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TGD03: Are Our Gun Rights Safe From The Left?

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Welcome back, everyone. I want to talk about something really controversial, really controversial gun control and our Second Amendment Rights. I am a big supporter of the Second Amendment. And I imagine if you’re listening to me or have listened to me thus far, you are a supporter of the Second Amendment as well.

Most conservatives are, most Republicans are, most Democrats are not. To them, guns are bad. And with our new political climate, our president, Democrats in the house and Senate, there’s a bunch of new ones in there and they have this slim majority, but still, gun control is one of the most divisive issues in American politics. We know that.

Every time there’s an incident, the Dems scream and yell and stamp their feet about gun control and how we should not have access to certain weapons and licenses’ regulations and all that. And mass shooting, it’s defined as you only have to shoot four, four or more people, same place, indiscriminately at random. It only has to be four, four or more, to be considered a mass shooting because they love to throw those statistics out when they talk about gun control.

Let’s talk about the Second Amendment and what it is. The Second Amendment it’s pretty short and sweet. Well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Ratified December 15th, 1791. It is your God giving right to own a firearm to keep and bear arms. It is not a privilege.

Anyone who says, “Oh, it’s a privilege to own a weapon.” No, they’re an idiot or they’re just lying to you. It’s a right not a privilege. But unfortunately there are Democrats, obviously we know during the whole presidential campaign, Joe Biden wants to fight the NRA. He’s going to take on the NRA. He is going to take our AR-14s, he can have all of those. Please Joe, President Biden take all the AR-14s. They are completely useless. You can have them.

So, he wants to make federal registries. He wants to do mandatory buybacks. He wants to pay you $200 buyback what that would mean, we would’ve had to have bought it from the federal government. That’s a buyback. That’s what I see it as. $200 for your $2,000 rifle. Oh, that’s a bargain. Or he wants to tax you, I think $200 for every AR-15 you own. And every magazine, you own $200 for every magazine also. Most people I know would owe thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars if that would’ve happened. Completely ridiculous. Money grab.

So, then you have other Democrats. I’m going to speak about one and talk about the house resolutions that are going on, which if you’re a firearm owner and you’re a supporter of the Second Amendment, you need to follow what’s going on in Congress. And what bills are being proposed to try to either take your weapons, ban weapons you have, or restrict on what you can do.

There’s a Democrat representative, Sheila Jackson Lee. She represents the 18th District in Texas. Back in July in the past congressional session. She puts this H.R., House Resolution 127 in, but it sat there. It didn’t move. It was just a proposal. Never made it through. They never got to it.

In January 4th, she did it again, H.R. 127. And this has to do with licensing of firearms and ammo. Yes, she wants, most Democrats want you to have a federal license, not a state license. A federal license to purchase any type of weapon, long arm, long rifle, hand gun and ammo. Yes, ammo too. House Resolution 127, go to, you can look up any House Resolution.

You can go to and in the search bar, just type in gun control and everything will come up. Everything will come up about what they’re introducing. What’s moving through the house to go to the Senate or has gone through the Senate has become law. There’s some entertaining bills that the Congress tries to put through or proposes. A lot of them don’t move. We better hope this one doesn’t because they want this H.R. 127. They want licensing of all firearms and ammo and ban on certain ammo.

They do not want you to have the ability to have 50 caliber ammo anymore. 50 caliber ammo, they want out, you can’t own it. That’s it. They want a federal registry. They want to have a database for the ATF, federal government. And they want it accessible. Not only do they want to have a federal registry that says who you are, what weapons you own.

They want this accessible to the public, all members of the public, meaning your neighbor, who doesn’t like you can look you up and see if you own firearms and what firearms you own. Along with they want the armed forces to have access to it. And all state and local governments, just state and local governments they want to have access to it. So, everyone can see what you have, where you have it and everything else. They want to bring the licensing.

Again, most states, you have to have a license to purchase a handgun, not all. Licensing is more for handguns now, but now again, licensing for long guns, shotguns, rifles, any type of long gun, they want you to have a federal license from the ATF. They want to raise the age for all firearm purchases to 21. Long rifles, right now, you could go and buy one at 18 years old, as long as you go through the next check, which is standard, the National Instant Criminal Background Check, which they still want to keep.

But this one, this next little tidbit is great. And if you don’t have a problem with this, you should jump in a fucking lake off of a really high bridge because now to walk in your local gun store and to buy that 12-gauge shotgun, they want you to have a psychological exam. A psychological exam by a federally approved licensed psychologist.

So, they got to make psychologists get approved. This is all governed by the attorney general, by the way, the United States Attorney General with the ATF standards and all that. They want to have you do a psychological test and answer any and all questions that they’re going to ask you. And you can’t refuse because then you won’t get your license to buy that shotgun. You have to have a license first. Then you have to have a psychological exam to purchase weapons.

So, we don’t know what they’re going to ask you. In this day and age, what if the psychologist looks at you and says, “Are you a Republican?” Obviously you have to answer truthful because they’re going to do a background check, who knows if they’re going to look at how you’re registered to vote, did you vote in the 2020 election? Did you vote for Donald Trump? Did you have any issues with the election? Who knows what they’re going to ask? You don’t know. I’m just speculating, but the point is they want to have you undergo a psychological examination.

So, that’s not all folks. You know what else is required for that psychological examination under this House Resolution 127, they want a psychological exam of members of your family that live in your home. So, they want members of your family to speak to this psychologist and your spouse. And, this is a good one. This is my favorite, your ex-spouse. However, many you may have. So, if you were married and you were divorced and your ex-wife or ex-husband your ex-spouse who despises the ground, you walk on most of the time they want to talk to them.

Now, do you think you’ll be passing this psychological evaluation? That the federal standard governed and regulated by the United States attorney general. Do you think you’ll get a weapon? I don’t think I would. I don’t think I would pass. Most people would not pass right there. So, they want to have different types of licenses. If you have any antique firearm, a military style firearm, obviously AR-15s and all that. They do not want us to have AR-15s.

And then if this goes through and now you have to have these licenses, if you’re even lucky enough to pass the psychological exam, to get one. Then if you have it and any of these laws are violated. If you don’t get the license and I guess they find out you have a firearm and you’re not licensed because you didn’t go through all this nonsense because there’s millions and millions of guns out there, 400 million guns, I think, or something like that in the country. They speculate.

If you violate and you’re caught and you’re arrested and you’re convicted, the fines will be no less than $50,000. No more than $100,000. Thank you. Thank you for not charging me more than $100,000 fining me more than $100,000. Thank you. Oh, and you’re going to do no less than 10 years, but no more than 20, they’re not going to keep you 20, but they’re not going to keep you less than 10. Or both or both.

So, you might get $100,000 fine and 15 years in jail. This is House Resolution 127, and this is now back introduced on record. You can look it up yourself by House Representative, Sheila Jackson Lee, she’s from the 18th District in Texas. Tell you what, I’ll give you one better. Here’s her office’s phone number. If you’re listening, you should take the time and call her, call her office and tell her how you disagree with this.

You should be calling everyone or your local representation and telling them that this is an infringement on your Second Amendment Right. And we shall not be infringed. And that’s what they’re trying to do here. So, Sheila, representative, Sheila Jackson Lee of the 18th district in Texas area code 2 0 2, 2-2-5–3-8-1-6. Give her a call. She’s the one that proposed it.

Give your local representative a call and talk about House Resolution 127. She’s also got another one up her sleeve that she proposed, and this is kind of dicey. House Resolution 121. She wants to hire 200 additional ATF agents so; they can assist in gun law enforcement. Yes. Which just sounds very vague, just sounds very odd and very broad.

First of all, if we want to go to the extreme, let’s get a little radical for a second. And they pass these laws and the attorney general and Joe Biden, and the Democrats say, alright, they’re ordering the ATF to swarm neighborhoods, confiscate weapons. I think it’s safe to say they would need a lot more than these extra 200 ATF agents.

At that point, I think you’d need the national guard, but I don’t see that happening. I don’t see any gun confiscation happening. One big reason, again, it’s unconstitutional and two, if they did try it, it would be catastrophic because on both sides of the fence, there would be a lot of fatalities and it would just be anarchy.

So, those that are saying, they’re going to come and take our guns that we have. I call bullshit on that. I don’t see it happening, but then again, a lot of things going on in this country that I didn’t think was ever going to happen. Criminals, they’re always going to have access to guns no matter what.

They could do all the restrictions they want. Because that’s only hurting us, law abiding, citizens that want to do the right thing because the thug down the street or the drug dealer or the home invader, they’re always going to get their weapons, one way or another. They’re not walking into a gun store, doing a background, check, walking out with a weapon and saying, okay, I’m going to go rob a fellow drug dealer now, or I’m going to go and crawl through a window and rob houses tonight. That’s not what they’re doing.

President Biden, he made it very clear. He wants your guns, ammo. And he wants to put gun makers out of business. He said he wants to take on the NRA. And then there was another statement he said that he’s not going after the NRA. He’s going after gun manufacturers. This is a good one because he wants them out. He wants them out of business.

And he’s vowing to pass major gun control legislation in his first 100 days. He’s in,10 days now. So, he’s got 90 days. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen with gun control because Bush and Obama couldn’t sell any federal gun control like bans or major laws. There hasn’t been any major gun legislation in the federal government in a very, very long time. And Trump was a pro-Second Amendment president.

So, he wasn’t bothering anybody with their guns. He said it loud and clear. And the hypocrisy again, and we hear this all the time is if, these Democrat politicians, if they really believe that guns, they serve no purpose produce no benefit. They should tell their protection detail, Secret Service or state police, whatever level they have their details from to get rid of their guns. There’s no reason for them to have guns. Why do they need them?

If we don’t need them for protection, why do they need them for protection? They want to disarm Americans. It would make it harder. In essence, by passing laws like this resolution 127, in essence, you’re going to be disarming Americans because they’re making it very hard and a deterrent for people to legally own firearms or retain their firearms, whatever it is.

To me, they want to disarm American citizens, but at the same time, they would disarm us, but those politicians wouldn’t come and visit us in our neighborhoods without armed guards, they wouldn’t do it without their protective details. They all live in cupcake and unicorn land and think everything’s okay. Or most gun control advocates who want more control and want to take our AR-15s away.

They all live in cupcake and unicorn land, or in gated communities and private security firm is protecting their properties. And you have to go through gates to get to their homes or their neighborhoods. And they think they’re safe in this bubble that they have the police and the police are going to help them. And obviously the police are here to help everybody, the police are great.

Pro-law enforcement, I am most Republicans are most Democrats, well, most radical leftists aren’t. They want to abolish the police and defund the police, and they want to take our guns. So, that really leaves a whole big pile of shit. So, the police are important for fighting crime. They fight crime. That’s what they do, but we can’t rely on the police for protection.

Every street is going to have a police officer protecting it, or lucky enough to have one sitting in our driveway. No, no asshole Democrats, because police virtually always arrived to the scene after the crime has been committed, and the perpetrator is gone. So, when I’m beaten to a bloody pulp in my house, and my wife is beaten or worse, or something happened to my children, because I don’t have a firearm to defend myself, well, who’s going to help me now? Who am I going to thank now? The damage is done. I failed my family. I couldn’t protect them.

I was told by, I don’t give a shit, this window, licking liberals. Because that’s what they all are. They’re either ankle biting or just window lickers say I’m a coward if I need a gun. Oh, alright. So, people that need guns are cowards. My response, it was pretty clear after I gave it. When that bump in the night is the perp crawl in through your kid’s window. Then I’ll bring in milk and cookies. So, let me know you not having a gun to protect your family works out for you because I’ll tell you I can take being called a coward by you. So, you want that perp to come in. Maybe you’ll be able to talk them down.

Maybe you can use, leftist, liberal psychology on them. “Hey, can’t we all just get along?” No, because when he crawls through my kid’s window and that bump in the night they’re not bringing milk and cookies, that perp is going to die of lead poisoning because I’m going to protect my family. And I think most people are going to protect theirs.

But tell that to the Democrats, tell that to our president, because our past president, Donald Trump, he made a comment and his exact comment was, “The coming years we’ll decide the survival of our Second Amendment.” And he was absolutely right. Going back, Biden, he wants gun manufacturers out of business, but not only that part of his gun control legislation, he wants to make gun makers, civilly liable for any misuse of their guns that they sell.

Also the gun shops, your FFLs, your firearm dealers, the local gun shop. He wants to hold them liable too civilly. Meaning they make a gun and then this guy sells the gun out of his gun store. And if that gun is used in any type of incident, even a suicide, a crime, an accident, a suicide with that gun. They want the gun maker and the gun seller held civilly liable. Meaning you can sue the gun makers.

So, if everyone who has a family member killed themselves or an accidental death with a firearm or that gun is used in a crime. The person’s not liable, the gun maker is. And that’s how he wants to put gun makers out of business. My thing is, and I was looking at things as they say, what about car manufacturers? Because they say like 4 1/2 million Americans are either injured. They’re injured in a car accident. And I added that like 40,000 die annually a year in America. So, 40,000 people die a year in America in car crashes and over 4 million Americans are injured.

So, does that mean if I’m driving down the street and Joe shit, the rag man is coming in the opposite direction in his Ford pickup. And he loses control and he crashes into me and he makes me a paraplegic for life. And I’m shitting myself in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Does that mean I can sue Ford for making the death machine that made me a paraplegic and not the asshole that was behind the wheel? So, I can sue Ford. This is the hypocrisy. I don’t understand what this is about.

If someone uses a computer, a Dell computer to embezzle millions of dollars or hack bank accounts and steal money, or even worse, promote kiddie porn and any other crimes, can we hold the computer manufacturer liable? Can we sue the computer manufacturer? It could be anything; it could be bicycle manufacturers.

You get the point, your kids riding down the street gets hit by a car and a bike. In that case, can you sue the car manufacturer and the bike manufacturer for putting your kid in that situation? It’s just stupid. Does any of it makes sense? Because it doesn’t make sense to me, but to the left, it does. Apparently the left thinks this makes sense.

The president of the United States thinks this makes sense. Well, I don’t think it makes sense. But they’re going to press hard and specifically, they keep mentioning the AR-15. And the whole other thing you have these idiots, these cupcake eating liberals in their knit hats talking about the AR-15. AR that’s an assault rifle. AR means assault rifle. They’re such idiots. Because if you don’t know which I’m hoping you do, that AR doesn’t mean assault rifle, does not mean automatic rifle.

AR stands for ArmaLite rifle model 15. That was the manufacturer. That was the original manufacturer of the AR-15 back in the late ’50’s. And still to this day, even politicians AR assault rifle, I can’t get over the stupidity. Listen again. And I said it already, if you’re a responsible gun owner and by responsible meaning, if you’re spending thousands of dollars on firearms and ammo, if you’re not a law enforcement officer or you’re just a civilian, then you better be spending hundreds. If not thousands of dollars on training with that weapon, safety, firearm education.

And if you have children, you better be involving them. If they’re at the age where they know what a firearm is, whether it’s playing Cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, you need to do a hands-on gun safety class with your kids to show them what a gun is used for and what it means. And I’m a firm believer that’s going to help, prevent child firearm incidents.

If your child knows what a fire, what a gun is and what it’s used for, and really understands it, that takes the curiosity away from showing their friends. And then one of them accidentally shoots each other or themselves. And you as a gun owner, if you’re going to use it for home defense, you’re going to use it for home defense you better be trained on how to do that.

Because when that bump in the night, God forbid happens. Hopefully it never happens. You want to be able to react appropriately to protect yourself and your family. And just because you have a firearm and you own a firearm, that obviously doesn’t mean, you know how to use it. In 2020, we just finished 2020, the gun sales have exceeded limits. They boomed, there was a record high for background checks.

The FBI did almost 40 million background checks for firearms and out of those 40 million, there were 21 million for direct gun sales. And it was 60% higher than 2019. There were millions and millions of gun buyers, and there were millions of first time gun buyers. They said in 2020, there were 8.5 million gun buyers. And it really started when the pandemic hit. And obviously the Antifa and black lives matter riots and the civil unrest, people were concerned. People were scared and they went out, they were going out and they were buying firearms to protect their family.

And a huge amount of those first time gun buyers were women. Whether married or divorced or single women, young, older, and African Americans who all want something to protect their home and their family. And it’s their God given right. It’s not a privilege, the Second Amendment. So, you have to look at the big picture.

We know that most high profile Democrats are going to pander to their party and not support the Second Amendment. And I know Democrats actually that are Second Amendment supporters. I do. They’re not all like that. I know plenty of Democrats that own firearms. I’m not starting this armed gang and waiting for the civil war to happen. I think anyone with that attitude, it’s just stupid.

However, let’s face it that’s what the Second Amendment was made for. It was necessary to the security of a free state to keep us free. So, in essence, yeah, it’s to defend against a tear nickel, government, I guess you could say, which I would hope never happens in our lifetime. I don’t think it will. Again, I can’t stress enough that you have to stay abreast on what’s going on in government, as far as our rights, our Second Amendment, right.

When I see stuff like this, this House Resolution 121, this House Resolution 127 on a federal level, forget about states. But when I see this, and then I go back to when somebody takes an oath of office, a president, or a governor, anyone, and any one of these elected officials that puts their hand on a Bible and raises their right hand. And they say that they are going to defend the constitution of the United States. Yeah. That’s your job.

We put you there to defend the constitution of the United States. Not try to go against it, not try to change it and not propose bullshit like these House Resolutions 127 and 121, where you’re trying to infringe on our Second Amendment Right. It’s not happening and if by the slim chance the Democrats get their way, they would need every Democrat for this. And I don’t think they would get it in the house or the Senate.

But if God forbid that happens, it’s going to cause major, major problems until hopefully it’s challenged in the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court looks at it and says, this is completely unconstitutional. And if it does pass, let’s hope it gets to the Supreme Court before this clown, President Joe Biden, who I truly believe sometimes he forgets he’s president until they put him in front of something to sign. Before he packs the court, that’ll be something else we’ll probably talk about at some point.

We have a few conservative judges on there. However, there are conservative judges on there that go with the wind, whichever direction the wind blows. Where I am in New York, we’re in one of the worst gun controlled states around, us and Connecticut and in California. Our governor rules with an iron fist, we have the New York Safe Act. Emperor Cuomo, the furor who is looking a little shitty right now, because he hid the statistics of all the senior citizens he killed putting them all in nursing homes with COVID.

His COVID numbers in the nursing homes apparently are off by 50%, according to the Democrat Attorney General. That’s an interesting one that’s going to come to light, which he’s denying already. He’s blaming that on the Trump administration, that it’s a political witch hunt or whatever he’s calling it. Anyway, whatever, listen, get involved. Call your representative, call your senator. Make your email phone calls, letters, make your voice heard.

Join the NRA, join gun advocacy groups in your area. I’m sure wherever you are there is one. In New York State, they have the New York State Rifle Firearms Association, a gun owner’s association. And they’re constantly putting out petitions about, objecting to these house resolutions, like this. Get on a list where you get the notifications.

If you own a firearm and you are a supporter of the Second Amendment Right, and you are not voicing your support for it and your opposition of their infringement of it. Well then you’re an idiot. Then you’re just as bad as the asshole Democrat that’s trying to infringe it if you’re not helping preventing them from doing so.

That’s it folks. It’s just something I wanted to talk about. The Second Amendment, gun control. I think it’s going to be a little rocky and with his presidency, we’re going to have a lot to talk about in future episodes.

Again, I want to hear your feedback. I want your opinions. Your disagreements with me. You’re agreeing with me. I want to hear it all. You can email me anytime at You can find me on social media at “The Great Divide Podcast.” I’m going to read all I can. I’m going to respond to what I can. We’re going to circle back on stuff. I love that term now.

That viral video with the new White House press secretary was Jen Psaki “P” is silent. And the red head, God, she’s a nightmare. We’ll probably talk about her a lot too in coming episodes. But that circle back thing, Jesus Christ, transparency and truth in the White House briefing room and you can’t answer one fucking question.

Kayleigh McEnany, she comes in with that binder, both barrels, ready to go. And she was doing it. This one, forget about it. She’s either circling back or flat out saying she doesn’t have an answer to a question. I don’t know how she prepares herself between the president’s diaper changings or what I don’t know. Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up.

Again, support your law enforcement, your military. Thank them. They protect us. They protect our freedoms. You all stay safe. Take care of yourselves. God bless America.

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