thing about firearms, firearm safety, or just what it means. It’s disgusting. Anyway, he writes, I’m going to quote it. He wrote a letter to Congress for that Sunday.

And I’m going to quote, “I am calling on Congress to enact common sense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault, weapons, and high capacity magazines. And eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.” Okay. We already have background checks and we have the NICS check. Every time you walk into a gun store, a long gun or hand gun, you have to do the federal NICS checks with the FBI.

Weapons of war. Civilians can’t buy weapons of war. And I’m sure everyone knows someone who thinks the big, bad AR-15 is a weapon of war. It’s not. Weapon of war, something that could be fully automatic and used out in the battlefield. And that is not the AR-15. The AR-15, that you and I, and anyone else who can pass this background check can go and buy. It’s a semi-automatic rifle. And you don’t see that rifle being used maliciously, the amount of times you see a handgun being used maliciously in a crime.

It’s not a weapon of war. Give me a break, the AK-47 is a semi-automatic. And I’m in New York, we have the New York Safe Act. The New York unsafe act. I like to call it where you can’t have more than 10 rounds in a magazine. He wants to do that federally, because most of the free states, it’s unlimited. You can have 60 rounds, 30 rounds or whatever it is he wants across the board. 10 round max. It’s crazy. Oh, and the best is maybe he wants to put gun manufacturers out of business. He wants to bankrupt them and how he does not want gun manufacturers to have immunity.

So, if I’m a gun manufacturer and I sell you a gun and a family member finds that gun and accidentally shoots someone and kills them, or takes your gun and commit suicide, the family can sue the gun manufacturer for millions and millions of dollars. And just bankrupt them because then, if they’re going to get sued and go bankrupt, they’re not going to make guns, which means we’re not going to be able to buy guns.

You see where this is going, the whole narrative of, well, if the guns aren’t available, because they’re bankrupt from lawsuits then, well, we don’t have to worry about, law, abiding citizens, buying guns, legally none of this helps any law abiding citizens. It puts all of us in danger. Look at Chicago. Look at New York City, firearm gun crimes are through the roof. All of these people, okay?

All of these people that are out there, committing carjackings, home invasions, drive by shootings, these drug dealers. They’re not going to the local gun store and doing a NICS check and legally purchasing a weapon to go out and do carjackings. No. What needs to happen in my opinion the law enforcement and inner cities with the help of the federal government need to push hard on gun violence in inner cities, not come after the law abiding citizen who has an AR-15 to protect his family or whatever weapon it is to protect his family.

I am not going out and committing carjackings. I am not doing home invasions with my AR-15. When someone invades my home and puts myself and my family in jeopardy, my AR-15 is to defend my home and my family. Again, everyone who owns an AR-15 should definitely take a class and know how to use it. I’m not opposed to that. But to tell us that we cannot buy a certain weapon because the Democrats are pandering to these gun control activists. Because that’s what it’s all coming down to.

Fight the NRA. The NRA is a domestic terrorist group. Listen, the NRA is the NRA, they do good. I also believe that there are higher ups in the NRA that are completely crooks and embezzling, millions of dollars. The New York Attorney General, again, Letitia Jones, she filed a lawsuit against the NRA, saying that they’re embezzling millions and millions of dollars.

It was like 60 something million dollars just went missing, it was like three years of something like that. She wants to go after the NRA. Joe Biden wants to go after the NRA, San Francisco labeled last year, the NRA officially as a domestic terrorist group, I can’t even believe it. The New York Attorney General in 2018, she said the NRA is a domestic terrorist group.

So they all have their sights on the NRA. The NRA is going through their lawsuits and bankruptcies and whatever else did do. But where is all the unity that our president preached about in his speech when he was inaugurated on the 20th, because if you’re going to turn around and oh, and by the way, by the way, he has not confirmed or denied, using any type of executive action on gun control.

And that was confirmed by his White House Press Secretary. They don’t have a gun legislation package to go to Congress yet. He wrote them a letter on Sunday because hey, someone woke up Joe and said, Hey, Joe, it’s Sunday, the Parkland shooting, third anniversary, you should quick sign this and we’ll send it over to Congress and make a statement because no crisis can go unexploited.

We can’t let a good crisis go to waste is what the Democrats, that’s their motto. We, need to do this because this is going to help. This is going to back us up with the H.R.127, that House Resolution in Congress, which Sheila Jackson Lee, listen, I don’t believe that this major gun legislation will pass through both houses, you want to know something. I don’t trust any of them.

The Senate split and the vice president breaks the tie. I’m hoping there are some common sense Democrats, that are not looking to completely wipe out the Second Amendment and our protection and our right to bear arms, or tax the crap out of every gun owner, $200 on every AR-15 or magazine that they own. I hope. I hope that they don’t. I’m doing my part. I write letters to my Congress and my Senator. I email, I call. I urge you if you care about any of your constitutional rights, you have a voice use it. I’m not talking about putting a stupid meme on Facebook. I’m talking about picking up the phone and calling your Congressman, your Congresswoman, your Senator.

You may think it’s useless, but if you do it and you get a few other people to do it, maybe you write a letter and get 50 of your law abiding gun, owning friends to sign it and send it to them. You have to make noise. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

I’m not saying one person’ is going to make a difference, but if we all just sit back and watch the news saying, “Boy, I hope they don’t do this.” And you don’t do anything well, when they do it, and it happens, and you’re sitting there going, “Ah, shit, I should have done something.” Yeah. It’s just a phone call. It’s an email. You may think it’s useless. It might be. But I feel like I’m doing something by making my voice heard. And you should, if there’s a meeting about it, go to it.

There’s an organization you can join that’s fighting it in your town, in your state, join it. I’m an NRA member and I know a lot of people that have mixed feelings about it. They say, “Oh, the NRA is nonsense, they don’t do any good for gun owners.” And then you have the NRA does. I feel, and I want to believe that they do fight. And I think they do. There would be no unity if you’re going to try to strip American gun owners, the right to bear arms, to ban certain types of weapons. The most popular rifle in America is the AR-15. They say one out of every three Americans either own a firearm or have one in their household. That’s a lot of guns.

There are a lot more guns than there are people in the United States. I don’t see how putting those types of restrictions, especially this H.R. 127. They want you to have to go through a psychological evaluation, a federally accredited psychologist, governed by the Attorney General and certified by the Attorney General’s office to ask you questions.

They want to ask people in your house questions. If you’re divorced, they want to ask your ex-spouse questions. Whose ex-spouse is going to say, yeah my ex-husband or my ex-wife is good to own firearms. Come on. We haven’t had any major gun legislation, federal gun legislation in decades. Joe Biden was part of that in 1994, the crime bill, the Biden crime bill, the Clinton crime bill. And they did a 10-year ban. It expired in 2004, and it was an assault weapon ban. It won in the Senate in ’94, 52 to 48. And bill Clinton signed it into law the same day they voted for it.

The ban only applied for weapons made after the band went into effect. How they got that back then in 1994 is they put this bill, they dressed up the bill. This was a provision in the crime bill. So they kind of like snuck it in because they dressed it up. You know, Christmas trees are ugly when you get it, you decorate it. It’s beautiful. Everybody loves it.

So, they decorated this bill with all these provisions, like violence against women act and community policing to give millions of dollars, billions of dollars to law enforcement. Hiring a hundred thousand police officers throughout the country, prisons, everything else. And obviously we know how much of a failure that ’94 crime bill was that Joe Biden takes such pride in that targeted African-Americans and African-American communities are completely destroyed lives in these inner cities, Joe Biden, your president. He authored that, he pushed that through. That was his baby.

So, remember unity, he wants unity, and he regretted the ’94 crime bill. He said it. He said it in interview, he regretted the ’94 bill. He also made a comment to somebody I forget who was interviewing him. I think it was someone on PBS. And they asked him, well, how do you plan on getting it through? This is way after. And he said, well, he did it once before. And he beat the NRA twice. That’s his big thing. And he said, right there you put it in with other provisions that people like that are good.

So, my thought is, what he’s going to try to do is, maybe not him because I don’t think he’s capable of writing a complete sentence these days. His people, if they do give a legislative package, about gun control, I think it’s going to be broad and include a lot of things. And that’s just going to be in there and they’re going to see if they could just get it through, because there’ll be a lot of provisions in the bill that will appeal to the masses and maybe appeal to a lot of Republicans.

Maybe there’ll be something so good in there that these rhinos will say, well, we have to negotiate but we’ll give you this on the gun control if you give us this. And who knows? Because again, it’s swamp troll politics. They all swim around that swamp in Congress. And they negotiate, on what’s going to help them because they’re so god damn self-serving. They don’t care about us. And if they do get this H.R. 127 through or some other gun legislation, I think it’s going to be packaged in a nice little bow that everybody’s going to like, and it’s just going to fly and we’re going to miss it.

Again, you have to pay attention. The Democrats want to restrict the Second Amendment, your constitutional right to bear arms. They will exploit school shootings and just use its political self-serving propaganda. That’s what it is. Again, they don’t talk about gun violence in major cities, from illegally owned guns. They don’t talk about that. They talk about, or when they do mention it, they try to lump it into gun sales, which no, statistic gun sales with background checks have nothing to do with gun violence in inner cities.

And until people wake up and open their eyes and say, “Hey, you know what? It’s true. I can go to the projects and buy a gun from a drug dealer. That’s the serial numbers scratched off and it’s an illegal firearm and go commit a crime with it. I’m not going to go to Joe Blow gun dealer and go do a background, check, get the gun, and then go and commit a felony with it and open myself up to get caught. Because I legally bought the firearm with a background check to go commit a crime.”

It’s just not smart thinking. It’s unintelligent that these people lump it all together and they will never ever talk about the gun violence in inner cities when it comes to gun control. They will just say up school shootings, school shootings, mass shootings. And they also won’t talk about law abiding gun owners that stop gun violence because they were at the right place at the right time.

Like there was a couple of church shootings within the past couple of years. Somebody walked in with a gun and tried to shoot up the church and there was a law abiding citizen, who legally owned a firearm who put the bad guy down. Bad guys, we all know will still get guns no matter what. If you know someone who has the mindset of guns are bad and they’re willing to listen.

That’s another thing too, is getting someone who’s against guns to listen to other perspective, because they’ll probably view you as if they’re not a Republican and you are. You’re just a Republican who’s scared of everything who wants to have an arsenal in their house and no restriction on what kind of guns you can have and everything else. It’s insanity.

This President he’s been non-existent he’s been President for quite a while now. And the media, obviously we could see how the media is treating Joe Biden, as opposed to Donald Trump, when he was President. The questions in the White House briefings are ridiculous. The last couple of White House briefings, she had questions ahead of time. Because she got up there and said, “Oh, I want to answer this question that we got.”

Come on, come on. We can’t handle off the cuff questions now. CNN is doing pieces on the President about inside the White House and the new president’s routine. How he likes to sit by the fire in the Oval Office and he might put a log on the fire himself to keep the fire going. Are you kidding me? Really? Really? If Donald Trump use the fireplace in the White House, CNN would go on there saying that he tried to burn it down because he said it was a shithole. I’m telling you this. This is the narrative. This is crazy.

And sometimes, President Biden will sit with the fire going with his two dogs, and he likes to go to bed early. He has early bedtimes, and he likes to have morning coffee with the first lady. Oh, and President’s day weekend, he was at Camp David playing Mario Kart with his grandkids and Luigi and he won. Why do I know that? Why does anybody know that? Did anybody report on how great of a game, Donald Trump shoot on the golf course today? Did anybody, ever hear if he played really good one day, as opposed to another day?

Oh, and this is another one, another headline, that the President brings back PDA to the White House, PDA public displays of affection. If you didn’t know what that meant. That was in the media. That was in the mainstream media about our President. He’s bringing back PDA to the White House because he likes to kiss his wife. Oh, and he goes to church on Sundays. Devout Catholic remember, goes to church on Sundays, but he’s pro-abortion. And he has no problem signing executive orders, funding, millions and millions and millions of dollars funding abortion overseas to other countries. I have a question mainstream media, where is Hunter? Where’s his laptop? What’s going on at the Southern border?

What about opening all of the schools? Where are we on that? Because obviously you’re not following the science on that one. And what the hell is the media reporting on? We just had a missile attack on an airport and Iraq where an American, a military contractor was killed. I think a one or two service members were, were hurt. And I think there was a blip and they made a comment.

Well, we’re going to deal with it, but we’re not, going to commit to a timeline on how we’re going to deal with it. But we have PDA back in the White House and we’re going to light a fire in the Oval Office and have morning coffee. And I’m going to go to bed at 7 o’clock because I’m 106 fucking years old. And I don’t know what I am doing.

But he’s going to come after our guns. I don’t get it. Are there any investigative journalists left in this country or does anybody going to actually, do some report and go out there and journalize what is going on in the White House? It’s been very quiet. He always got a box of pens. He signs, what did he sign? 50 executive orders and then what he’s asking the Congress for gun legislation. I can go on and on and on. Texas has a deep freeze. So, how about the green energy people? All the green energy you want.

All the wind turbines in Texas froze. There are people there, they had to shut off water in areas of Texas. They have no heat. It’s freezing there. No one ever thought it would ever get this cold in Texas. There was like 4 million people, or more than that, without power for days, people with kids and these people aren’t used to this cold weather.

It’s like the apocalypse there. But the wind turbines and the solar, all that green energy really worked in that extreme climate. What about a backup? I guess fossil fuels really are useful. Democrats, Joe Biden. Oh, let’s get rid of the pipeline and kill jobs. I can rant and rant and rant, but I’m going to stop.

One other thing. He was quick, he called China. He had a conversation, maybe even more than one conversation with that communist prick in China. And then the other one in Russia, he had conversations with them, but he hasn’t picked up the phone and called our ally in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu. He hasn’t spoken to him. Israel had a tiff with the Obama Biden administration. There wasn’t bad blood, but it wasn’t the best blood. And he hasn’t picked up the phone.

They call the Commi and some crazy lunatic in Russia are two nemeses. And he hasn’t picked up the phone and said, “Oh, hey Ben, how’s everything going? I’m president.” “Oh yeah. Congratulations.” “Thanks. Well, what’s going on?” Oh, but apparently he’s going to be the first call when he’s ready to make a phone call in the middle Eastern region, that’s what that red head monster, Jen Psaki says. You need to do more than just watch the news. Especially if you like your Second Amendment, you like your freedom of speech. Do not let anybody, anybody silence you.

When we start letting everyone silence us, they’re going to win, they’re going to win. They’re not winning. They’re putting on a good fight, but they’re not winning, but you can’t sit back and let it happen. If the current administration of President Biden truly, truly wants this unified country, which he doesn’t, he wants the unity of the Democrats, and he wants the control.

He wants the power and he wants all of, to conform and comply. And again, to be honest, I don’t even know what he really wants, whatever he’s being told to want at that time. Kamala Harris, she’s the Vice President. And she’s talking to leaders, she’s taking calls, for the President of leaders from other countries.

Honestly, I really want to know if you’re listening right now and you took the time to listen, please comment. You can comment a question. I look at them all. I read them all, send me an email, Thegreatdivide1776 And answer me this. What do you think about the gun legislation that’s possibly coming? The H.R. 127. What do you think overall about Biden? What he’s doing, what he’s not doing? What do you think, is on Kamala Harris’s, mind?

Right before, the election Nancy Pelosi was talking about the 25th Amendment and the President being fit for office. And there was a lot of talk about that. And she made it sound like it was directed at Donald Trump and obviously I’m sure it was, but what if that comes up again? There’s no doubt that President Biden’s mental health is deteriorating.

He’s 78 years old. He’s on the campaign trail. He forgot that he was running for President and thought he was running for Senate. He’s doing this 47 years. I don’t want a president to fail. We need our country to thrive. I feel like there are people that are controlling him that just want total control and want to destroy us. But tell me, what do you think about the Vice-President’s plan?

She has been quiet also that one, Susan Rice, remember she was in Obama’s administration. She lied her ass off about Benghazi. Covered up a bunch of stuff that when Biden got elected, they were calling her the ghost president. Who’s running the show? Reach out and tell me what you think. Because I want to read the responses, I’m going to respond and I’m going to address them on an episode.

But I really want to hear from you about anything I talk about because it’s all important stuff that we have to pay attention to. I’ll tell you what I said it once. I’ll say it again, President Trump, one thing he did is he made a lot of people open their eyes and pay attention to politics. He probably made more young people, whether they liked him or hated him start paying attention to politics more than any other American president. I truly believe that. And it’s important. I’ve always paid attention to politics. Especially when we’re in situations like this it’s important.

Listen, everybody, I’m going to wrap it up. Thanks again for tuning in always appreciative, reach out to me again, You can reach me on social media. I’m out of Facebook jail this week. I think I have two or three more days on my sentence. There’s “The Great Divide Podcast” Facebook page. I was actively engaging on it right before the official launch of the podcast until I got put in Facebook jail and couldn’t use the account for 30 days but I’ll be back on it this week.


There’ll be a lot of interaction we’re getting traction I’m getting a lot of feedback. I’m getting a lot of listeners it seems. I’m probably going to do a giveaway. At some point we’ll talk more about that. But listen stay safe. Take care of yourself, take care of your family and we’ll talk to you soon. God bless America.


You can reach out to me with opinions and ideas. For other episodes at You can also find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast” and please be sure to leave a review for this podcast. So the show can be shared to other listeners.

Thank you and God bless America.

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