TGD06: Hypocrisy of Election Objection

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Host: Alan Jacoby

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Welcome back everybody. We’re talking today, more political lunacy. We’re going to talk about the hypocrisy of election objection. Objecting presidential elections, 2016, versus 2020. And 2020, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, lot of mudslinging, lot of objection to the election, their stop the steal and voter fraud and faulty machines and signature irregularities. I’m not talking about all that. I’m not talking about details around the election. I’m not talking about if it was stolen or not, elections have irregularities.

What I’m talking about are these piece of garbage swamp trolls in Congress and the hypocrisy pointing fingers at each other, demanding resignations and secret inquiry investigations because of election objections. Hey, Democrats, 2016, you guys lost your shit when Donald Trump was declared the 45th President of the United States and beat that swamp dragon, Hillary Clinton, it’s a fact that we’re going to go through it all.

And now 2020, a large amount of Republican members of Congress go to object. They want to object. Object the right way. Unfortunately, January 6th, the day of the certification, the election certification votes for the electoral college and to certify the election to declare Joe Biden, the winner, the siege at the Capitol occurred. And that changed a lot of thinking and a lot of minds of Republican lawmakers about objecting. Some of them didn’t, some of them stuck to their guns.

Two that come to mind, it’s evident that Democrats are doing whatever they can to destroy them. Ted Cruz out of Texas, and Josh Hawley, out of Missouri, two senators they stood their ground and they objected to certain state’s electoral votes. Ted Cruz wanted an emergency 10-day audit to look at voting irregularities and everything else. It is legal and within their legal right to object to an electoral college vote from a certain state.

However, they want to object. In order to object, it has to be in writing. It has to be signed by one house member and one Senator. And at that point, the house breaks off and the Senate, breaks off, and they debate about it for, I believe, two hours before they come back. And they continue the voting and figure out what they’re doing with these objections.

So, in 2016, the moment Donald Trump was declared the winner, Democrats lost their minds. They went to Twitter; they went to news channels. Anyone that would give them a voice and a platform, which was everyone in mainstream media, because they hate Donald Trump. Donald Trump became the 45th President. The establishment was pissed. Nancy Pelosi immediately, right after the election was called. She tweets out in 2016, the election was hijacked.

Yes, fancy Nancy. She tweeted out the election was hijacked. Hold on a second. Is that the same thing as saying the election was stolen? You’re a member of Congress and you’re now saying the election was stolen. Is that what she was saying? That’s what she was saying. The election was hijacked, no repercussions, no calls to cancel or silence her.

She wasn’t asked, or it wasn’t demanded of her to resign her position. She wasn’t censured. She wasn’t subject to any secret inquiry meetings in Congress or throw her off committee, nothing happened. And that tweet was never deleted. Twitter didn’t have a problem with it. Social media, wasn’t silencing Democrats. Hillary Clinton, the swamp dragon herself, that woman, I’m sorry, the evil and darkness around that woman, Hillary Clinton, I’m going to stop.

And I’m just going to say this Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. In any case, I had to look over my shoulder. Hillary Clinton, she goes ahead. She gets on, whoever will listen to her. And she says, and I quote, “The election was not conducted legitimately and details of the loss are still unclear.” Details of the loss are still unclear. No, you lost, you won the popular vote, but you didn’t win in the electoral college. Donald Trump 304, Hillary Clinton, 227. Guess what? You lost.

She also goes ahead and says that there’s widespread understanding that this election was not on the level. And we still don’t know what really happened. Really? And then all the talk about, well, the Russian collusion and the Russian interference and Adam Schiff, that house rep swamp troll piece of garbage. You look at that guy. I’m telling you, I can’t look at him without thinking he has a prison in his basement with women in chains. I think he’s just a sick individual.

Still to this day, 2021, he will tell anybody that listens even after the whole big waste of time, dog and pony show Mueller investigation, that there was Russian collusion. That is why Donald Trump became the 45th President. Nothing happens to Adam Schiff, Adam shit. Because that’s what he does. He shit talks. Nothing happens to him.

To this day, he’s spreading false information that was proven by an investigation, which the Dems spent $32 million on. $32 million on the Mueller investigation to show that there was no Russian collusion. So, he’s going around running his fucking mouth and nothing happens. No repercussions, no demanding of resignations, no censures, no secret inquiries committees trying to remove him or his responsibilities or his power. Nothing, nothing happens.

Jerry Nadler, the other house rep from New York wobbles wobble and they don’t fall down. I think he shit himself live on TV during a Democratic news conference. He’s another one, no one censuring him. Nobody’s saying, “Hey, cancel this guy.” Because there’s no cancel culture coming out from the Right, trying to silence these people. And they’re just running their mouths.

And they were talking about impeaching Trump before he was even elected. Nancy Pelosi makes another statement. She blamed the media for Clinton’s loss. She actually said that. She said that she blamed the media. Again, I don’t ever remember Republicans calling for deprogramming or reeducating of Hillary supporters. None of that ever happened. None of that. But now because Republicans, the insurrectionists, the white supremacists, the domestic terrorists, because some of them, they did it legally.

They objected and then Josh Hawley had a canceled book deal. They’re calling for censures demanding that they resign, AOC and all of those swamp troll rats all want them to resign, want them removed. Who the fuck do they think they are? They’re hypocritical idiots talking about removal of United States senators because they’re within their legal right to object and it was done correctly. They had the house signature and a Senator signature on it.

Well, hey, we’ll circle back to 2016. The one thing I’ll give Joe Biden, President Joe Biden credit for when he was Vice President and he was running the electoral certification voting for the joint session of Congress. He put Democrats in their place. You go back and look on YouTube of the videos. He told them it’s over. You’re out of order.

They turned around. This Alabama representative, Jim McGovern, he got up and he objected to the Massachusetts, the state votes. He said that the state‚Äôs votes in Massachusetts, he claimed the state’s electoral votes were marred by Russians. The Russians interfered with Russian collusion and marred the Massachusetts electoral votes. And he did not have a Senator signature to object. He was completely out of line. Nothing happened to him.

They said that there was a voter suppression. In the congressional gallery, in the chamber, they were protesters in 2016. Again, go back to the video. They were in there screaming, voter suppression and fraud and impeach and Russian collusion and all this nonsense. They were protestors in the gallery that they had to remove, and they just kept trying to interrupt the process.

Another Democrat, one out of Massachusetts, a house rep Jim McGovern. He was trying to object on Alabama votes. Again, he didn’t have a senator backing him up. Jamie Raskin from Maryland, they were arguing Florida’s votes. Again, no Senator to back it up, but they made a point to stand up and try to interrupt the process.

Few other ones. One of my favorites, Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas, she wants to take away all of our guns and make it next to impossible for you to own guns or ammo. She goes ahead and she objects too, in 2016, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, saying that there was massive voter suppression in Mississippi. Maxine Waters gets up. She gets up and she’s bitching about the Wyoming electoral college votes. And all of these people that stood up, Joe Biden and had to tell them, sit down.

He was the Vice President. He was president of Congress at the time, presiding over the joint session, telling them all, “Sit down, you’re out of order. It’s over there’s no debate.” The videos are comical if you go back and watch them. And again, no repercussions on any of these Democrats. And they did not even object legally. They were out of order. They didn’t do it. They had it in writing and they were the only signature. They didn’t have a backup senator signature to go into debates.

They didn’t do it the right way. No repercussions, no canceled book deals. No boycotts, no censures, no calls for resignations or committee inquiries. All political hypocrisy, all bullshit. And Hillary Clinton still to this day, I don’t know what happened to the election. Something is not right. No, you lost, you won the popular vote, but that doesn’t help you. You lost the election. In 2020, Donald Trump, he lost the election. Maybe, there was election fraud. Maybe there wasn’t, maybe we’ll know one day. Maybe we’ll never know. I don’t know.

The point is the Republicans have been attacked and attacked and attacked by Democrats since this election was called. And the demands for them to resign for objecting the right way in this election is complete political hypocrisy. And what’s funny is how do these people forget? If I was a Democrat God forbid.

If I was a Democrat member of Congress and all of my colleagues were demanding censures and resignations from fellow Congress members on the other side of the aisle, because they objected. I’d say, “Hey, assholes remember 2016 when a bunch of our people got up and objected the wrong way, the unlawful way? They didn’t do it the right way, but they did it.” And they tweeted and they got on the news and Russia, Russia, Russia, and the election was hijacked.

Nancy Pelosi. I still can’t believe it. The election was hijacked, but if a Republican or a Republican lawmaker or a conservative voice on the media or social media, says anything that there were irregularities in the election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, they get censured, deprogramed. They want to de-platform them. Will throw you off social media. They will ban your Twitter accounts. You can’t say that. It’s complete political hypocrisy and it’s just ridiculous.

You had the 2016 election. Hollywood elitists, they were calling for president assassinations. Assassinations on Trump. And that one disgusting pig Madonna was talking about blowing up the White House on national TV at a protest. And nothing happens to them. They weren’t banned. They weren’t boycotted. That’s the difference again, back to the cancel culture where does it come from?

And the Left is in complete denial about it. There’s no cancel culture here. AOC, she wants to deprogram. It’s all there. You can’t say it didn’t happen. The deprogramming or the deplatforming and the boycotting, it just goes so far and disgusting. There’s a Forbes Magazine. There’s this idiot Randall Lane. He’s the Forbes Chief Content Officer. He writes an op-ed in this trash magazine that he’s in charge of.

The Trump lawyer in chief, and this was all aimed at Trump’s communication team. He says, “Let it be known to the business world, hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulous above Sarah Sanders, Kayleigh McEnany. A few other names. And Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.”

So, basically Forbes Magazine, the Forbes chief content officer is putting out there that if your firm your media outlet, anybody hires anyone from the Trump communication team, we’re going to let it be known that your company or media outlet is nothing but lies. And we’re going to try to destroy you and deplatform. you. That’s what that means. Media, they say, anyone who works for Trump does not deserve a job.

So, you can’t speak, you can’t post about election irregularities, or you’re going to get banned or deplatformed. And unfortunately, that’s the way it is. That’s the Left political hypocrisy, and it’s not going to go away. It’s here to stay for at least for the foreseeable future. Again, Republicans, you got your issues too on the other side of the aisle. You got to get your heads out of asses. The Democrats got to get their heads out of their asses and get together and start taking care of Americans.

Again, we can’t get a stimulus package for starving people out there who are just financially broken. I have literally stopped going to grocery stores because I don’t want to support the big name grocer, food suppliers, and cook in my house because I want to support the local restaurants around my house, eating out every night, just to help them because they’re struggling.

And they’re closing at an alarming rate and businesses, small businesses are being destroyed all because Democrats and Republicans they can’t seem to get it together. All they want to do is call for censures and resignations of each other and just tell lies on TV and talk about how they’re victims and persecuted and all this other bullshit. Enough. It’s bullshit. Enough with it.

The hypocrisy, it has to stop. Open your eyes, this political game that they’re playing, they’re really fucking up this country. And it’s just disgusting. Anyway, listen again. If you haven’t figured it out already, the show is based on opinion. My opinion, based on the facts put in front of me, I read and I see, I take ideas from people. I want to talk about them. This seems to be the only place I can openly talk about it because Facebook won’t let me talk about it. Most social media platforms don’t.

So, this is my platform. Agree, disagree, ideas. Again, I always want to hear from you. Email me, Find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.” Everybody take care of each other. Take care of your families. Stay safe. Thank a police officer support your law enforcement. Your first responders support our military. We can’t thank them enough for keeping us safe. God bless you. And God bless America. Talk to you next time.

You can reach out to me with opinions and ideas for other episodes at You can also find me on social media at The Great Divide Podcast, and please be sure to leave a review for this podcast. So, the show can be shared to other listeners.

Thank you. And God bless America.

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