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TGD05: Impeachment: Kangaroo Court and the Trial of Tweets

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”
“Make no mistake. There will be a trial. And when that trial ends senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump, incited the erection”
Well, Senator Chucky Schumer, the senators did decide, and they came to the conclusion that there was no hard evidence to convict Donald Trump for the incitement of that erection.
Welcome back everybody and we’re going to talk about this kangaroo court, that just took place. The impeachment trial of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the Democrats failure to secure their 2/3, majority for an impeachment and Donald Trump has been acquitted for the second time in his four years as presidency. And one being acquitted, over a month after he’s been in office, it’s pretty extraordinary. I have so many opinions on this. Where to begin? I call it the kangaroo court. Literally, this was a trial of tweets, professionally produced video, hearsay speculation.
And I’m no attorney. I’m not a constitutional scholar. I am not an attorney. I am Joe blow American citizen that votes. I have my opinions. I’m going to talk about them. What I see, and I think a lot of people that I talked to that this was nothing but political theater performed by the Democrats just to exploit the emotions of the American people and just for selfish political purpose.
And that purpose is to just show America, show the American voters as best they can in the most dramatic way possible that the big bad orange man is evil and bad. In the hopes that they can convince as many people as possible, that if he did decide to run again, he would never win a second term as president in 2024. I’ll be honest. I have my opinion and I don’t know if I want to see him run again for president. There are other Republican candidates that I’m keeping my eye on that I’d like to see, throw their hat in the ring.
That’s another story. Back to this kangaroo court, this sham, it’s complete mockery. It’s a complete mockery of us as American. The money they wasted, the time they wasted these house managers, this lead manager representative, Jamie Raskin. This guy, they must have worked so hard photocopying tweets for this case.
I watched most of it when I wasn’t nauseated by it. They posting tweets and videos and edited videos and lies. They sat there and they lied presenting their case. And those of you who don’t think they lied at all, you’re wrong. When you show an edited speech or an interview of a president, you’re trying to make them look like a bigot and a racist and a white supremacist by saying, “Oh look, he says that there were fine people on both sides of that incident down in Charlottesville.” When you didn’t show the whole video, thank God the defense showed the whole video.
Not that it mattered because every Senator in that room knew Republican and Democrat. It was a show for us. It was political theater. It was a circus and it was badly, badly performed. And they kept using the words, evidence, and fact. And every time they said the word fact and evidence, I got this lump in my throat. Like I was just going to start puking all over my dog. Are you fucking kidding me?
You’re going to sit there. And you’re going to put a tweet up on the screen and highlight parts of it that you want. These are tweets of not only the President, but other social media posts of these whack jobs that were at this siege. And make no mistake. Every single person, you watch those videos. They were heart-wrenching. They were, it was disgusting what these people were doing.
And I was embarrassed to watch it because that’s not me. That’s not anybody I know. That’s not any Republican or conservative that I know and respect. And these animals, these animals gave us a bad name and gave these Democrats the fuel to use, to make us all look bad. I don’t care who it is. You were there, you were breaking windows. You were in that capital, you were wrong. Some people really made some sick threats. I don’t care.
I don’t like Nancy Pelosi. I don’t like Chuck Schumer. I don’t like most of them. I don’t like Mitch McConnell, I would never wish physical harm to any of them, at all. I’m a pretty vindictive person, the way I think, or not vindictive, cynical at times, but I would never wish anyone to execute an elected official. It’s disgusting, the videos and the hearsay, oh, well, we heard a phone call. You heard of a phone call. You weren’t on the phone call. And they had that recording of Rudy Giuliani, leaving a message while the riot was going on or later that night.
What Rudy Giuliani does, whether he was the president’s personal lawyer or not, is on Rudy Giuliani, that’s not on the president. If you listened to his speech and you could find it anywhere, you could even read it. Nowhere in that speech did he say, go down to the Capitol, break-in kill everybody. Hang Mike Pence and reverse the election. No. So, now all of a sudden, you can’t say fight for America, fight for your right. Stay strong. That’s all considered incitement apparently, incitement of insurrection.
And that was the only charge incitement of insurrection. And they couldn’t prove it. They were putting up newspaper articles and social media posts from mainstream media of interviews, of statements of these federally charged criminals who raided the Capitol. And these people were sitting there saying, “Well, we went there because Donald Trump told us to go. We listened to Donald Trump. He gave us orders.”
These people are batshit crazy. Number one, the President of the United States didn’t reach out to Joe shit, the rag man, redneck in bumfuck Mississippi and say, “Hey, be there on January 6th. Here’s the invitation. I want you to storm the Capitol. And I want you to kill every Democrat and overturn the election.” That didn’t happen.
These people on these interviews. They would say anything that would hopefully give the perception of them as a decent person in the hopes, they get leniency in the federal charges that they’re charged with, of being there when they shouldn’t and engaging in this savagery. They would say anything. They would tell you, if they knew it would help them in their case, they would say that their neighbor’s dog told them to go there and kill Nancy Pelosi. Like the “Son of Sam,” the neighbor’s dog told them to go and kill everybody in their cars back in the ’70s, in New York City. Come on, this is what you’re bringing in as evidence and cold, hard facts.
So, basically is what these house managers are saying. The prosecution is what you’re saying is that all of us, you, me as American people we’re fucking idiots. And we should actually believe that federally charged people are going to be telling the truth after they’ve been arrested. Some of them still in jail, going through these charges, costing them thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, charges and their lives are ruined.
So, you expect me to believe them because they said, well, Donald Trump told me to do it. Are you kidding me? The big orange boogeyman strikes again, he told you to do it. If he told you to jump off a fucking bridge, would you do it? I wouldn’t. If you would, that’s your problem. I don’t understand it. The whole impeachment hearing trial, whatever you want to call it. The kangaroo court, the bullshit waste of time, the political theater, the Senate circus, it was completely unfair from the start.
First, you have the chief justice of the Supreme court say, I’m not presiding over it. That should tell you something, but they play that off. Oh, that’s his prerogative. It’s not a big deal because he’s not a sitting president who’s being tried. Then they decided, because the Democrats have the majority that we’re going to get Senator Leahy from Vermont, who I think he interns for Jesus Christ. That’s how old he is.
A week before the trial, they took him to the hospital for something. And then miraculously, he was better. And this guy’s in his mask with his raspy voice can barely make a complete coherent sentence. And he’s not only presiding. He’s a biased party. Judges are supposed to be unbiased parties in proceedings as far as I know about the legal system. I guess it’s different when they can make up their own rules in the kangaroo court, but he was the presider and so he was the judge. He was a juror and had a vote. So, he played three roles and he did not hesitate to get up there and vote guilty. I think he was sleeping most of the time. So, even though it’s one vote, it’s still the principle. It’s completely, completely unfair.
And I guess it’s not unconstitutional. Once again, the Democrats seem to stretch the constitution or pull it either way, pick it apart to suit their needs. I don’t know. The house managers put on this, what they thought was this amazing performance, this amazing show to just exploit the emotions. Again, just exploit the emotions of everybody.
Anyone who’s watching on TV because they knew millions of Americans were watching this and they knew that this was a losing trial. They were not going to get 2/3, majority, but they were going to fight like hell fight, like hell to make us believe that Donald Trump is a bigot, a white supremacist. He’s just an evil, evil, evil person and wants to just not leave the Oval Office and be a dictator and do anything possible. The interpretation of these tweets that Donald Trump sent out really blew my mind.
They read the tweets and then basically told us what they are reading, what they are saying these tweets meant. To me, that just comes down to just an interpretation of language and the text and the interpretation of language that doesn’t prove anything that doesn’t give evidence and anything that was said in that speech that Donald Trump gave on the 6th it’s protected and can be defended under the First Amendment Right. It gives us the freedom of speech. It does not give us the freedom to threaten or cause harm or anything like that, which he did not.
They charged him for incitement of insurrection. Again, I’m not an attorney, I’m doing my reading and I’m looking at different things. And I see there’re a few constitutional attorneys that were commenting on it. And a few of them were saying, which makes sense to me that the articles of impeachment drawn up by the house is done by these house managers, just some representatives. I think most of them, if not, all of them are or were attorneys at one time, but they drew up the articles as a single charge of incitement of insurrection.
Now they would have drafted them properly because of the consensus of what I’m hearing is that they were drafted very poorly and in haste and very quick, just to get this going. That if they would have added the dereliction of duty as the President of the United States in that charge, and I actually tend to agree with this a little bit, that they might’ve gotten their conviction.
They might’ve gotten their 2/3 vote because in their opening argument, in their closing argument. Everything that the house managers presented numerous times, most of it was what the president was doing during it, what he was not doing during it and what they thought he should be doing as the President of the United States. They thought he should be sending help and all of that, which, you know what, I’m not going to disagree with them there.
I think Donald Trump could have handled this a lot differently. I think instead of just sitting at the White House roaming around in shock, or if he was watching it on TV or making phone calls, I think he should have been on the phone with every possible agency to get as many people there as possible. And publicly should have been on TV saying, “Hey, stop, get out of the Capitol, go home.” That I agree with.
I also don’t agree that he should have even been there that day, have a rally. I don’t think he should have been there. I think that just put fuel on the fire. That’s not an incitement, it was already pre-planned. We knew that. The evidence was there, that it was pre-planned. Pipe bombs were planted at the RNC and DNC in the area the night before.
FBI knew and apparently there was intelligence from what I’m understanding, that everybody knew. The FBI knew about prior and so did the Capitol and the Capitol police they knew that there was possibility of violence and they didn’t do anything either. They didn’t do anything for themselves. And the rumor is Nancy Pelosi didn’t do that because of the optics. She didn’t want it to seem like it was over the top and that they had to have the military there.
Well, maybe they should have, because there were some sick individuals that were coming to DC for that reason. Over 150,000 people there, but there wasn’t 150,000 people that storm the Capitol. That didn’t happen. I said it once before, if there was the Capitol would be ruined, it would be a pile of rubble. Those people didn’t come to DC and then decide right then and there, “Hey, let’s go storm the Capitol.”
No, they came well-prepared and that was planned. And it wasn’t because Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office, calling every redneck out there who might go along with it and say, “Hey, bring your spears and your clubs and your guns and your beer spray, and meet me on the White House lawn, and then go to the Capitol and raise hell and kill everybody and overthrow the government.” That did not happen.
Was there dereliction of duties as the president of the United States during and after? Maybe. But again, I can’t prove that. Even, if they showed evidence of it, which they might have, depending on how you interpreted it, they couldn’t convict on the incitement of insurrection based off his dereliction of duties. He wasn’t charged for his dereliction of duties. Again, the actors, the bad actors that storm the Capitol, they stormed Nancy Pelosi’s castle. They stormed the Capitol. You punish the actors, not the speaker, the speaker being Donald Trump.
There is nothing he did that, incited them to go and do it. Did it add fuel to these idiot’s fire inside their heads, maybe, but he didn’t tell them to go do it. Not at all. Trump’s defense attorneys. That one guy, was Bruce Castor. I think he’s from Pennsylvania. That guy’s an idiot.
The other guys, they were pretty impressive. you They were heckled by mainstream media all throughout the trial. Democrats were heckling them. They knew that they didn’t have a case and they wasted time and they wasted money. And then they had the vote about having witnesses and that backfired on them. Chuck Schumer had a meltdown and had to back his way out of that.
It’s all nonsense. And unfortunately, again, it comes down to the Democrats seeing a crisis and capitalizing on it, because no good crisis can go to waste. They performed for us and it was a bad performance. And that’s what really pisses me off about the Democrats is they’ll do anything they can to take advantage of us as American people to further their political agenda. If they could play on a decent amount of American’s heartstrings to make them feel a certain way to put them in a positive light. Then of course, they’re going to do that. I guess any politician will do that. That’s their job, is it right? No. To me, they’re superficial swamp trolls, fake.
There are a lot of Republicans I don’t like. There’s a couple of Democrats that I don’t have a problem with. To sit there and to come up with all of this speculation. They went on and on about how the president felt about how, he was delighted. I think they said the word delighted a dozen times, how the hell do you know how the president felt? What if the president was in the Oval Office, completely shell-shocked can’t believe this is going on? Not knowing what to do. What about his emotions? He did not think that this was going to happen nor did he plan it or beat around the bush to incite it.
Because if you know the same Donald Trump that I have followed for years and know, we know he doesn’t edit his words, and if he wanted something to happen, he would say it because he wouldn’t give a shit. He would say it. And he wouldn’t regret it because he’s another egotistical moron. Yeah. Donald Trump is an egotistical moron. He is, it is what it is. I like what he did as President of the United States. I don’t really care for him too much as an individual.
If he ran again, would I vote for him? I’m undecided really depends on who else throws their hat in the ring. Like I said, there are some people that are up and coming that might be a good fit. I don’t know. I like Ted Cruz. I didn’t like Ted Cruz years ago. He grew on me and I happened to like him a lot now. I guess it’s going to be who has the best line of shit. And who’s got an agenda that I agree with. As long as it’s not a Democrat, I am happy with whoever becomes the next president.
And that’s another thing back to building the Republican Party because right now the Republican Party is hurting and it’s going to be rough because of all of this that just went on with this impeachment and the Democrats are rallying. And this is not going to go on the back burner because every Democrat, extreme left winger is going to use this whole situation. The January 6th siege at the Capitol, Republicans not voting to convict, they’re going to use this against you. They’re going to badger you for it and be prepared the political attacks are going to be ongoing and you just have to stop.
And instead of engaging with these people, my answer to them is, I want to hear what you have to say. I’m probably not going to agree with it, but I want to hear it. And one, you’re going to blow their minds. And they’re not going to know how to deal with that because they want a heated exchange. They want to badger you. They want to find a way if they can, to delete you, to de-platform you, depending on the situation. Get you fired from your job because you don’t agree with them.
And I’m not saying every Democrat that you know, out there is like that. Because again, there are many that are not, there are a lot that are not. And then there are just some that are just sick and twisted and will do at anything they will stop at nothing to silence a conservative, someone who does not agree with their point of view or anything like that.
I want to circle back a little bit, another thing is they kept saying, the commander in chief, our commander in chief, our commander in chief, Donald Trump, President Biden, they are not my commander-in- chief. And they are not your commander-in-chief. They are the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
President Biden is the President of the United States. I’m an American, he’s my president, Donald Trump. He was my president. They’re my president. I’m not in the military. If you’re not in the military, he’s not your commander-in-chief. I just felt like that was more pandering and political theater on using these terms because I honestly feel that a lot of people, they hear that word commander-in-chief, and then they hear the word president and it plays on them psychologically.
He has this responsibility to tell us what to do. What they were trying to do is they were trying to make it sound like, because they kept calling it the Trump mob, the Trump mob. So, if you weren’t picking up on where they were going, as they’re saying commander-in-chief, they were trying to tie again, this is what I’m putting together. And in my head is what they’re trying to perceive is he’s the commander-in-chief of that mob.
And I have a question and if you have an answer, you could share it with me. If Donald Trump got on TV while this was going on, which he probably should have, but if he did and he said, “Everybody stop, everybody stops and get out of the Capitol.” Do you think more people would stop and get out of the Capitol or that it was just too far gone? And these people were just on a rampage and it was just do or die and that’s it? My opinion is I don’t think anybody would stop with the exception of maybe a few who would try to convince, a few more.
You saw in the video. I think some people were saying, Donald Trump just posted a video for everyone to go home now. Everyone go home. And then a couple of people were saying, well, we won the day. First of all, there was nothing to win you fucking idiots. All you did was attempt to destroy democracy. Okay. And back to the first amendment, everything that was said by Donald Trump was protected under the First Amendment. It’s defended by the First Amendment. Truth is defended and protected under the First Amendment. But so is falsehoods and lies whether you like them or not, because they kept saying the big lie, the big lie.
I’m pretty sure if we played a drinking game and every time they said the big lie and we took a shot, we’d all be completely shit faced. And yes, even the big lie and what they’re referring to the stop, the steal and the rigged election that it’s protected under the First Amendment. Anyone is allowed to say that that election was stolen, whether you believe it or not.
My opinion, I do not believe the election was stolen. I do believe there was widespread election fraud that unfortunately was not seen by the proper courts because they were just not seen on merit or whatever the legal terms are. And I believe there are still investigations going on about it. Maybe something will come of it. There’s fraud in every election. But do I feel wholeheartedly in my heart that the election was stolen? No, but if you feel that way, you’re allowed to feel that way.
This is America free thinking, free speech, liberty, justice for all. We can think and say that as much as we want and social media can keep censoring us because that’s what they’re doing. They keep censoring. People keep getting banned on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram because they keep talking about the election being rigged.
Now, unfortunately, big tech, they’re controlling social media and it’s their platforms and we’re all illegal bullshit. I guess that’s not considered free speech because it’s not a free platform. It’s an owned platform that we’re able to use. I don’t know. All I know is say what you feel, say whatever you want and don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t, you can’t think of a certain way. You can’t post a certain way.
There’ll be repercussions for posting certain things on social media. It happens to me constantly. I cannot stay out of Facebook jail. I think I have six days left. And I’m saying to myself, I have rehabilitated myself in Facebook prison that when I get out, I have to be good and just use Facebook for what I want it for, because I interact with a lot of people out there in other ways business and other business ventures and things like that.
I started a Facebook page for this podcast, “The Great Divide Podcast” on Facebook. And I can’t access it because I’m in Facebook jail. It annoys me, because I can’t promote, I can’t post and things like that because I said something that wasn’t even bad that was considered hate speech. And 30 days in Facebook jail, it’s nonsense.
Censorship is nonsense. This ridiculous war that the Democrats have between them and their giant orange boogeyman is just absurd. And it’s wasting so much time. Now that this is over, are they going to come up with something else. Are they going to try to come up with some monkey written legislation to ban from running for office ever again? I don’t think they can, but tell me it wouldn’t surprise you if some idiot comes up with something again about Donald Trump, he’s done, he’s done.
Who is the president of the United States right now? I think it’s Joe Biden. We haven’t heard anything about this guy in weeks. Everything’s about the impeachment trial. And then we had the impeachment trial going for these last few days. It’s almost like this whole impeachment is a smokescreen. What are they really doing? What the Democrats have planned next? Biden’s in his Oval Office. He’s walking around the White House lawn looking at Valentine’s Day decorations that he put out.
What is going on? I don’t even know; did he sign any executive orders this past week? What’s going on? I know his press secretary made a mention about that. He’s coming for the guns. The gun control is coming. That’s another whole issue. I said, in a past episode, that H.R. 127, they are going to do what they can buy an executive order. If he can or try to push through legislation to completely shove gun control up our asses.
If you have not done it, I implore you. I demand of you to get your ass in front of your computer and use the Google machine and find out if you don’t know who your representative is, who’s your Congressman, who is your Congresswoman. Who’s your senator and send them an email. You could even type them a letter and mail it to them.
I’m sure you could find an envelope and a stamp and mail it to them. Pick up the phone and call them and tell them that you do not agree with the gun control and remind them of your Second Amendment Rights and remind them that bad guys are still going to get guns. Whether you try to disarm me as a law abiding American citizen or not, the bad guy is still getting the gun. The bad guy is still crawling through the window, and now you’re going to make it impossible for me to protect myself and my family.
So, get on the phone, get an email, going, send it to them. Everyone has a computer or a smartphone. A lot of people don’t even have computers now. Use your smartphone. Do it, just do it. Don’t say you’re doing it. Don’t put a post on Facebook on a meme that’s protecting your Second Amendment Rights. Oh, come and take it. Your pride is AR-15 out of my cold dead hands. Don’t post the bullshit. Use your time and open your mouth and use your voice.
And if you find a way to do it, I’m here talking to you because there are things I want to say and talk about I can’t do on social media anymore. And with these podcasts. Everybody’s coming out with podcasts now. Senator Ted Cruz, he has a podcast, “The Verdict” which is really good by the way, there are so many of them out there and most conservative voices now today are getting into the podcast arena. Because you can listen to podcasts on anything, Spotify, iTunes, Googlebot podcasts, Pandora, everything. You type in podcast app and 15 or 20 of them show up. I’m on all of them.
And you can go and see all of these conservative voices that are on there talking, because mainstream media and social media is trying to just squeeze us out like we weren’t even there. They want us gone. They’re not getting rid of me. They’re not getting rid of a lot of people. And I hope more people decide to do this. Future episodes, I plan on having guests this is just going to keep going. I have a lot to say. I want to talk. I want you to talk. More importantly I want to hear from you about anything.
You have an idea about an episode, a topic to discuss. Email me You could find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, The Great Divide Podcast with Alan Jacoby. Look it up and just communicate with me. Let me know what you want to talk about. If I say something that you disagree with, send me an email I’ll probably respond to it in a podcast. You agree with me, great tell me. Anything. It’s a two-way street on these platforms.
I talk, hopefully my voice doesn’t make you want to throw up all over your wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend or husband sitting next to you. I want to bring some sort of entertainment. I’m going to wrap this up in a second. I want to get back to when this whole impeachment. I’m going to circle back everybody. Circle back. You know, that term #CircleBack, Jen Psaki, White House, press secretary, the red headed monster.
They were talking, even just before this impeachment trial, this whole insurrection at the Capitol, the siege, it was a fucking riot. Enough. Or as Chuck Schumer, as you heard earlier, likes to call it the incitement of the erection. Which by the way, Senator Chuck Schumer, I guess the incitement of the erection, didn’t really go the way you want it. And, I’m sorry that the trial was really hard on you Senator Schumer.
In any case, they kept saying white supremacy, white supremacy, white supremacy. I fail to understand the point of this white supremacy bullshit in reference to the Capitol siege and every democratic Congresswoman they’re all talking about white supremacy, white supremacy, mainstream media.
If you’re a Republican white supremacist all this edited video that they show of Donald Trump, they’re taking soundbites of Donald Trump, saying things and editing it and not playing the whole thing. And showing that he specifically in that entire interview or his speech, he completely condemns and denounces white supremacy, the KKK, bigotry, all of it. And that’s what I mean, how can any of us trust anything in the mainstream media when they edit everything and turn it into lies to use it against us, to fuel the hatred.
Between the swamp trolls and Congress and the mainstream media, they want to again, fuel it, fuel it, fuel it. But again, they want to turn around and say, Donald Trump is a white supremacist. He’s a racist. And they’ll say specifically that he will never, or he never has condemned and other lie. They actually say this to this day. Well, Donald Trump has never condemned white supremacy. He’s never condemned the KKK. Are these fucking people, deaf and blind, or just completely, completely stupid, because I’m going to say the latter.
They’re fucking stupid because since as early as 2000, 20 years ago, Donald Trump’s 20 years ago, 21 years ago, Donald Trump has given interviews about condemning, what’s the name? David Duke and white supremacy and the KKK. I had that. I’m going to play this for you. It’s a few snippets of Donald Trump, former President, Donald Trump, condemning white supremacy.
“I totally disavow the Klu Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke.”
When you say the party is self-destructing, what do you see as the biggest problem with the reform party right now?
“Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined a bigot, a racist, a problem. This is not exactly the people you want in your party. So, are you prepared right now to make a clear and unequivocal statement, renouncing the support of all white supremacists.”
“Of course I am. Of course I am. How many times do I have to reject? I’ve rejected, David Duke, I’ve rejected the KKK, the Klu Klux Klan. The Neo-Nazis and the white nationalists, because they should be condemned totally. Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK neo-Nazis white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.”
Yeah, that really sounds like a white supremacist to me. One of those interviews was from 2000, 21 years ago. Is he faking when he’s condemning white supremacy and the KKK. Does everybody realize that his son-in-law is, Orthodox Jew, Jared Kushner, his son-in-law? And his daughter converted to Judaism and his grandchildren who he loves more than anything are Jews.
He’s done more for the black community than most presidents since I’ve either seen or been alive for has done. Enough with the gas lighting, but the Democrats, the mainstream media, and some of these rhino Republicans. The guy is not a white supremacists figure something else to talk about. How about start talking about what you’re doing for us.
After the impeachment verdict, Jamie Raskin and his house manager, clown team, they gave a post acquittal, press conference. And what was amazing is that they sat there. They patted themselves on the back and he said that he was so proud of his team for tirelessly. I can’t even talk; they aggravate me so much. Working through the night that they had sleepless nights through this impeachment trial. And they worked so hard because they had all those tweets to print out from the internet and highlight and videos to edit and all that other bullshit.
Let me ask you a question Representative, Jamie Raskin, you brillo head looking clown. He’s got the hair that looks like you get that spray color and you spray it on and it just looks all brilloy. That guy’s a fucking clown. Anyway, focus, Alan. Focus. Jesus Christ. These guys really piss me off. How many sleepless nights have you had representative Raskin and your house manager minions? How many sleepless nights have you had doing something in your office for me, for the American people?
Are you done wasting time with your orange boogeyman? Do you think maybe you could work with Republicans on maybe some bipartisan legislation that’s going to help me and my family out? That’s maybe going to help you and your family out? If you’re an American voter, just do something for us. You’re still going to talk about the pandemic and vaccines and this and that and unemployment and businesses being closed. And they can only open for certain amount of times. People are broke, they are broke, they’re starving and you’re worrying about the over tan devil that lives in your head rent free.
Enough is enough. Donald John Trump is not the president anymore. He holds no office. He is an American citizen. He has no more significance as me, as you, as your mother, as your sister, as your hamster. He’s a nobody. He’s got his feet up in Florida. He’s going to get involved with the Republicans. Hopefully take back, take back the house in 2022, let’s hope. He’s a, nobody enough.
Let’s now focus on what this new clown, the new temporary government employee Joe Biden is doing in the Oval Office because they got to take his pens away. Donald Trump, they should have taken his cell phone away. They have to take the box of pens away from this fucking lunatic, President Biden. I don’t know what he’s doing. It’s too quiet in that White House. We went from a raging lunatic who loved to talk and hear himself speak and tweet to millions at two and three o’clock in the morning to a guy who probably takes naps and is in bed by eight o’clock after his warm glass of milk by the fire and his two German Shepherds.
It pains me to say that because I’m such a big German Shepherd guy. I have a German Shepherd. His name is Stallone. Love him to death. And this guy has two German Shepherds that are awesome. And I wish he didn’t because I can’t stand this guy. And he doesn’t deserve to have those dogs. I wish they’d run away and find a real owner that would appreciate them.
Anyway. Listen, that’s it. Donald Trump is acquitted for the second time. You can’t impeach him again. Leave the guy alone. Let him ride away in Florida and have fun and give his money to Republican candidates. Do something congress for us, do something.
Alright listen, you all be good stay safe be good to each other. God bless our law enforcement our troops. Speaking of law enforcement, I want to give a shout out to the Nassau County Police Department in New York. The emergency services unit. There’s a couple guys in there that I’m friendly with in my local police department. One guy in particular he might not want me to say his name but he was actually the inspiration for naming my podcast, The Great Divide.
He and I were having some discussions and he gave me the idea and I was thinking a lot about it. So, I’m going to give him the credit because I did not think of the name but when he said it because what I told him I wanted to do it really made sense and I picked it. So, thanks pal you know who you are.
Alright. Stay safe all. Talk to you again soon. You can reach out to me with opinions and ideas for other episodes at You can also find me on social media at The Great Divide Podcast. And please be sure to leave a review for this podcast so the show can be shared to other listeners.
Thank you and God bless America.