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TGD04: Cuomocide He Lied, They Died

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Hey everyone. Welcome back. Wanted to talk to you today about this story that’s trending in the news about, the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. My governor, unfortunately, this guy is such an egotistical, narcissist, pompous ass. He’s a liar. Obviously, you probably heard or read about it. How we intentionally hid nursing home COVID death data from the federal government.

His own Attorney General, Letitia James two weeks ago, comes out with a scathing report that his office undercounted, they undercounted nursing home COVID deaths by between 40 and 50%. And he intentionally lied. This guy, Andrew Cuomo, Emperor Cuomo. He got up every day during this pandemic from the start and he had an hour or so long press briefing. Okay. Televised, listening to himself talk about how great he is and what he’s doing for the pandemic. Criticizing the federal government of the Trump administration.

At the time. “Me, me, me I’m the best.” Governor Cuomo and he lied. He lied to everyone in New York. Lied to me, lied to you, lied to your family. My family, you had somebody die from COVID. Andrew Cuomo just kicked you in the balls and lied. And he did not care. Tried to blame his office.

This guy back in March signed an executive order that said early on in the pandemic, all of the nursing home patients that currently were brought to the hospital for COVID that was sick put them back in the nursing home. He put thousands and thousands of, I guess they were infected or recovering elderly people back into the nursing homes across the state. Pack those nursing homes with infected COVID patients who then infected more people and ultimately killed thousands of them. And he covered it up and he covered it up for political reasons.

And what’s sad, is those people he put back in the nursing homes back in March at the same time, there were temporary hospital facilities in New York city. And Trump sent the USS Comfort, the Navy hospital ship that was here in the city. It was all being underused. They had like 2000 available beds and they had about a hundred or so filled. They were ghost towns. What is going on?

And imagine you’re the Democrat governor and your Democrat attorney general two weeks prior to this comes out with this scathing report. And he blamed his office at first. Well, until recently when his secretary, his top aid, Melissa DeRosa gets recorded on the phone, talking to other Democrat lawmakers on how they intentionally held back and hid the real numbers. Because they didn’t want to be subject to a federal investigation under the Trump Administration, by the Trump Administration’s Department of Justice.

Can you imagine the balls on these people? They hid information. Oh, big political inconvenience. And he blamed, he blamed, he blamed. The best was, after the report came out and he decided because his ego is unbelievable. I don’t know how he fits through a damn door, his head so inflated, he responds like it’s no big deal. He had a news conference. This is one of his responses, “But who cares? 3,328 died in a hospital, died in a nursing home. They died.”

There you go that, could you imagine who cares? They died. Who cares? This is the governor of the state of New York. You lost a family member in a nursing home. Guess what? Who cares? They died. Who cares? Walk in my house and tell me, “Hey, they died.” Nobody gives a shit. That’s what you did to thousands of families.

You destroyed the integrity ever of just the office right now. The office of the governor, the integrity is destroyed. There’s no transparency. This guy lied to the public every day, won an Emmy for lying was celebrated by Hollywood’s elite. When he won this Emmy for his and I quote, “Masterful COVID 19 briefings.” He lied at every single one of them in one way or another. And he won and accepted an Emmy. And all of these Hollywood assholes, Robert DeNiro, Rosie Perez, Billy Crystal, Spike Lee. They all made this video saying how he was the heart of New York, the epitome of New York. And he’s a true leader.

He made a national name for herself. They were calling him America’s governor. I would see people rant and rave about this guy who lived in Oklahoma, who lived in California how Andrew Cuomo should run for president of the United States. He’s America’s governor. He’s a narcissistic lying asshole. I hope you all read this story. That little voice in your head that actually has some brains says, “Told you so asshole.”

And his own secretary, his top aid is the one that throws him under the bus. And now not only New York State, Republican lawmakers, but Democrat lawmakers, bipartisan, they’re calling for executive powers to be stripped. They’re calling for impeachment. Some people want them locked up. There are house assemblymen, New York State assemblymen go into local and federal authorities.

They want this Melissa DeRosa in handcuffs for hiding this information and deceiving. I don’t know exactly, I’m not an attorney. I don’t know what laws were broken, if any. Obviously, you’re a politician. To me his political career is over he’s in there three terms. He’s running for re-election next year.

What gets me is he lied again. He lied to the public, won an Emmy for it, and he wrote a best-selling book about it. Right now you could buy on Amazon for $22. He wrote a book. I don’t even know what the name of it is. I forget, but I don’t even want to mention it, but you could buy it. And it’s all about his handling of the pandemic and how great he did. And he wrote this book. I don’t know. I think he came out in October.

You’re managing a State dealing with this pandemic, lying to everyone about all of the nursing home patients that you killed. I think he said the number was between 8 or 9,000. It comes where it’s 13 to 15,000, 40% to 50%. This asshole lied. It’s lunacy. How can you fathom this? And it’s quiet. Nobody’s out there.

Chuck Schumer, hasn’t said a word he’s busy trying to run an impeachment kangaroo court. He hasn’t said a god damn thing so far. The press secretary, the red redhead, she danced around the question today. As a matter of fact, Cuomo went to the White House and met with Biden on whatever they were talking about. Probably the real reason he’s there, maybe he’s begging for help, or maybe Biden’s going to offer him a job. I don’t see him ever getting re-elected as the governor.

But then again, I can’t say that because my State is so screwed up because of how blue it is. And I swear if Jeffrey Dahmer was a Democrat in New York and he had a good line of shit, New York would elect him, governor. It is insanity. I’m not saying put the guy in handcuffs.

Let’s judge him right now, but there needs to be a federal investigation, the State Attorney General, and who knows the State Attorney General, Letitia James. She might have her eye on the bigger political football here. She may want that governor seat. She’s going to pull Cuomo right out of there. It’s crazy. We’re going to see a state impeachment. They’re out for blood and rightfully so. I’m going to tell you, in my opinion, he deserves it.

He deserves to be brought out of the State Capitol in handcuffs for justice, for all these families that were lied to. And apparently since late summer too, nine of his top New York Department of Health officials, they all quit from late summer to now because of Cuomo. When you have department of health officials giving you important information, and you don’t agree with it, and you make it so uncomfortable for them that they resign. That’s a problem. That is what you want.

You are not helping, your New Yorkers. You get on there and you talk about being New York tough and all this other bullshit and criticize the federal government. Another guy his hatred for Trump, all the shit talking he did when he wasn’t writing a book, telling everybody how great he handled the pandemic, the book you could spend $22 on, on Amazon.

If this is proven that he lied about these numbers. It’s pretty damning when your secretary says on the phone, on a recorded conversation that you purposely hid this information from federal authorities worrying about if they were going to use it against you in a federal investigation. That’s a problem. I would say that’s evidence. It’s a recorded call.

Anyway, if this guy impeaches him, everyone who’s involved this Melissa DeRosa, put her in cuffs and press her a little harder and see what she knows. Cuomo, can they lock him up? I don’t know. I’m sure they could impeach him. There’s enough of them already trying to strip him of his executive orders and all that nonsense. Every dime, that he makes and continue to make on that book, which he refuses to talk about, by the way, he’s been asked and he dances around, he will not say how much or what kind of book deal he’s gotten.

I tried to look it up. I can’t find it. If you find it, let me know, leave a comment. Let me know. I’m curious. At $22 a book. Back in October, he sold in the first week, it’s on the New York Times best-selling list. And in the first week he sold 12,000 copies. That was back in October in the first week. I’m sure he’s probably sold over 100,000 copies of that book if not close to it. Because I can’t fathom all of the people forget about New York. We’re talking nationally, they were calling him America’s governor.

It was hard not to just puke all over whoever was standing next to me every time I heard that. And now I hope all of these people that are seeing this, because everyone out there is so quick to judge. Well, if you’re a Republican, I should say so quick to judge that they better sit back and say, “Wow, did this guy really lie about all these people in nursing homes?” Yes, he lied. He covered it up because he put all these sick, old people back in nursing homes and infected other people. And they died. He killed them.

You know what, call him a murderer. Go ahead. He committed Cuomocide. There you go. #Cuomocide, use it, get it trending. I’ve been using it. The guy is a piece of shit. Emperor Cuomo of New York, he just who cares? Who cares? They died. He lied. They died. Who cares? Book deals, Emmys and murder. It could make a great movie, a great movie. And if he doesn’t get locked up, he’s up for re-election next year.

You want to know something. It wouldn’t surprise me if he won. That’s how disgusting New York Democrats are. They don’t care who the person is, what he might’ve done. They will elect that Democrat as governor, mayor in New York city. It’s a cesspool. Okay. And crime and gun violence in the city. That’s a whole other story that’s skyrocketing.

You have an idiot mayor there de Blasio, Cuomo and him don’t get along on anything and they’re both Democrats. All he wants to do is talk about the job he’s doing on this COVID pandemic. And oh, now the vaccine rolls out. He’s getting really public about that the last day or so. He’s really trying to save face, hoping that maybe this will just go away.

Maybe the media will help me out on this because they’re left leaning. You know what? People are making noise and people need to make noise. And if you’re in New York and you’re not making noise with somebody about this, and you think this is okay, well, if you think this is okay, you’re an asshole because what else is he lying about? I don’t think the lies are stopping here. They need major, major investigations. They need to go to every nursing home in New York State.

And there, I think there are hundreds of them and they need to figure this out and hold Cuomo accountable. He needs to answer for this and not put blame on his office. Don’t put blame on your secretary. You are the governor. You are the individual that New York elected, unfortunately. I didn’t vote for you to govern New York. So you, Andrew Cuomo need to or get off the pot. The only thing, the only truth that I’ve heard you say during this whole thing is this, “Incompetent government kills people. Incompetent government kills people. More people died than needed to die in COVID.”

I can agree with that Governor Cuomo. Yeah. Incompetent government kills people. And you’re at the top of that incompetent government. I can’t wait to hear what his baby brother Chris Cuomo, he got that show on CNN has to say, he’s another clown. I’m sure he won’t say too much. He doesn’t want to talk bad about his brother. Who knows. Sometimes he does talk bad about his brother. He doesn’t have any loyalty. Before Andy Cuomo decided to tell the big lie about nursing home COVID deaths and lie about the numbers. He should have remembered the words he spoke in this interview.

“What you found all through this crisis is people value the truth. Give me the information. Don’t give me spin. Give me facts that don’t change. Tell me the truth.” He changed the facts. It was all spin. He lied to everyone who lives in New York. He did not tell the truth and everyone deserves the truth. And Andy Cuomo fail to deliver it. All he delivered was bullshit press briefings. COVID briefings. He lied and he was awarded for it. And he’s profiting off of it.

He is profiting off of this pandemic with so many people, lost jobs, businesses, homes, lost so much. And this piece of shit is making money on a book deal off of like a global crisis. Now, if you think that’s a leader and that’s someone that should be running anything, this guy shouldn’t be running the fucking dog pound. He should not be in charge of anything.

And if this all comes out where this lie is true, that he told, I hope he rots in a federal prison or a state prison or on every dime that he’s profited so far, goes to every family member. Every family who lost a family member in a nursing home in New York, he deserves none of it. You’re a piece of garbage Andy Cuomo. No, holding back. You are a piece of shit.

Anyway, listen, I’m going to wrap it up there. I think I ranted enough again. I always want to hear from you agree, disagree. You can email me You can get me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.”

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Thank you. And God bless America.