TGD07: Burn, Loot, March Their Way to the Nobel Peace Prize

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Host: Alan Jacoby

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Everybody. Welcome back. If you haven’t heard the Black Lives Matter Movement was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Well, that blows my mind. And I want to talk about that. I have some questions that I’m trying to understand for myself. The nomination came from a Norwegian member of parliament who is actually a member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party. And they were also, tied in with the Communist Party of Norway, big into feminism, government control of the economy, all that.

So, this guy, Petter Eide, Idie, I don’t know, he’s a clown. He nominates the Black Lives Matter movement and says that, they’re the strongest global force against racial injustice. I’m not sure if he watches the same news channels that we do here. I don’t know if he’s seen the extent of the damage that, Black Lives Matter movement members have caused, actually it’s between $1 billion and $2 billion worth of property damage, not to mention all the injuries, deaths, just cities burning., Loot,

They are also profiting off of it, by the way, Black Lives Matter is raking in millions and millions of dollars getting millions of dollars in donations from big celebrity names, corporations. Budweiser gives them a ton of money. I think Nike, John Cena, just so many people are just throwing money at this organization. And I’m going to get to the money because that’s a whole other topic, but yeah, Black Lives Matter. They’re nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was always under the impression that the Nobel Peace Prize is deserving for something extraordinary that you did or that someone did, or the organization did to benefit humanity and the world, like something just completely out of this world, like, wow, this really made a positive difference in the world or the country you’re from. And you are deserving of this. I’m just flabbergasted. I’m shocked that an organization who has publicly condoned violence, even though they say they don’t, is now nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize from some Norwegian clown.

From what I read about him, Petter Eide or Ide, again, I don’t know, it’s P-E-T-T–E-R E–I–D-E. If you want to throw his name in the Google machine, you could read all about him. I could tell you if AOC, does not make it in American politics and she wants to flee the country, she should go to Norway because apparently they have a lot of socialists and communists there in Norway that she would fit in with. She would get along with this guy, Petter Eide really well.

Again, all summer Black Lives Matter, just burning down cities. Video after video, of course, mainstream media says, “Well, it’s mostly peaceful.” CNN, “Well, it was fiery, but mostly peaceful.” As the reporter is standing in front of a fully involved building with fire and burning to the ground and people are looting stores. And I guess it’s okay for members of this movement, the Black Lives Matter movement to assault, small business owners, and then go to others.

“We’re all going to go down to the high-end store. We’re all going to go down to Gucci, because reparations we’re going to take all of the high-end handbags and shoes, because we need that. We deserve that.” Their excuses they can’t afford it, reparations. They need to eat. As a matter of fact, in Chicago, here you go a Black Lives Matter organizer, of the leader, I believe of the Chicago Black Lives Matter movement she had this to say.

“I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike, because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes. That’s reparations. That is reparations. Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance. They’re going to get their money back. My people aren’t getting anything.”

So, there you have it, she condones it. She said her people needs to eat. So, they need these Gucci bags and everything else that they steal. So, this is what is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. They’re giving awards to anybody. They gave Governor Cuomo; they gave him an Emmy. He wrote a book and they gave him an Emmy for killing all kinds of people in nursing homes from COVID.

Apparently you can get an award for anything. I’m not saying that everyone who supports Black Lives Matter movement is a rioter or a vandalizer or anything like that, because they’re not. There are plenty of people that support a movement against what they feel is racism. And I get it.

There are racist people in this country and they suck. Again, Republicans are not all white supremacists and all black people don’t hate white people. Because I know plenty of black people that don’t support the Black Lives Matter movement, especially on how they conduct themselves at rallies.

This clown again from Norway, he actually goes as far as saying that, all of the violence that has happened, the violent confrontations and the vandalism are all at the fault of the police who started the violence. So, their reaction is, “We’re going to burn the city down.” Just recently, a few days before this podcast recording, they were in DC, marching around, with Antifa. Black Lives Matter and Antifa together, if they don’t get it, burn it down. If we don’t get it, burn it down.

And they haven’t stopped. We have a new president, they haven’t stopped. They’re still out there rioting in the streets; they’re causing damage to the Democratic National Convention Headquarters in Oregon. They’re all over the place. They’re even putting signs up, “Biden we want you.” All of this. Enough, enough with the violence. It’s insanity.

So, I guess you can go into the streets cause all this damage and be violent and still get nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, at least from some idiot in Norway that has no fucking clue, which end is up apparently. Again, everyone who attends a Black Lives Matter, rally is not a rioter a looter. There are bad actors in every bunch, just like, look at January 6th at the Capitol. They’re bad actors in every bunch, just like all Republicans are not white supremacists. All police are not bad or racist.

And all black people out of there at the rally are not looking to burn down the city or loot every store. But unfortunately the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement. They didn’t do enough to get in front of this. In my eyes, they condoned it. Words, are doing nothing. They can do an interview and say, we don’t condone violence. We don’t condone vandalism. But you did, because you did not get in front of it to do anything about it.

You didn’t say, “Hey, everyone, stop.” Because if you have that much control over influencing people, and you’re calling yourselves professional organizers, because that’s what you’re calling yourselves. As a matter of fact, one of the organizers, one of the three original organizers actually did an interview and called herself a professional Marxist.

Yes. She said that there’s a YouTube video somewhere about it. You could have control of these people and tell them you can’t be burning down small businesses, cities. Throwing objects at police, throwing objects at white people who own small businesses, upstate New York. I think it was Rochester. They beat, this husband and wife store owner, half to death with 2×4’s and plywood that the people were trying to board up their business with. Just for the sole reason of being there, being white and trying to protect their business. These people didn’t care.

And then down the street there was a woman, she looked like she was nine months pregnant. They were stopping in the middle of the street, jumping out of the car, running into this shoe store, coming out with boxes and boxes of sneakers, loading them into the back seat, running back in. She looked like she was ready to have the baby right there in the street, but she was there. She was there protesting racial injustice. That’s apparently the excuse, which is disgusting in itself because anybody who actually stands for racial injustice and wants to solve the racism issue in your community, in this country.

You should feel embarrassed and disgusted that those people who were looting and burning and vandalizing and injuring and assaulting, they’re representing you and you should be embarrassed and you should get a hold of that. Put that shit on a leash, do something with it, control it, but they’re not. But what they are doing is they’re using all of this to influence people and businesses to give them millions and millions of dollars. So, here’s my next question. Where is all that money?

Because if you’re raising millions and millions and millions of dollars, shouldn’t you be doing some sort of, I don’t know, community outreach, maybe offering to build a cultural center. A community center, maybe helping black homeless families and black hungry kids in poverty stricken communities. What are you doing with all that money?

If you look at their website, after they were called out on it, they decided to establish some $12 million grant fund. But they’re very vague at what the money’s for, but if you read it and you’re not an idiot, you can tell what it’s for. And it says it’s for expanding chapters. Oh. And to increase its capacity to support families whose loved one is killed by police. They want to expand chapters. So, that’s what they’re going to use the money for.

Chapters can apply for this grant. I think of up to a half a million dollars and start a Black Lives Matter chapter of whatever area you want to start it in. And then use money to support families whose loved one is killed by the police. What about the loved one that’s killed not by the police? That’s killed in gang violence and drug wars and just neighborhood violence. What about those families who lost a loved one?

Because if you’re only helping black families whose loved one was killed by the police, well, then they’re going to be saving millions of dollars because there’s a lot more death in the streets at the hands of other people and not the police. So, I guess the families of black people that are killed by non-police, they don’t get help. So where is the money? It’s very vague. Who’s getting paid. Who’s making the money.

I understand some of the money that these organizations are donating they’re donating in the name of Black Lives Matter to NAACP chapters and other avenues. But where is all of the money that’s directly going to Black Lives Matter? Because you go to their website, donate, donate, donate, donate. They aren’t building anything with the money.

They aren’t building community centers in poverty stricken neighborhoods to keep kids off streets. They aren’t building homeless shelters or shelters for abused black women in communities. Where is all the money going? They’re talking about defund, the police, and take that money from police budgets and investing it into the communities. Yeah. Okay. That’s fine. You want to restructure city budgets to get more money into diverse communities. I get it. I get it.

I’m not against abolishing the police or defunding the police. There are other avenues and ways, but what about Black Lives Matter and their pocketbook? What are they doing with their millions and millions and millions of dollars? And I’m sure that the public we are not seeing the real money that they have. I firmly believe that they are donating to political candidates.

I’m not saying all their money is going to the Democratic Party, but they also turn around and say that they’re not specifically political, which is nonsense. Because if you go to their website, they even say in there that they worked hard and achieved their goal in voting Donald Trump out of the White House.

Obviously they were big supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because Kamala Harris is the first, what is she? Half black, barely black woman as a Vice-President. And they were very proud of that. And then what happened? What happened to everyone that’s listening? Who’s a Black Lives Matter supporter. What happened? The new president, Joe Biden, who you worked so hard to get elected, you got out there and you rallied, and you got people who weren’t registered to vote, to register and to vote. You did all that hard work.

And then you asked for a meeting with them. You asked for a seat at the table to help fight racial injustice. And what did they do? They slammed the fucking door in your face. Not only that, a past president, Barack Obama, who plenty of people. Well, that’s our president because he’s black. Well, what did he say? He publicly made a comment about the defund the police slogan is what costs the Democratic Party, all of those seats in the House.

They blamed Black Lives Matter. After they exploited the crap out of the movement to get what they needed, again, the Democrats using the African-American community for their political game. And you know what, if you’re African-American and you’re not looking at the Democratic Party and realizing what they really are, you’re an idiot. You need to start doing some research and that’s going to be a whole other episode about the Democratic Party. The history lesson of the Democratic Party, which everyone refuses to accept and embrace.

But again, what happened? Black Lives Matter. You were left out in the cold by the Democratic Party. You were left out in the cold by Joe Biden. You were left out in the cold by Barack Obama, Kamala Harris. You’re not getting a seat at any table. They’re done with you. This happens every election cycle, the Democrats, they want to come off, we’re going to help fight racism.

We’re going to help the African-American communities. Vote for me and we’ll help you. We will improve government welfare. We will improve government healthcare. And then what happens? You get fucked. You get treated like the redheaded stepchild. “Get back in the attic until we need you again.” The Democrats tell you, and you know what? You don’t take a hint. It’s not even a hint. You don’t get the message. The message bright as day. The writing is right there.

The Democrats, don’t give a shit about the African American community. They don’t care when you start realizing that, then maybe you’ll say, Hey, they don’t deserve our support. They don’t deserve our votes. What are you doing for us? Because they’re doing nothing. And you want to know something else. Black Lives Matter is doing nothing for the African-American community.

They’re taking your money. They’re taking money from the people that they want you as an African-American to hate the white, wealthy celebrities and the white wealthy CEOs, taking that money from them and not doing anything for you. What are they doing? We’re going to start another chapter, a big fucking deal for what you’re going to start another chapter to do what? To burn more cities. It doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense.

Where is the money where are the community centers, why are you not helping your own people at this $12 million grant program? It’s a scam. I’m not saying they’re laundering money for the Democratic Party. I think they’re laundering money for other things, but who knows? I don’t understand, where it’s going, because I don’t see where it’s going. If I’m missing something and you know, please let me know and get a hold of me, email me I would love to hear your take on this.

This guy in Norway, clown. They were nominated. I’m curious to see if they’re going to win. I’m not seeing anyone in the United States, nominating them. I haven’t noticed anyone publicly endorsing that nomination but I haven’t really paid much attention to the clowns, endorsing that because the clowns here are busy, trying to tear each other apart.

The bottom line here, boys and girls this is another divisive issue. Black Lives Matter, the organizers, I’m not talking about the people that may be fooled and say, “Hey, I believe in this movement. So, I’m going to go show up to a rally.” A lot of these people, I think that get involved. They’re a victim of circumstance. Maybe they don’t have a sense of belonging. I don’t know. I think anything for any type of rally, they want to have a voice.

And I even think that the organization itself is exploiting those people in these diverse communities. Almost like a form of brainwashing to March down a street and to start a chant, to kill police, burn the cities down, roll them up in blankets and fry them like bacon. And as they’re doing this in these communities, the same police they’re protesting against are providing the security of the rally and the protest. It boggles my mind. So again, there are bad actors everywhere.

Here’s another one right here. This says it all, this one. I honestly believe she really doesn’t know how she feels, but she’s brainwashed. And she’s playing to the whole brainwashing of the racist movement. When I say racist movement, they’re organizers in Black Lives Matter that are racist against white people. It’s obvious, just like us there are white people that are racist against black people.

Racism is in every walk of life. It’s just there. It sucks. It really does. It’s not right. But these people that I believe don’t know any better are getting brainwashed by these militant organizers. Some of which have compared themselves to organizers of the Black Panthers and the people that are saying that even don’t even have a full meaning of what the Black Panthers were all about, but here’s another eloquently speaking protestor.

“As far as I’m concerned, they could burn this bitch to the ground and it still wouldn’t be enough. And they are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge.”

Now, do you think she’s always felt that way or is that from the constant constant brainwashing and programming of someone in her ear. These white people hate you, the police hate us we’re not wanted in this society, and that’s what these people are doing. In my opinion, again, again, everything I say is my opinion. It’s based off facts that I see and that I hear.

And what’s great about this country is free speech and free thinking and freedom to share your opinion. We don’t all have to agree. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me. I know a lot of people do. Either way I’m willing to have the discussion without it elevating to that next level, that it should never elevate to, again, this is no help for unity on what’s going on with the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s also not helping with the members of the police that are the bad apples, because we know they exist too, by no means, am I defending that. There are more good cops obviously than there are bad cops. And on the same token, there are more Black Lives Matter supporters than there are Black Lives Matter, bad actors. And me, I believe the bad actors are coming from the organizing part.

The people that are telling you what you want to hear and getting people riled up in order to commit these criminal acts of vandalism and looting and everything else. Again, I would have a lot of respect for Black Lives Matter if they came out and just completely changed course and said, we are going to concentrate on not fighting the police. We’re going to concentrate on not fighting the white community. We’re going to concentrate on raising money and helping our community. We don’t need to defund the police in order to support the diverse communities.

Again, they’re raising all this money. I think people should really start asking more questions on what is going on with that money. How many chapters do you need to fund and how much does it take to fund a chapter? Pretty sure not that much. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take a half a million dollars to fund the chapter. So, this $12 million grant fund, oh, how about giving a million dollars to put a community center put together. Get a building, rent it out, renovate it, get a program going it can happen. And you would probably get more donations if people actually saw that happening in the communities.

I’m not seeing it, but I’d like to think I pay attention because if a community center, a ribbon cutting at a community center or a domestic violence shelter, or a program was being unveiled and the ribbon cutting ceremony was happening. I’m pretty sure the left-leaning mainstream media would be putting that on prime time and running it every 15 minutes to throw it in people’s faces saying, “Hey, look, look what they’re doing. They’re helping the community.” I would love to see that.

And the mainstream media right now, again, they’re going to fan the flames either way, they don’t want the unity. They want the division. It helps for a good story. Remember and the Democrats, again, people, the Democrats, they don’t give a shit about the African-American voter until it’s time to say they give a shit about the African-American voter when they need that vote.

I’ll say it now. And you’re going to hear a whole other episode on it that the Democratic Party is the party of slavery and segregation. Yes. I said it. And you’ll hear more about that in a future episode. Anyway, I’m going to leave it there. Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Black Lives Matter. Hey, if they win it, they win it. Do they deserve it? No, not at all. If they start doing some community outreach and really showing that they care about communities and not burning them down and actually care about rebuilding them, well, then they’ll have my vote for a Nobel Peace Prize. But until then, Nope, not at all.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up folks. Again, I want to thank those brave first responders, the police, military. Every single day they’re out there, making sure we have the freedoms that we have. Just be safe, take care of each other, be well. And God bless America.

You can reach out to me with opinions and ideas for other episodes at You can also find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.” And please be sure to leave a review for this podcast. So, the show can be shared to other listeners.

Thank you. And God bless America

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