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Alan & James are back for another Freedom Friday to pull apart all the issues happening in clown world. Biden is confused on which big "C" he has, good guy with gun wins in Indiana, AOC's fake hand cuffs and more! FOLLOW James Currey and We The People...

TGD174 Freedom Friday 7/15/2022 with Garrett from Sergeant And The Samurai Podcast

This Freedom Friday James has the night off so Alan is joined by Garrett from The Sergeant And The Samurai Podcast. Join The LIVE Chat!FOLLOW James Currey and We The People Radio!WWW.WPRUSA.COMFollow on Facebook: on...

TGD173 War Room Wednesday 7/13/2022

There is war on our minds, faith, families and values. The government, the school system and progressive left are all complicit in eroding our freedoms. They will not win. The Great Divide Podcast with Alan Jacoby Website:( the show on the...

TGD172 -Conspiracies & Politics with Katillist Jones from The White Rabbit Podcast

My friend and conspiracy junkie Katillist Jones, host of the White Rabbit Podcast joins me to talk about the Georgia Guidestones, Hunter, CERN, Trump and more! It’s always a blast with Katillist!  Follow Katillist Jones & The White Rabbit Podcast!...

TGD171 Freedom Friday 7/8/2022 with The Orangemen Podcast

Alan & James are back with our good friends Clint & Dave from The Orangemen Pod. These boys are a riot! It's been a wild week in clown world and we will be breaking some of it down. FOLLOW James Currey and We The People Radio! WWW.WPRUSA.COM Follow on...

TGD170 Democrats desperate to kill babies, gun laws don’t work and who’s running for president?

Democrats are calling for pop-up baby murdering tents in national parks, gun laws don't work and who's running for president in 2024? The Great Divide Podcast with Alan Jacoby Website: ( Find the show on the Patriot Podcast Network on Roku TV!...

TGD169 Dinesh D’Souza talks 2000 Mules & Election Integrity

Dinesh D’Souza joins The Great Divide Podcast to talk about his very successful documentary, 2000 Mules, election integrity, RINOS & more! The Great Divide Podcast with Alan Jacoby Website: ( Find the show on the Patriot Podcast Network on...

TGD168 Freedom Friday 7/1/2022 with Scagz from The Two Doomed Men Podcast

Alan & James are back with a special Freedom Friday this week celebrating the end of Pride month and the start of the July 4th weekend with our friends Scagz and The Captain from The Two Doomed Men Podcast! Follow Two Doomed Men!

TGD167 Keep Drag Out of Schools with Kitty Demure

Outspoken, Trump supporting Drag Queen, Kitty Demure joins me to discuss her stance on Drag Queens educating your children, the drag industry and more! IG: @officialkittydemure & @hogathacysty Facebook: YouTube:...

TGD166 Freedom Friday 6/24/2022 with Alan & James

Alan & James are back with another fun filled Freedom Friday talking Roe v. Wade and the leftists imploding we’re then joined by Kevin Alan host of the Kevin Alan show on the Patriot Podcast Network and we get into shootings, UFO's, conspiracies and MORE! FOLLOW...

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The Great Divide Podcast with Alan Jacoby is loaded with uncensored talk about politics and swamp trolls in government that divide us Americans. Join me for a different and sometimes entertaining perspective on today’s politics. If you love America, if you love freedom and the constitution, then let’s work to bring America back together from The Great Divide.

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