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TGD01: The Divided

Hello, America. This is the place for uncensored talk on everything that divides us as a  nation. I’m Alan Jacoby, and welcome to “The Great Divide.” 

Hello, everybody. I’m Alan Jacoby. Thanks for tuning in. Let’s talk about what divides us  as Americans. I think it’s safe to say, and everyone will agree that our political climate in  this country is terrible and that our nation has become fractured along all political lines,  Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, red, blue, whatever it is. 

It’s to a point where Thanksgiving dinners they’ve become intolerable for most, and  uncomfortable for a lot of other people, just sitting in a room with someone who has  opposing political views can become explosive. We can talk about things and then when  politics get involved, all of a sudden the climate changes, the mood changes, and I feel  like the disagreements, the respectful disagreements are a thing of the past. A lot of the  times, not all the time. 

I will say, I’m a conservative Republican, and I have a lot of opinions. I like to talk about  anything. I will talk about anything I can argue with the best of them, debate. I’m not going  to attack you because we have a difference of opinion. I think that’s ridiculous. It’s childish.  It’s inhuman. It’s un-American, it’s ridiculous, but I’ll have a conversation with say  someone on the left, liberal, Democrat, and it’s happened to me, unfortunately. I’ll make a point. I’ll ask a question and if it’s not following the narrative of their belief, it’ll get  aggressive. I’ll get attacked verbally.  

I’ve had my humanity attacked from liberal Democrats just by asking simple questions.  And that seems to be the trend. The trend is if someone on the left is not agreeing with  someone on the right, they want to shut that person down on the right. Silence them. They  don’t want to hear it. And if you try to make a point, it’ll get explosive. 

I am a small business owner. I’ve had a liberal Democrat who I don’t even know if this  comes from a post on social media it was like NBC or ABC. It was a news story. I asked  a question about, why are they spending so much time and energy worrying about who  the president’s going to be and asking them about, house representatives and senators?  And they didn’t like that. And they didn’t even know I was a Republican. 

They have no idea if I was a Trump supporter or not. They immediately said that I am a  Trump supporting white supremacists. And I was taken back by it and I was like, wow.  Then I responded, what gives you the notion, the assumption that one, I’m a Republican  and two, that I’m a Republican who happens to support Donald Trump? And again, it was,  I’m a piece of garbage, I’m a racist go wear your swastika MAGA hat. And that was it. 

So, okay. I didn’t engage anymore. Maybe about 20 minutes later, I get a phone call on  my business line and I pick it up. And the voice on the other line is, “Do you have an  employee named Alan Jacoby?” And I was quiet for a minute. Not for a minute. I  immediately said, “Yes.” I wanted to see where this was going. And the voice on the other  line said, “I went to your website and I’m going to send you an email on social media posts that your employee made. And he’s a white supremacist, and you have a racist working  for you, and he’s a Nazi and he should be fired.” And all of this, they were going on and  on and on and on and on over the phone. 

And I stopped. And I said, “He’s what?” “He’s a white supremacist” I said, “What makes  him a Nazi? What makes him a white supremacist?” “Well, he’s a Trump supporter.” I  said, “Oh, okay.” I said, “Listen, you’re speaking to Alan Jacoby.” Unfortunately, before I  got the rest of my response, they hung up abruptly. And then from there, they went on my  business, social media page. And I guess until they tired out. It was like maybe whatever,  first 10 or 15 posts he saw, he just copied and paste it. “The owner of this company is a  white supremacist and Nazi, and don’t do business with them.” 

Obviously they were banned from the page and I deleted the comments, but then that  actually opened my eyes up to, all of this cancel culture. And I didn’t pay much attention  to the cancel culture until recently until I really went like, “Wow. This is a real thing.” 

And I was doing a lot of reading about just what was going on in the world. And this left  extreme. I call it the extremist because I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I don’t  hate everybody on the left. I don’t hate every Democrat. I don’t, I have good friends that  are Democrats, liberals. We poke fun at each other. They’re really great people and just  like on the right, they’re some crazy, crazy right extremists. We know that. 

We look at the Capitol, that’s going to be a whole other episode. I don’t agree with  anything that happened there. Those people that desecrated the Capitol and try to, not  try, caused that violence, death destruction, I think every single one of them that had something to do with it should have to pay for what they’ve done. I don’t condone it. I think  it’s disgusting. Just like, I think it was disgusting all summer how Antifa, Black Lives  Matter. 

Again, Antifa, I’m sorry, terrorist, in my opinion, again, opinion show. Terrorist  organization, Black Lives Matter. I’m not going to label them as a terrorist organization  because I believe that there’s good people that really want to fight for their, social injustice  and all of that. And I get it. And I support that and that’s a whole other issue. Antifa,  obviously, there are people it’s left wing, supported, extreme, left wing supported. 

And I love when they turn around and say, and politicians have said this, prominent  politicians, “Antifa is not an organization. It’s just an idea.” Yeah. Ideas don’t show up,  dressed in black and masks with umbrellas running around the streets, smashing out  windows, setting cars on fire, beating people in the street, throwing blocks, bricks, Molotov  cocktails at Police. That’s a terroristic organization. That’s not protesting. 

This is another thing I have a problem with, Black Lives Matter is not Antifa. They’re  completely separate. And Antifa if you’re flying under that flag and you’re claiming to be  that you’re a piece of shit. You’re a terrorist. And I love for them to round you all up and  hang you in a public square. That’s not Black Lives Matter, but then again, they have their  extremist too. 

Once again, this is all opinion. This is my opinion, based on the facts that I see. You can  agree with it. You can disagree with it. That’s fine. Which by the way, agree or disagree.  I’d love to hear anybody’s feedback on anything I say. You could reach out to me on social media. You could shoot me an email at I’d love to read  it. I might even respond to some, in future episodes. But back to this cancel culture. 

Where is all of this stemming from, because it’s not just Americans. It’s not just a Joe Blow  Democrat. Where’s it being fueled from? Well, to me, it’s starting with our government.  Okay. Let’s take Congress. I’m not going to talk about the president and who’s in there  right now. I want to talk about Congress, our House and Senate, which right now my  opinion is just filled with disgusting swamp trolls who do nothing but fight against each  other. They have their self-serving political agendas. They don’t care about you. They  don’t care about me. And that goes both sides, Republican and Democrat. They will fight  against each other. 

Some of them 30 and 40 year members of Congress who have done nothing but amassed  fortunes for themselves being public servants and doing nothing. Alright. Every once in a  while, something gets passed. A bill, we get it up to the big guy in the Oval office and he  signed it into law and it helps us. It doesn’t help us. And we could go around with our  blindfold on and say, “But does it really affect us? Does it really affect us on who’s in  Congress?” If you have that attitude, you’re an idiot because you’re goddamn, right, it  affects us and everyone. 

And you’re going to hear me say this a lot. If you stick around and listen to future episodes,  if everyone would stop and open their eyes, take a step back, open their eyes and look  and see, does it really matter who occupies the White House? Let me rephrase. Hold on.  The temporary government employee that occupies the White House four to eight years,  does it really make a difference? Because it all comes in cycles, politics.

It’s either four years or eight years. What does the president do? Let’s break it down. What  does he do? The leader of the free world. The leader of the free world is not a law maker.  He signed bills into law that come to him. Once it’s done in the house and passed by the  Senate and it comes to him and he’s going to sign it. He’s going to veto. He’s going to  rally his party. Whichever he is. The president is at the time, the temporary government  employee, Republican and Democrat, and he’s going to sign it. 

And when he gets in, he’s going to sign a crap load of executive orders that are going to  be there for the duration of his presidency. And then what’s going to happen? The next  guy is going to come in and write a bunch more executive orders that are going to cancel  out those executive orders. But we will fight in the streets. We will fight in the media. We  will fight on social media about who we’re supporting for president and why and bash this  one and bash that one. Why? Why are we just programmed that the most important  election is the Presidential election? 

What about the people that are presenting bills, writing bills and passing them? Our local  representation. I speak to a lot of people. And when we get into this conversation, they  look at me with two heads at first and say, “What do you mean it doesn’t matter who the  president is?” Well, that’s just what I said. They’re a temporary government employee.  What do they really matter? It’s going to come in cycles. It’s going to go be good. It’s going  to be bad. It’s going to be good. It’s going to be bad. 

But our Congress, most people don’t know who their state senators are. Most people  don’t know who their Congressman or Congresswoman are. Why? Well, because they’re  not involved. But when it comes time for a presidential election, everybody’s at each other’s throats. Everybody, celebrities, news media, Republicans, Democrats, everybody hates everybody. And it’s just a mass hysteria of emotion accusations and the occasional violent acts, which are ridiculous anyway, with the savagery. 

So, where does that leave us? Well, here we go. So, with all that. Now we have our  wonderful mainstream media. How aren’t they great. The objective journalists. If you didn’t  hear the sarcasm in my voice. There was a lot of sarcasm there because objective  journalism is gone. We all know the last four years; President Trump has had this major  war with mainstream media. Okay. I’m not going to refer to them as fake news. I think it’s  a childish term. I don’t see the depth in it. I will just call them 100% unequivocally biased  media. 

We know that they hated Donald Trump. We know that they did everything they possibly  could to attack him from every angle. His press secretaries, what he had four or five of  them. His press secretaries walk into that briefing room. And before they had usually their  second point across, they were getting bombarded with questions, bombarded,  bombarded, bombarded. 

And if you look at past administrations, look at the Obama administration. The media were  like puppy dogs in that briefing room for the most part. There might’ve been a few times  there was a little conflict in that briefing room. But when you walked into a Trump  administration briefing room where you saw it on TV, it was like throwing a pork chop into  a room full of pit bulls. It was an all-out assault on whoever was standing at that podium  and the presidency let’s face it. And they did not hide it. They never hid it. Look at CNN.  At the time I’m recording this, we have a new president. Joe Biden is the president of the United States. I’m not going to get into the whole election thing, especially now we could  talk about that for hours. 

But right after the election, you had CNN, CNN journalists, Don Lemon, complete,  complete clown. Anybody who thinks he is a decent journalist; it’s like telling me that Cher  could actually sing without making you want to puke all over yourself. This guy, gets on  there and says, Trump supporters are clan supporters. Trump supporters support white  supremacy. How on earth did he come up with that? How on earth did anyone come up  with if you voted for Donald Trump, you’re a white supremacist? Okay. I know I’m not a  white supremacist. I voted for Donald Trump twice. I did, but that makes me a white  supremacist. 

So, the 70, was it 74, 75 million people in this country. They’re all clan supporters and  white supremacists. Come on. So, now the media, especially now, and I know after four  years, but it’s more clear now they want to completely delete and silence anyone on the  right with an opinion, anyone on the right that wants to speak out. Because if you say  something that does not go within narrative and you do not agree with how the extreme  left feels, they will do whatever they can to come after you and cancel you. Cancel culture.  They will come after your business. 

News, media outlets will demand cable carriers to not broadcast and carry other news  media outlets that don’t agree with them. But let’s stop for a minute because I could talk  about left-leaning bias media all day. The right has their own media outlets as well,  especially now in this climate where new ones popped up, Newsmax OAN and Fox.

Fox was the kind of middle of the road, more right leaning at one time. But now they’ve  collapsed and conformed to the left, with the exception of a few of their contributors. But  listen, I’ll sit there and I’ll watch NBC for a little while. I’ll sit there. I’ll watch Newsmax. To  me, it’s all pure entertainment because I’d like to think of myself. I know a few of my friends  would disagree with me, as an intelligent adult, who can compute all of this information  and come up with your own opinion. No one is going to influence my opinion. I’m going to  hear what you have to say on the left. And then I’m going to hear what you have to say  on the right. 

Yes, I’m a Republican, but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything that goes on on the  right, because I do not. I watch Newsmax for educational purposes, just like I watch NBC  and CNN for educational purposes. And then I do my own research because there’s  plenty of other places online or anywhere you can get information. I like to hear what  people have to say. Not so much from the news. I actually sit there and I watch White  House briefings. If I can’t catch them live, I watch them on YouTube. I watch them here.  I watch them there. Wherever I can find them. And I come up with my own beliefs. 

I guarantee you, most people, if you ask. Ask a friend, “Do you watch White House  briefings?” Most likely not. Most likely they were only watching them as part of a news  report where they’ll show clips of it, but they’ll hear the biased of the left-wing news or you  could watch Newsmax. They’re bias as well. Obviously, I feel like Newsmax, they have to  defend the right, which I get. Because let’s face it, the left has completely vilified the right. 

Republicans are evil. Republicans are Nazis Republicans are white supremacists. And if  you truly believe that, and you don’t have in your heart or in your brain to take a step back and look that we’re not. I’m not saying that there aren’t any, of course, there are. There  are plenty, there are plenty of white supremacists who are Republicans. There are also  plenty of white supremacists who are Democrats. Listen, I know black Republicans who  I know for a fact, they despise white people. I know white Democrats who despise black  people or Spanish or Jewish, whatever it is. Okay. 

So, that whole just overall label on someone, because maybe they’re registered to vote a  certain way, or because they voted for a certain candidate, you’re going to call them that,  it is completely ridiculous. I think everybody really, truly needs to look at the big picture of  politics and why you’re leaning a certain way. You can’t tell me that Nancy Pelosi, the  speaker of the house is not out for blood for any Republican, especially Donald Trump. 

He’s not even the president anymore. And she still can’t give it up. They’re doing this.  They’re on this attack of all Republicans. Who is that benefiting? It’s not benefiting the  American people. It’s self-serving and it’s benefiting them. Democrats, the boogeyman  has left the White House. He’s gone., you won. You have the house. You have the Senate,  not by much majority, by the way, you still have your work cut out for you. And you have  the presidency for now. 

Still you’re on this kick of canceling anyone and everyone, who’s a Republican,  conservative, whether they have a voice or they have a business. You have the  conservative censorship by the left and the media it’s overwhelming right now. Just  recently, at MSNBC journalists, I can’t even call them journalists. They’re clowns, Nicolle  Wallace. She says, this is a good one. She says Republicans should be banned from speaking. I mean, speaking at all, unless they first speak the truth. What she accepts is  the truth. 

One of my favorites, how about Katie Couric? That news rag or whatever she’s doing  now. She turned around and said, how can we deprogram these people? Deprogram.  Deprogram and de-platform. You have left-wing publishing houses, editors, authors that  they’re writing open letters, opposing any publisher in the business that they should not  sign any book deal. Don’t give anyone a book deal. Who’s had anything to do the Trump  administration. 

If you worked and did anything in the Trump administration, and you wanted to write a  book, these people don’t want to allow it. They don’t want you to tell your story. They don’t  want to hear from you. They want to cancel you. And they call this open letter. This is  great. No book deals for traders. Are you fucking kidding me? Oh, yes. By the way, I don’t  know if I’ve said this, but this is going to be uncensored talk. And if bad words trigger you,  well, you should probably click off and go run to your safe space. I don’t have time for  weak minded people. I like to talk to people, Republican and Democrat. 

And again, it’s hard for me as a Republican, not to bash what’s going on on the left. And  I’m not going to bash every Democrat because there are plenty of Republicans I’ll bash  too. The Republican party is a dumpster fire right now. You have Republicans who  supported Donald Trump. Who Donald Trump helped, helped get reelected and  campaigned for who have turned their back on him.

And now the Republican party, the Republican party needs to tighten up and you’ll hear  this from every decent conservative about, hey, we need to tighten up and reign in and  stick together if we’re going to support the people that we want to run for office that believe  in our values. I believe in freedom and free thinking and freedom of speech. And I agree  with what’s mine is mine. I worked for this. No one is entitled to what I worked for. No one,  I didn’t work for all this to give it to people who were sitting on their ass in mommy’s  basement, eating hot pockets, drowning in college debt, because they decided to go to  school about the anatomy of an Egyptian sculpture or whatever the hell they decided to  go to school for. 

And now, because they don’t want to take a job as a custodian in a school because it’s  beneath them that they should have a handout. Oh, and by the way, please cancel my  student loan. I shouldn’t have to pay for school. And someone should hand me something.  I got to go run to GameStop and pick up, whatever games Cupcake has come out this  week. So, I could sit there on my mommy’s couch, in the basement, eating hot pockets. 

Come on. If you’re passionate about something, I get it. But there’s one thing about being  passionate about something and aggressively obsessing about something that maybe  you don’t fully understand. But if someone else doesn’t have that same ideology and belief  who wants to agree with your narrative, you’re going to attack them. And that’s what’s  happening from the left because I’m not hearing anybody from the right boycotting this,  boycott that. Democrat, silence them, silence them silence them. 

Every Republican, I know that I talked to says, I’ll have a conversation with someone on  the left, the Democrat, friend, maybe not a friend, maybe just in passing and when the beliefs collide and then the disagreement happens, it gets explosive from the person on  the left for no reason. Like I said, it happened to me a lot. It’s not right. 

And then besides media, and then you have big tech that’s in the left’s pocket, they’re  working on trying to silence everyone. You have big corporations because someone  supports their president. Okay. We’re not going to carry your product anymore. Mike  Lindell, MyPillow. Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s I think Wayfair. Few other big ridiculous tech companies. We’re not going to carry your product anymore, but they’ll disguise it and  say, “It wasn’t selling from our store.” 

Okay. Conveniently, because he’s an outspoken Republican, we’re going to try to silence  him too. Social media, they go ahead and they make a social media platform for free  speech Parler. I never joined it. A lot of people I know, did. I never joined it and poof, gone  Apple and Google Android, and the Apple stores, can’t have the apps on our stores  anymore because, oh, you don’t have a sensor program or right community standards  program or something. Because you don’t sensor, what your subscribers on there that  use your platform say, well, since we’re the two monopolies of the app stores, we’re not  going to carry your app. Boom. They shut them down. Parler right now is in a litigation  about it. I hope it works out. 

How can you just delete free speech? And there’s a difference, the first amendment that  you could say, what you want, and you free speech against your government, but  obviously you can’t make threats to anybody. You can’t threaten violence. You can’t, that’s  not free speech. And there are consequences with that. We could get into that so much  and we will, at some point in another episode.

I wanted to start this podcast with the idea in my head is we’re all Americans, Republican,  Democrat. And I feel like we’re all being duped. We’re all being fooled by members of our  government being fueled by the media that’s driving this divide between us. And it’s just  sad. It’s disgusting. Left-wing and right-wing. We’re the same bird. We’re the same bird. 

We’re Americans, we can have disagreements on policy, politics, anything, we could  disagree about sports teams. I hate sports. I don’t even know why I said that, but can we  disagree respectfully? Do we have to be aggressive and attack someone’s humanity and  try to destroy them? And this is going to come up in future episodes. I’m going to call out  politicians, who have stopped at nothing. 

People in the new political arena. I’ll mention one AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  socialist trash, never held a job. Or she was a bartender. I’m sorry. I take it back. Take it  back AOC. You’re a bartender. Someone in the Democratic Party, saw something in you.  I don’t know if they were thinking, hey she’d be great in politics, or I don’t know I’ll leave  that. But she becomes a Congressman woman. Okay. What is it? She just won re-election. 

So, two years ago, she becomes a Congresswoman she’s from parts of the Bronx and  Queens. And she completes self-proclaimed she knows she’s a socialist. She knows she  formed a little squad and she’ll call for unity, but then she’ll want to deprogram white  supremacists. Let me tell you again. White supremacists, white supremacists’ groups,  anyone who advocates for white supremacy, in my opinion, should be lynched, just like  white supremacists did to African Americans and slaves and all of the shit that they’ve  done. They should pay for that.

But you can’t label someone just because they’re Republican a white supremacist. You  better have some solid evidence when you call someone a white supremacist, you better  back that up with facts. Not because they support someone that you don’t like, who you  think is a white supremacist, because let me tell you, Donald Trump is not a white  supremacist. Oh. How many people just disagree with me there? 

Disagree all you want. Disagree all you want. It’s a fact, look back, look back into Donald  Trump’s past. The guy’s a businessman, he’s an egomaniac. I don’t really like him as a  person, to be honest with you. I don’t, I don’t, but I admire him because he’s a politician.  He’s not a politician. Whether he’s a good businessman or not. He made a name for  himself. He’s a billionaire. With the help of his father, he’s built this Trump organization,  whatever it may be, whatever you think of him is fine. 

Once again, he wouldn’t be someone I’d like to have just a full on conversation with,  because I hate when people just sit there and talk about how great they are. That’s not  me, but why did he become the president of the United States? To me, it’s obvious the  American people were tired of the establishment, and this was their chance to throw up  two middle fingers and say, fuck you to the establishment. 

Now we’re going to give you Donald Trump and Donald Trump had these great ideas.  And a lot of them, he brought to fruition. He did a lot, we got the tax cuts. He was hard on  illegal immigration. The energy independence, he did a lot. There are things, I think he  could have done different. There are things I think he could have done that he didn’t like  the affordable health care act that he was completely against. And one of his things was  I’m going to fix this. I’m going to bring something that everyone’s going to be able to afford.

Instead he fought it in court. He fought it in court and he didn’t bring anything to the table.  He didn’t even have a draft. And that I think was one of his downfalls, but he’s not a white  supremacist. He’s done more for the black community, before he was president of the  United States and while he was president of the United States. And if you don’t want to  believe that, do a little research, do a little research. All of these African-American  celebrities or influencers, they all loved him before he was president. Everybody loved  him before he was president, but then he became president and he was going against  the grain against the establishment. He didn’t want a salary. He donated his salary to  government organizations. 

Again, I’m not making this the praise Donald Trump hour, I’m giving the facts. And  unfortunately, people that disagree with them, take those facts and say, well, they’re not  true. Well, okay. We can agree to disagree on that because all you have to do is a little  research. Anyway, AOC socialist, deprogram white supremacists keep a list of Trump’s  supporters so they can be ostracized when the election is over. I didn’t say that. She said  that. 

Congress woman Ocasio-Cortez, AOC superstar in Congress leader of the squad, she  said that. Keep a list. Why, what are we going back to? Nazi Germany. Again, she’s one  of the advocates of cancel culture. Realize people you want to talk about cancel culture,  exactly what the Democrats are doing. Cancel culture. The Nazis revolutionized cancel  culture because back when Hitler came in power in January of 1933, April, it was April  1st, 1933. He marched out and started the Jewish boycott.

The Jewish boycott was for all Germans in Germany, everyone that they could not shop  and patronize any Jewish businesses. Jewish businesses, Jewish professionals, you  could not do business with them. They were forced, forced out of business, families losing  everything. And then what did they do? Well, they marched them into ghettos and they  marched them on to trains. And then they gassed every single one of them. Cancel  culture. The original cancel culture. 

I had a conversation with somebody, I was wearing a red hat that said, “We the People”  on it. Guy says to me, “Oh no. It’s not a make America great again, hat.” He says. I said,  “No, that’s on my shelf in my office.” And he looked at me and he goes, “Oh.” He said,  “You wear a swastika?” I said, “Excuse me.” He said, “A MAGA hat. It’s like wearing a  swastika.” I said, “Why is it like wearing a swastika?” He says, “Only white supremacists  wear that.” I said, “So, I’m a white supremacist?” I say, “By what standard, by what facts  you have that I’m a white supremacist. Because I own a “Make America great again” hat?”  I say, “Is Donald Trump a white supremacist or something?” 

And he goes, “Well, absolutely.” I said, Donald Trump, his son-in-law is Jewish. I mean  kosher practicing Jew and his daughter converted. And now she’s a Jew and his  grandkids who were born, their kids are Jews, who he loves more than anything. I said,  “Oh, by the way, my last name is Jacoby.” I said, “Let me put a spin on this for a minute.  What if I told you right now in this current climate wearing a MAGA hat is like wearing a  yellow star on your chest?” And he cocked his head and said, “What are you talking  about?” I said, “My MAGA hat is my star on my chest.”

And the Democrats, the cancel culture, the AOCs and the Cuomo’s. And I don’t know,  name a bunch of them. And they come and they’re marching through and anybody with  a MAGA hat. They want to silence. They want to cancel. They want to delete. They don’t  want to hear from. They don’t want to hear your views. They don’t want to hear your voice.  They don’t want you to have a voice. And now they’re corralling all of these people with  their MAGA hats on, and they’re putting them away, silencing them. I’m not saying they  want to kill everyone with a MAGA hat, but who knows? I think actually some of them  might. 

I think they’d love to see a full marches of Republicans getting on box cars and go into an  unknown location and never being heard from again, because that’s what it sounded like.  The appearance of it, I’m not trying to be extreme here. So, anyway, that’s what I said to  him. And he stopped for a minute and he said, “I get it. I can see that to a degree.” I said,  yeah. I said, “So, you hear some extremists talking about how all Republicans and Trump  supporters are white supremacists. And I’m here to tell you no, it’s wrong. I’m not a white  supremacist. Those ideologies are disgusting. It hurts me when I see that. It is completely,  completely unhuman and disgusting.” 

So, with that again, I said to him, “Why are we spending so much time hating one, another  Republican Democrat over people that don’t give a shit about us? They don’t care.” I’m  sorry, but Donald Trump, Joe Biden, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Chuck  Schumer, Republican, Democrat. They don’t care. They don’t. Self-serving whose fault is  that? It’s ours. What could be a solution? Get involved. Locally, get involved.

You’re a Republican. Most Republicans I know they’re not in a Republican club. I’m not  anymore. I used to be. I think I’m going to get more involved. Republicans have to weed out the weak Republicans. There are Republican candidates in there with the rhinos Republican in name only. They’re doing nothing. And to a degree they’ll bend over for an  opposing Democrat just to self-serving reasons. Whatever that reason may be. We need  to strengthen the Republican party. There’s no way around it. We have to strengthen it.  And the way we’re going to do that is getting involved, worrying about who our local  leaders are. 

Once again, most people I talk to, they don’t know who their Congressman for their  district. As some people live in villages and don’t pay attention on who the mayor is, or  the board of trustee is or in townships where they have town councils and they’re not  paying attention. It all starts local, people. It all starts local. And until you get involved on  a level where it’s bigger than who’s president of the United States. We will never see a  change. Politics has been around since the beginning of humanity. It’s not going away.  It’s rough. It’s not a pleasant climate to be in. 

But if you truly don’t care, that’s fine too. I’m not going to ostracize you or think any  different of you if you just don’t care. But then don’t get involved in all the rhetoric of, oh,  well, you’re a Democrat. So, that means you’re a socialist, communist and want to open  our borders and let everybody in and take all of our money. And don’t be the Democrat to  a Republican that says, “Well, all you care about is yourself and wanting to make  everything great for white people.” Come on.

I honestly want to truly believe that Americans are smarter than that. They just don’t know  it because they have to stop and take a look like, what are we doing? Let’s figure this out.  Let’s figure this out. How can we figure a way to work together for the common good? And that’s what we have to start thinking about. 

Anyway, I appreciate you joining me. I talked about a lot. I have a lot more to talk about.  Stay tuned, keep an eye out for the next show. If you want to get a hold of me, once again,  look me up on social media, The Great Divide Podcast. Email, 

Listen, everyone be nice to each other. Be respectful. Enough with the canceling out.  Listen to one another. Republicans and Democrats we can do it. And we’re never going  to agree on everything ever, but we can do it respectfully. And we can figure out a way to  make our world, local world, country, broad, big picture. We can make it better. 

Well, again, I’m going to wrap it up there. I want to thank you all again. I really want to  thank all of our brave first responders out there and our military that stop at nothing to  protect us every single day and to protect the freedoms that we have.  

Take care everyone. God bless America.