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TGD02: The Militarized Transition of Power

Hello America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a nation. I’m Alan Jacoby and welcome to “The Great Divide.”

Hey, everybody. Welcome back. Let’s talk about all this unity going on or the lack thereof. Yeah. We have a new president. We’ve had a new president for nine days. Joe Biden, inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on January 20th at that momentous occasion, that momentous event, the militarized transition of power. Yes. The military occupation of Washington DC because fancy Nancy and Chucky Schumer and all of their Democrat cronies are deathly afraid of Republicans because we are all domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, white supremacists, and members of the big, bad orange man cult, you know, Donald Trump, orange man, bad.

So, let’s talk about this dog and pony show that went on January 20th, that by the way, it was close to the public. National Mall, close to the public. The public, nowhere to be seen Americans were not permitted to be present for the militarized transition of power, the excuse was the pandemic. And of course that rolled into, well, we have to be on lockdown because of the horrific unfortunate events that happened January 6th, the Capitol, because a few hundred asshole decided to storm the Capitol. I still think about that and I can’t even fathom the stupidity of those people.

However, I will say that is not what all Republicans are. We are definitely not insurrectionists. We are definitely not domestic terrorists, however, in every organization or every walk of life, there are going to be extremists and those idiots can be dealt with. And hopefully they’ll pay for what they did. Unfortunately, they were lives lost. It was horrible, horrible, but Donald Trump did not incite that attack on the Capitol. But there are Democrats out there, Americans who are Democrats out there who will say, “Oh yes, he did. He’s bad. Orange man, bad. He, incited that.”

I guess they didn’t watch the same speech that I did. Or most of the people that I know did. And also didn’t pay attention when the FBI did say days later that that attack was planned days before it happened. Yeah. But no. No one’s going to say that. Especially mainstream media, you may see it and that’s it because mainstream media of course, wants to fan those flames of hatred for a good story.

And you know, Republican bad, Trump supporters are bad, we’re horrible. So, they had their little event for all the elitists standing up at the Capitol on the steps. Mainstream media was all over it saying how great the event was and just glorified it into this momentous American occasion, just full of pride and glory. And talking about what, former first ladies were wearing. In their purple dresses and red and yellow, whatever the hell they were wearing.

Come on, give me a break. They’re all up there with their stupid masks that match their outfits, but the American public was not allowed to be there because of the pandemic. And they didn’t have room for anybody because they had 25,000 armed national guard, troops stationed there on guard with fences built around the Capitol with barbed wire and concrete barriers and checkpoints.

And if you were a citizen living in DC and you wanted to walk down a certain street, you had to show ID to walk down that street. You had to show ID, but you don’t have to show ID to vote. And that’s obviously what the Democrats want. They don’t want you to show ID to vote, but you have to show the national guard ID to walk down that street. Make sure you’re not a Republican domestic terrorist. Here to fuck up our day.

Well, what happened? Absolutely nothing. There were no riots. There was no vandalism. They were no attempts at violence to law enforcement, military or anyone there. There was nothing. Nobody showed up. Their little event went off without a hitch. And then they had their bleak parade for no one because no one was allowed on the streets.

The only people that were on the streets were law enforcement, national guard and some press and maybe some lucky loyalists to the democratic party. I guess may be allowed to stand on the sidelines. There was no one there. The parade to the White House so the new president can take over and start his executive order blitz because he’s going to bring unity to the country.

Talk about that speech he made and the unity and healing that he’s calling for. It was just overwhelming, except I’m not sure whose standard of unity he’s talking about. What standard of unity? Because if it’s the Democrat standard, then that means you have to conform and comply. And if you disagree, you’re going to become de-platform, de-programmed and deleted.

You’re going to be silenced because big tech is on our side and they’re going to silence you. And they’re going to silence conservative media, and they’re going to silence conservative business owners. They’re going to destroy conservative businesses. They’re going to de-platform everybody. You’re on social media and you don’t agree and you talk about an opinion on the election or anything that does not go with the narrative of the left and big tech. And left-leaning mainstream media will be deleted. You will be silenced. I am a Facebook fugitive. As of right now, I am in Facebook jail, I think for another 15 days out of my 30-day jail sentence.

And I get sent to Facebook jail for 30 days at a clip. I don’t even get warnings anymore. And it’s probably every other month. I think the record being out of Facebook jail was a 32 hours before 2-30 day Facebook jail sentences. And not for threatening anyone, not for foul language or posting inappropriate photos or memes because memes are not allowed anymore. Memes are going to be outlawed they’re coming after our memes next.

No, it was a post on a mainstream media, Facebook page, a post. I asked a question about the election, about voter ID and someone made some remark about, “Well, if you’re asking about voter ID and questioning the election, you must be a Trumpster, a Republican.” And again, I only said to him to leave the voting to the adults and stay in mommy’s basement, eating hot pockets. Boom, 30 days, 30 days.

I think that’s actually the second time I mentioned staying in mommy’s basement or attic eating Hot Pockets that led to my 30 day Facebook jail sentence. And then it said, my comment went against community standards for harassment and bullying. So, I was a big, big bully telling that knit hat, wearing millennial to play video games in mommy’s basement, eating Hot Pockets.

Anyway, back to the unity, Joe Biden, president of the United States, wants so much, so much unity. He has been spewing unity all over Americans’ faces. Since he’s been president, it’s just overwhelming all of the unity. A unity of destroying jobs, telling union workers to find other jobs. Members of his administration, telling them they can go and build solar panels, but not yet because those jobs aren’t ready. So, you’re going to be unemployed for a little while, but we don’t care because we have to save the climate.

I think as of today, we’re nine days into his presidency. I think it’s 40 executive orders, which is funny because I know it played recently. If you saw his campaign video about him, Joe Biden, stating that, he needs legislative support, he needs the votes. Anyone who wants to rule by executive order as a dictator. I wonder if he remembers that. Probably not. I don’t think he remembers much of anything.

I want to almost feel bad for him. Actually, I did feel bad for him at one point during the campaign, but now I don’t. He’s either a true believer and actually thinks he’s in charge and has a say, or he’s just being, compliant with whoever is running the show behind him. Maybe it’s the Vice President, Kamala Harris. Maybe it’s who they’re calling the ghost president, Susan Rice. The Obama retread, who lied about everything.

But in any case. Ready. Let’s circle back. Good term. New White House press secretary, I think there is a video of her, saying that about 29 times to media asking questions. But seriously. I want to circle back to the militarized transition of power where Joe Biden gave this speech on unity. I don’t understand the political exploitation of a crisis.

I don’t understand it because it’s not my belief as a Republican, but Democrats, they can’t let a good crisis go to waste. They will never let a good crisis go to waste. January 6th, the siege on the capital. They capitalized on that. They saw an opportunity and they took it and it worked and they were able to show their fan base, their cult. Everyone’s in a cult, by the way, the Republicans are in a cult. Democrats are in a cult, you’re in a cult, we’re all cultists.

So, they saw an opportunity to further their self-serving agenda to put in the spotlight and highlight Republicans as domestic terrorists. Now, where is the unity ladies and gentlemen? Members of Congress, where is the unity? We have now, Democrat lawmakers, accusing Republican lawmakers in Congress of being murderers, demanding resignations and removals and censures.

And they’re going to move forward with an unconstitutional impeachment of a president who’s no longer a president, no longer in office. So, he can’t be removed from office. And they realized that they’re failing at that. And they want to censure him. Look up what a censure is because it means nothing. And if it comes down to the Senate is going to censure former President Donald Trump. Again, it means nothing. It holds no water. It doesn’t bar him from running for president again.

So, oh, I got ahead of myself. We have to circle back. So, they put up these fences with their barbed wire because they’re afraid of Republicans. They’re afraid of Americans. Democrats for years had said that walls don’t work, fences don’t work. And you’re a racist and bigot for putting up fences. They went crazy when Donald Trump put up a fence around the White House in June.

When Antifa and black lives matters was riding in DC, setting fires, vandalizing properties. Vandalizing, federal property, small businesses. And he said, “We have to protect an American institution, the White House.” And he had that fence put up. And he was called a racist and a bigot for putting that fence out. Democrat lawmakers were crazy over it. AOC, Maxine waters, Chuck Schumer, all of them. They were all how dare this President throw up a fence and hide in his bunker because he’s a racist.

Look, everybody looks at all the Democrats hiding in their cloak room, planning what’s going to happen next after the siege is over, how we going to fight back? How are we going to show America how these Republicans and Trump supporters are the most evil beings to walk the planet? Well, we’re going to bring in 25,000 members of the military to occupy a city completely ridiculous. And we’re going to build fences because our fences are going to have barbed wire.

Now fences are okay. We need these fences. As a matter of fact, they need these fences so bad, that there’s a new congressman, a freshman congressman out of New York. This clown, Ritchie Torres, I think he’s out of the Bronx. He proposed a house resolution. It’s a house resolution 339 actually. And it’s to direct the architect of the Capitol to install a permanent fence around the U S Capitol. Yes. He wants a permanent fence around the U S Capitol.

Democrats. Democrats don’t like fences and walls. They don’t like them to keep illegal aliens out and drug smugglers and human traffickers. That is racist. We should not have a border wall or a border fence because they’re bad and it’s un-American, but let’s put one up around the Capitol for an inauguration to keep Americans out, to keep Americans out of our Capitol that is supposed to be open to the public. You can have tours to the Capitol. You can visit and try to get meetings with your Congressman Congresswoman or Senator it’s the people’s house.

Obviously it doesn’t give the people the right to just go in there whenever they want and destroy the place. No. I’d like to think that most Americans are civilized. Obviously those idiots on January 6th were not civilized, but think about this you had a few hundred breakthroughs the barriers break into the Capitol. We could talk about that all day long, but I’m a firm believer in letting the investigations take its course. They’ve made hundreds of arrests.

I believe that there were people there that were definitely there for that purpose. And I also believe that there were people there who were caught in the moment and saw an opportunity to go and walk through the Capitol, while these idiots were doing what they were doing. And they were taking pictures and videotaping and they got caught up in it. And they made a stupid, stupid decision.

And unfortunately you have to deal with the decisions you make when the feds come and lock you up and they have to answer for it. But there was over a hundred thousand people outside. So, to say that all Trump supporters, because everyone there on the outside and at that rally, obviously were Trump supporters, I would say 99.9%. Imagine if it was true. And every Republican was a crazed domestic terrorist and 100,000 people descended and attacked the Capitol.

The Capitol would probably be rubble right now with a fence around it because it was gone. But no. So, a few hundred people who were complete savages now have labeled, allowed the Democrats and the left and the extreme left to label every Republican and anyone who supported president Trump as a domestic terrorist and white supremacist.

When Congress reconvened later that day on the 6th to confirm the election, I think every single Democrat, there are videos of it. Every single Democrat, they spoke about what had happened, the insurrection and every single one, the term white supremacist. White supremacist came out of every single Democrats mouth video over and over and over. White supremacy, white supremacist, white supremacy.

Really, what makes someone a white supremacist because they broke into the Capitol? I’m not saying there weren’t any there that there probably were, but every Republican is a white supremacist? I’m not saying this. I’m not saying this. I’m repeating what was said by lawmakers, Democrat lawmakers, by reporters. Again, I mentioned it last podcast, CNN, Don Lemon, Trump’s supporters are clan supporters. Trump supporters are white supremacy, advocates and supporters. We support white supremacy, which is complete nonsense.

I can’t tell you how many African-American Republicans I know. Indian Republicans I know. Jewish Republicans I know. Asian Republicans, I know. They’re all white supremacists. It’s really just disgusting. There is no unity because the Democrats will not allow the unity. At least not the unity that we should have. They want the unity that they want, which again is canceling us out. And they’re going to stop at nothing.

A Republican senator can’t even agree with a Democrat congress woman that psycho socialist AOC. She makes a comment just recently about this Robin hood stock scandal, whatever it is. And Ted Cruz agreed publicly. He said, “I agree with AOC.” And she fires back and says, “Well, I don’t need you to agree with me a couple of weeks ago, you tried to have me murdered. You could sit this one out. And if you want to help, you could resign.”

She’s calling for the resignation of Ted Cruz and a couple other Republican senators because within the law at the election certification, they contested some of the electoral votes, which they’re within the law to do. They’re allowed to do, but no, no, no, no, no AOC labeled Ted Cruz a murderer. He attempted to have her murdered. And now you have Nancy Pelosi making comments about, we need more money and security because the enemy is within Congress because Republicans are the enemy.

So, I think what needs to happen is our commander in chief, our president, who’s calling for all this unity, the leader of the Democratic party. Well, I guess in name, because we all know he’s not the leader of the Democratic party, even though he is the president, he needs to step out in front of this. He’s not making himself available to the press. He’s having daily White house briefings with the press secretary. Even the questions she’s getting that are not that difficult. She’s not giving any solid answers, because she has to circle back because she doesn’t know what to say.

He needs to get out. He needs to get out in front of this. First thing he needs to do is tell his fellow Democrats enough is enough. We’re not going to get any bipartisan legislation through. We’re not going to get any cooperation from the Republicans. And before you say, well, it doesn’t matter because the Democrats have the majority in the Senate and the house, anyway.

Take a look at that slim majority. Because we’ll end up talking about that at some point too, they don’t have this giant majority where they can do whatever the hell they want because there are actually some level-headed moderate Democrats that aren’t going to allow these left wing, sick socialists. These Progressive’s come in and just try to change America. No. So, what he needs to do is he needs to reign his party in and he needs to tell them, listen, we have to work together.

And all of the fighting amongst themselves, fighting with each other just has to stop. So, we can again, work together for the common good. We can again, get a stimulus package out for people that are dying out there financially because of the shutdowns from this pandemic. They need to work on healthcare, making it better, but that’s not going to happen. Anything for us.

And again, these self-serving swamp trolls in Congress really, really need to be looked at. And the issue is again, they want to keep this divide, between Democrats and Republicans. Americans, Democrat, and Republicans, American voters, they need us to fight amongst each other because if we’re not fighting. If we all just happened one day to say, you know what, let’s agree to disagree, but let’s look at the big picture.

They don’t want that because you know what the big picture is? All the sudden, our eyes, collectively Republicans, Democrats, independents are going to turn and look at Congress. They don’t want us paying attention to them. They want us focused on fighting each other with the help of the mainstream media. Who’s going to fan those flames Republicans bad, Democrats bad. And it’s both sides. These Republicans, they have to come to terms too enough with the bullshit.

There’s a lot of self-serving Republicans up there too. And a lot of Republicans that have this attitude, well you’re a Democrat, you’re a communist, go to hell and don’t even talk to me. Again, that’s not going to help the situation. So, while again, we’re all consumed with what Joe Biden is doing in the Oval office with his pen when he’s on his 38th executive order. That’s what we’re focusing on.

And we’re not focusing on the big picture on these idiots who in two years, the House of Representatives in two years, there’s going to be a lot of change in there. I honestly believe that there are going to be Democrats that are going to be voted out and those houses are going to flipped red. I’m confident in 2022, that the house is going to be a Republican majority.

However, I do also believe that people are going to be smartening up. It seems to be happening a little bit now in certain places that Republican Congress members, Republican house representatives are going to be primaried out by other Republicans. At least I hope so. And the same with the Senate, some of them are up in two years. Most of them, I believe in six years and its time. If you’re a Republican and you want to rebuild the party, then you need to get involved.

Donald Trump just said, listen, there was all this speculation that Donald Trump is going to form a third party, a third party. And then when the buzz started happening. There was a lot of people, oh, this is great. We’re going to break away from the Republicans. We’re going to form our own party. And we’re going to take over. Now, let’s pump the brakes because that’s the stupidest idea that anybody could have. And I’m glad Donald Trump was smart enough not to do that because he didn’t. He just announced that he’s not doing that. He has no interest in forming a third party.

And I had a conversation with somebody, well, why not? There were 74 million people that voted for Donald Trump. You’re right. 74 million people. And you’re going to go and start the Patriot Party. You honestly think 74 million people because they supported Trump in an election are going to change parties and become Patriot Party members. And we’re just going to change the world. No.

Maybe you’ll get 30%. Maybe you’ll get 40%. I think that’s a stretch. And then what’s going to happen. The Democrats would love it. The Democrats will win every election forever if that happened, it doesn’t add up. It doesn’t work. The numbers don’t work and it would be suicide and death to the GOP.

So, instead former president Trump, he’s going to help rebuild the Republican Party. He had already said he met with the house minority leader, McCarthy and said that he is willing and he wants to help flip the house in two years. I don’t know if he’s going to run in 2024. I don’t know if he should run in 2024, but I think Donald Trump could definitely stay in the forefront and control in the head of the GOP with his influence, his family’s influence. I think you’re going to see one or two of his kids running for house seats or Senate seats.

He’s helping Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in the governor race in Arkansas. There’s rumor that Mike Pompeo who’s, getting canceled cultured left and right by big tech and corporations and media, I believe is considering a run for governor in Minnesota. And once he does that, I’m not sure if he officially, declared himself as running for it, but Donald Trump’s going to back him.

I’m not saying just because Donald Trump backs somebody they’re going to win. No. There’s a lot of work involved, but Donald Trump can raise the money. And he could definitely be an influence. Joe Biden. If again, he really wants this unity, I think he should go to the Senate and he should tell the Senate enough with this impeachment nonsense. Enough with the trial don’t bother. It’s not going to help you chasing a boogeyman. There is nothing you’re going to do to a former president that is going to unify the country.

I would have a lot of respect for President Biden. If he turned out and said, I don’t agree with the impeachment and I want it stopped. And he could probably pressure them to stop. And I think 70, 74, 75 million people that voted for Donald Trump would also respect that. And maybe that could be a stepping stone. It’s definitely not a, a solution.

He’s done a lot of crappy things with these executive orders. He vowed not to raise taxes on the middle class, but a member of his administration said she’s open to it because they also have to pay for this climate crap that they got going on. So, the middle class looks like it’s going to be taxed. We’re all going to feel it. We’re all going to feel it. And it’s sad. It’s sad.

Listen, everyone has opinions. I have opinions, you have opinions and they’re all great. And as long as we can discuss them, humanly again, without wanting to kill the person we’re talking to, or canceling them and deleting them and de-platforming them, then we shouldn’t, it’s healthy, but really we should all again, I can’t say it enough.

I’ll probably say it every time I do a podcast; we have to look at the big picture what’s going on in Congress. This Nancy Pelosi is unhinged. I don’t care what you say. I’ll listen to it, but you are not going to change my mind and convince me that she is not, she is self-serving and she’s only doing what she’s doing because she is still chasing the orange boogeyman.

She hates him. Chuck Schumer, Chuck Schumer is my state Senator. He is despicable. Again, all he wants to do is push the anti-Republican and anti-Donald Trump agenda and he will because he has a big voice. He is now the Senate majority leader. He calls the agenda. I want to circle back to the military occupation of Washington, DC. I wanted to touch on a few points.

So, the national guard is there and you know what? These men and women, they were pulled from their families, pulled from their homes in their everyday life to come to DC and stand there for days in the cold, sleeping on marble floors in the Capitol with people stepping over them, to protect the Capitol and to ensure a peaceful transition of power, which it was peaceful.

Donald Trump left at 8:00 AM on Marine One, and he left to go put his feet up in Florida. He left a generous letter as per President Biden on the resolute desk for him. I don’t think they spoke. I still don’t think they’ve spoken. But anyway, I personally feel Donald Trump should have been at the inauguration, but hey, listen, it is what it is. But anyway, back to these, men and women of the national guard.

So, after the inauguration, the militarized transition of power, they were back at the Capitol. And I guess some Congress members were tired of stepping over them and decided to oust them to a parking garage. Thousands of them, they put them in one or two parking garages. I think they had one or two bathrooms, a couple outlets, for their chargers, no Wi-Fi. And there, they were just sitting there.

Now. I’m not saying that, they probably didn’t care too much because they do these military exercises. A lot of them were deployed overseas and I’m sure they weren’t expecting to be in five-star hotels, doesn’t matter. This is what Congress did. They pushed them out of the Capitol and they shoved them into parking garages.

And then when somebody got wind of it and made a stink about it, Chuck Schumer decides, well, I’m going to get down to the bottom of this and make it right. And I’m a Democrat. I have to save face and whatever they did, people got involved and they remedied the situation. Here’s my problem. They use them for what they needed for, and then all of the members of Congress, they had their photo ops with them and they made these stupid little speeches about how grateful they are for them.

Make no mistake. They don’t give a shit. They don’t give a shit. Self-serving swamp trolls. They don’t care. And they just treated them like garbage. And that was it. They shouldn’t have been there in the first place. My opinion, I was a participant in the 2017 presidential inauguration for Donald Trump. So, I was there in 2017. I had to go a few days before to attend some briefings at the general services building with secret service and federal law enforcement and things like that. IDs, the whole thing.

Anyway, there in the heart of DC was full-blown violence and protests by Antifa. Antifa had a huge presence in DC. They were setting cars on fire. I remember walking to a restaurant. It was like maybe two days before, the event, going to eat. And they were setting cars on fire, throwing bricks through store windows. There were stores that were boarded up because they had broken windows. They were rioting and fighting in the streets and they were clashing with law enforcement. National guard was not there.

The city was fully open, but they were dealing with the protests, they were dealing with the riots and the uprising, and they were doing it very well. And they had law enforcement from all over the country that was coming in for security, for the inauguration, and federal law enforcement everywhere. Secret service police, FBI police, the Capitol police, metropolitan police, they all have their own little federal police departments.

Anyway, the day of the inauguration, the day of, thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans at this event, because it was an amazing event. The parade 20 deep down Pennsylvania Avenue. The day was full of American pride, not one fence, not one foot of barbed wire anywhere, anywhere.

And there was currently riots and uprising and burning of vehicles and vandalizing businesses and federal property going on the days before the day of, and I believe a day or two after, when I was walking back to the hotel and I’m walking past, burnt out cars, there weren’t 25,000 national guard troops with guns locked down the city. I didn’t have to show ID to walk down the street. And there was law enforcement everywhere, keeping us safe and obviously, unfortunately, keeping these riders safe.

The night before the event, the night before the inauguration, the rest of my group we were at a restaurant eating and all of a sudden, there was a mob outside of this restaurant, throwing bottles, they were burning rubbish in the street. They had inflatable balloon like Donald Trump. I think it had a swastika on it or something and a white supremacy and all of this nonsense and they were throwing bottles at the restaurant, rocks at the window.

We couldn’t leave. And what’s interesting was I was doing a radio interview over the phone, back home in New York for a local radio station. And I was explaining to them, they were asking me questions about the event and what’s going to go on. And then I’m giving them a play by play of the riot that’s happening outside the restaurant.

And there were no police to be found. They were, I guess, other areas. Finally, they started showing up and we couldn’t leave. No one could leave. Finally, we were able to leave. And there was about 25 of us, or so. We had to leave out of the back of the restaurant, the back door and go down a couple alleys to get to where we needed to be. And again, there was no fences, no barbed wire.

The event went smoothly and it was beautiful, the parade, and they were all on high alert. They honestly thought that there was going to be an attempt on President Trump’s life during the parade. They were trying to get him to not walk down Pennsylvania Avenue and to rather ride in the car the entire way. And he refused and he walked the entire parade. I was in the parade. I got to see it firsthand. He walked the entire parade to the White House he said, “I’m not going to be scared. I’m not going to ride in a car.”

And that whole day, the word unity, I don’t think was used, but the feeling of unity was in the air everywhere. And it was just amazing. And he gave an amazing speech. And then four years go by and Joe Biden gives this cold, bleak, uninviting speech at this very un-American feeling event with fences and barbed wire and concrete barriers. It looked like North Korea the occupied military zone, and there was no unity. It was really despicable.

I will tell you though, thank God for Bernie Sanders and his mittens, because he brought some entertainment and humanity to the militarized transition of power. Again, on his speech, I wanted to say it earlier. That clown from Fox, Chris Wallace, who hates Donald Trump, he was a moderator at one of the debates during the campaign. And he got on the air and he said, “I’ve been to several inaugurations and heard many, inaugural speeches and Joe Biden’s was the best speech that I’ve ever heard.” That’s what Chris Wallace from Fox News said.

Chris Wallace, you are a fucking clown. You are a degenerate, swamp troll, and you are in the same boat as AOC and these other unifying people that just want the animosity and dissent between Republicans and Democrats, because you profit off of it. You capitalize off of it because you can’t be objective. You are a piece of shit.

Anyway, I had to get that out of my system. Well, listen, once again, unity, just conform and comply people. Those of us Republicans, conform and comply. Because they’re coming for us. They’re going to get rid of us. They’re going to de-platform us de-program, delete, all of that. They’re not going to shut me up. I hope people like me, Republicans, conservatives, that they take to platforms to voice their opinion. Don’t attack anybody do not threaten, do not incite violence, but by all means, have a voice, share your opinion. It’s your God given right. And don’t ever let anyone take that right away from you.

Again, we’re all Americans, Republican, Democrat and independence. I’m going to wrap it up there. Again, I want to thank a great military. Our veterans law enforcement out there protecting us every day. Thanks for tuning in everyone and take care. And God bless America.

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Thank you. And God bless America.